Tuesday, 8 August 2017

This Underdog Can Rise Up Again !!

The latest catch in the international sports arena might have you seeing Conor McGregor taking on undefeated Champion Floyd Mayweather in the coming 23rd August highly anticipated boxing match.

On the local side, you will be seeing Deputy Prime Minister Dato Zahid vs Former Premier Tun Mahathir. Who is the Conor Mcgregor and who is the Floyd Mayweather of Malaysia, I don't know, I will let you decide.. Haha

These are big news, but somehow these kind of news can hardly enable you to profit from an opportunity resulting from such event.

Let me show you another piece of big news, which I think might be able to benefit you.

As usual, big news is usually bad news, that is because bad news sell way better than good news does. It is a fact, psychological proven in fact. Bad news always send shivers down the reader mind, thus motivates them to make frantic decisions. For example, when the market drop and the media label them as blackest day of the world - You will get nervous, and the tendency to throw / cut loss of your holding is very high. Delusional. The good part of it ? Those who know what is happening will brave themselves and take position.

Of course, now I am not telling you that the market is going to crash and fall and so on. Honestly, I don't know. It might happen, but I don't know when. But for now, what I know is that there is a massive flu happening in Asia which had stricken Hong Kong badly.

So how bad can the flu be ?

According to official source, the number of recorded flu cases in 2017 is catching towards 20,000, and this is just up to July 22. In comparison to 2016, that is just 21.2k for the whole of that year. I can tell you that flu virus are getting bad to worst, and they are evolving stronger than ever to infest and killing people silently. News sources had it that the flu outbreak had taken a toll of more than 300 lives in Hong Kong, majority of them are elderly citizen and kids. As such, hospital are full to the brim for such moment.

Of course, this is bad news for mankind. There is nothing much we can do about, except to make sure that we have enough rest and beef up our own resistance. But as such event happen, the gloves industry will always blossom.

As you can see here,big player such as Topgloves, Hartalega and Kossan had seen share price trending upwards on this event.

Beside this, smaller player such as Careplus and Comfort are also seeing similar effects

So, I would like to conclude that such event does have huge influence on share price of gloves industry. Because of this, I would like to point out to 1 underdog for this case - Supermax.

I know Supermax might be tainted with some controversy earlier, but that doesn't mean a bad horse will always be a bad horse for life. What if this bad horse can become the black horse for this case ?

Here, I will not talk much on financial statements and equivalents topic, but to point out that Supermax indeed had fallen from a great height to rest at the rock bottom stage now, where a potential break out is very possible. With Kossan, Hartalega and Topglov trending upwards and trading at high PE, Supermax can be an explosive candidate to play catch up now.

The answer for the question now lies in the control of your hand. Can Supermax break the curse of the pearl and rise back above the waters ?

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