Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Driverless Technology land Mobileye's shareholder USD 15 billion jackpot, this Malaysian company is the next in line

The search for the solution in the next generation disruptive technology in the automotive industry is none other than - Autonomous Driver-less Technology. In fact, big names in the industry such as BMW and Tesla had started on the pursue on this disruptive technology, and this new segment is going to make some industry rich and booming, while those that are not in line with this will be relegated into the bygones.

The question now is -
1.) How attractive is this new disruptive technology ;
2.) How much money is the leading corporation is willing to pour into this segment.

In order to answer the above 2 question, I will point towards the first big move in the global arena by Intel, which is a USD 15.3 billion buy out deal for Mobileye, a pioneer in car sensor and camera manufacturer.
Now, I have to tell you, USD 15.3 billion is really a lot of money involved. In MYR terms, that is RM 69 billion, which is more than the market capitalization of Sime Darby Berhad. (Currently Sime Darby market capitalization is RM 62 billion)

This new disruptive segment of driverless technology in the automotive industry is not only heavily pursue by existing big automotive player, but had took the interest of major tech company such as Apple, Google and Uber into the arena. As a matter of fact, I have to tell you that this industry will going to take on a big rampage, either with or without you.

Now, if you are planning to be involved in this boom, then I had the right piece of news for you. But if you are not ready for this, please for goodness sake, stop reading and quickly close the browser.

Alright! Now, I assume that as you are reading this, you had consented it on your own into exposing your money into this risk of having too much money to spend when the next jackpot hit your hand. Yea, I am not joking here because this jackpot can land you into your wildest dream that you can imagine.

But before that, I have to outline to you on how government policy and the available of new industry technology can influence a particular industry. As we are talking about the automotive industry, I will give you a sample on some of the latest development here.

As developed country are moving towards reducing carbon footprint, one of the most effective ways into handling this problem will be reducing the weight of the automobiles, hence saving fuel. In order to handle this, the solution is towards using aluminium as the body frame of the automobile. So this is a straight forward case - Look for aluminium producer and invest in them to make your fortune.
You do not need to look into other countries to find where are the producers, because Malaysia's Press Metal Berhad (Pmetal8869) is one of the largest aluminium producer in the world. As a matter of fact, this share had saw 2 bonus issue, paying consistent dividend, and looking at the trend, it is not going to stop anytime soon.

If you had followed me thoroughly, I am sure you would not have miss this wonderful piece of company that I had highlighted which will be the beneficiaries of the use of aluminium in the automotive industry. And to point out, I had highlighted on Arank at a freaking cheap price of 67 cents on 3rd May 2016 !!! Yes, a freaking cheap price of 67 cents, because Arank is now trading at RM 1.16. That is almost a 100% gain in the coming days, not counting the dividend received.

Now, I am going to tell you THIS company that is creeping up without you noticing, is a jackpot right in front of your door step.

But before this, I would like to tell you that this is not what I used to do in recommending share that are flying in the skies. But due to the opportunity, prospect and the hot money lurking out there waiting to barrage into this company, I had to thicken up the skin of my face by a freaking 5mm, and tell you what is happening in this company.

But, if you are not ready for this, I beg you to close it immediately before it poison your eye and mind!!! Do it immediately!!

Now this company is formerly known for it's involvement in the HDD manufacturing. But in the next 3 years, major revenue and profit will be derived from automotive industry. And this company is none other than Notion Vtec Berhad (Notion - 0083)

I am going to show you some mind blowing facts on Notion, and most importantly, it's co-relationship with the latest big hit - Mobileye.

As you know, Mobileye has 2 core products
1. Motion Sensor
2. Camera Lens

So, what about Notion ? Although Notion do not have motion sensor, but it is well known for it's digital imaging and camera lens technology, where they supply 80% of their products to Canon and Nikon.

As you can see, the digital imaging is essential for driver-less car, and a strong camera lens will be needed in order to support this. These are no ordinary lens, they are anti fog, strong weather resistant and in high precision, so do not expect it to be cheap at all, just like how DSLR camera lens can cost up to more than RM 20k.

And to put Notion and Mobileye on chart comparison, you will definitely be shocked!!!

Mobileye had started trend upwards in the beginning of January 2017, which is exactly the same as Notion. While the fairy tales of Mobileye had already came to a conclusion when Intel announce their buy out with USD 15.3 billion cash deal, the current surge or price in Notion is literally not known at all, and literally no research house have any solid findings on the development of the company despite the strong surge in share price.

Yes, I have to agree it is a little bit slow for me to spot this, but as I had mentioned, I had to thicken up my face and inform you that this is nothing compared to Mobileye USD 15.3billion deal. At the current pricing, Notion is only having a market capitalization of RM 300 million, which is a meager USD 66 million. This autonomous market is expected to be worth USD 6.7 trillion by 2030 according to Mckinsey research report. Mckinsey in a report also stated how this autonomous driving could redefine the whole automotive world.

Now, we are talking about Intel splashing USD 15.3 billion into this industry, and Notion being closely involved in this industry and just valuing USD 66 million. In fact, Notion is already involved in the automotive industry with the manufacturing of EBS (Electronic Braking System), and supplying them to customer such as ZF Friedrichshafen AG and Continental AG.

Now it's technology and plants in manufacturing lenses is very highly sought after by all the automotive manufacturer that are involved in the development of autonomous car.

The defining time is NOW! Yes, it is not later, but NOW!!! Intel did not wait, and strike the first deal in this industry. In fact, if you are familiar with the ongoing of Notion, you can see that the company is focusing in the digital imaging segment, which produce lenses.

According to a very close industry sources, Notion is already on a HIGHLY WANTED list by some big guns, and could potentially see an offer from USD 200 million to USD 400 million. Now Intel had started the fire cracker, it is time to see other splurging cash into securing trademark technologies and production.

Sources are looking at the supply chain of BMW, Nissan, Toyota and Honda to see big moves within 6 months. For these big guns, USD 200 million will not dent their bank account at all, but in the other end, it is up to you to decide now, how much do you want to benefit from USD 200 million, which is RM 900 million.

At RM 900 million, this will mean Notion can be looking at RM 3 now.

Yes, I admit that I am a bit late on putting in Notion for your reference, but for this case, it is better to be late than never, because the moving forward opportunity and prospect is just too bright to deny. I had shown you facts, shown you the charts of Mobileye and Notion with high co-relationship, and is telling you now right on your ears that Notion is on HIGHLY WANTED TAKE OVER LIST.

Before things unveiled further, now it is your time to decide. If it happened without you inside it, you have nothing to blame but your own.

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