Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Know and Understand Your Ballot Paper for GE 13

Hope this will help you in voting properly and avoid spoil votes.

Let's vote for a better future of the nation.

10 Stunning Facts About General Elections 2013 (GE13)


1. Barisan Nasional is currently the LONGEST-RULING REGIME amongst ALL democratic countries in the ENTIRE WORLD! Don't you know?

2. The current BN government, helm by PM Najib Razak is serving the SECOND LONGEST administrative term in Malaysian history. Coincidentally, his late father Tun Abdul Razak helm the government which served the LONGEST administrative term too.

DS Najib Razak is known as the LONGEST-SERVING Prime Minister WITHOUT A MANDATE, which means, Najib Razak is not a democratically-elected PM, but a PM who inherited his post from his predecessor.

3. BN requires the support of a mere 15.4% of the population to RULE THE NATION if it wins all the smallest 112 constituencies!

4. If all the seats are made into equal size, the last general election would yield a result where BN and Pakatan Rakyat would only have a difference of SEVEN seats in Parliament as opposed to the actual results of 140 to 82 seats.

5. The smallest constituency in Malaysia was 13.0% percent of the national average while the largest was 288.0% percent, in contrast to the UK's which smallest and largest constituency are 77.% percent and 153.% percent of the national average respectively. Educate Yourself on this!!

6. The smallest constituency, BN-held Putrajaya only had 6,008 voters but Opposition-held Kapar had a staggering 112,224 voters, 17 times more than Putrajaya. Kapar could have produced 17 Member of Parliaments!

7. 30.0% of the Sabah population are foreigners, some with ICs, some with Voting Slips. Yet, an alleged 300,000 Malaysian-born Indians remain stateless and without ICs!

8. The Selangor Electoral Roll saw a phenomenal increase of 25.0% in just 4 years, a trend that cannot be explained by natural population growth! Strange voter names, 1-year-old voters, voters without addresses, and voters with multiple addresses have been reported.

9. Many ex-Generals, ex-Army Chiefs, ex-Navy Chiefs have openly declared their support for Pakatan Rakyat. Some will be standing in the Elections. They form a Pakatan Rakyat Security Council meant to oversee the peaceful transition of power, should a regime change occur.

10. Yet, an 8.0% vote swing towards Pakatan Rakyat is all that is needed to secure Putrajaya with a comfortable majority!

Consequently, if every 6 Pakatan Rakyat supporters convince one BN supporter, especially those in Rural Areas, then Malaysia might very well see its FIRST EVER REGIME CHANGE..

Monday, 15 April 2013

WTK - The Inevitable

Good Day to all readers,market seems is having a correction now hope that everyone will stay more cautious currently. Before I writing this post, I did share to some of my friend and discuss with them. From my perspective,merely looking at the volume itself perhaps we can punt the counter on T4 when the force selling is happen.

Now, let's look at the chart of WTK and see whether we can grab some chance on this profitable ride.

The volume spike up on 8th and 9th of April, implementing some basic calculation, last friday is the first day for force selling and today will be the second wave of it. If today closing above RM 0.99, there is a chances for the share price to revisit RM 1.05 again. At the meanwhile, we definitely should take the market sentiment into consideration as well.

My short term TP1: RM 1.05 TP2: RM 1.09, cut loss point at RM 0.97

Cheers and Happy Trading,
Bone's Apprentice

Friday, 12 April 2013

Missing on Anything?

Let's play our part.


CCM - Blasting to Heaven soon

CCM, Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad, a company listed on the main board of Bursa Malaysia since 1966, with less than 10% of share floating in the market, this counter is not actively traded for at least 5 years. Surprisingly, the volume started to picking up since December last year. The recent rally of CCM supporting with solid trading volume is just happen not long ago right after the quarter result is announced.

Net profit of RM 36m is posted for FY 2012 around 60% increase from FY 2011's net profit of RM22.3m, as a result, the dividend declared by the group double up to 5.75 cent. From my perspective, perhaps the company business will continue to pick up and the momentum of strong rebound for the share price from the valley bottom is expecting.

Let's have a quick look on the chart,

After the 5 days rally from 5th of March, the share price is consolidating well in a good shape for the moment. RM 1.25 perhaps is the current resistance, breaking of which might see a blast on the share price. RM 1.18 is a good entry point for me and advise to cut loss if support of RM 1.14 is not able to sustain.

Cheers and Happy Trading,
Bone's Apprentice

Jaks - Picking up with Momentum

Market had been in a freaking crazy mode as we saw how KLCI had surge into a new stage above 1700 level. While there are lots of activities in the recent market, it must be a handsome amount of figure for those who are taking the risk to hammer on the market and making profit in the market recently despite uncertainty. Hopefully this momentum will continue to picking up as there is a few more counter in my watchlist is forming in good shape.

I've been monitoring Jaks for quite some times and it seems RM 0.36 is a resistance for Jaks to breakthrough. Even if it breakthrough, Jaks was failed to standing above it for a day. Let's have a look on the chart before my further explanation.

Undoubtedly, Jaks is not performing good throughout the year, but it seems it already hit it's bottom at RM 0.325. Forming a double bottom before the price spike up again on the Valentine's Day, the share price is consolidating at around RM 0.35 till last friday. Today, Jaks is looming around at RM 0.36 area. Well, as we know about the water drama that is on going in Malaysia, especially in Selangor, who knows what might comes to Jaks in the next chapter.

I am looking at Jaks to surf higher with the effect from KPS and Puncak as they move up in a big and noisy pace.

Jaks Short Term target RM 0.425

Cheers and Happy Trading,
Bone's Apprentice

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

MAA - After the Cool Off Period

MAA, a well known insurance company which fall under the category of PN 17, used to be the country's biggest locally-owned issuer. The share price is still least performing, recently the group has granted  time extension to June in for order for them to submit their regularization plan after selling their core business to Zurich. Probably, MAA will get rid of the status of PN 17 by acquiring something else, or maybe merging with someone else?

I'm not sure whether this counter caught investor's attention as it is not actively traded for quite sometimes, but it caught my eyeballs.

Let's zoom into the chart maybe you will find something interesting like me,

MAA is suddenly actively traded in October last year, as a result, the share price shoot up to RM 0.60. After a period of 6 months, a very good time frame for the share price to cool off or perhaps long enough for someone to distribute or accumulate the shares, the share price suddenly spike up to RM 0.57 supporting with certain volume. Now, the share price is maintaining well at RM 0.52, I got a feeling that the share price might revisit RM 0.57 again when the volume return.

Cheers and Happy Trading,
Bone's Apprentice

Monday, 8 April 2013

Itronic - Invisible Waves Awaiting

I guess the dramatic movement of KLSE on 3rd of April is still fresh in the mind of investors. The market plunged around 50 points on that day before the dissolve of parliament being announced officially. However, what is shocking is that the index started to climb back after the announcement.

Despite the heavy fluctuation of the market, there are some counter which are unaffected and had maintained at its normal trading volume.

It comes to me that Itronic, a loss making company, has caught some of my attention as the price is maintaining steadily even though the latest 4th quarter result is reported that approximately 8x lower than the corresponding quarter a year before.

Let's look at the chart for a clearer picture.

After the result of the latest quarter is announced, the share price had been trading in the range between RM 0.57 and RM 0.615. As I see that the share begin to consolidate itself at RM 0.60, there are chances of the share price starting to grow again once more volume kicks in as currently the volume had been sighted as rolling over share using T3 or T7 account, or maybe Margin account.

I am looking for a spike of 10% of the current mark which might spell out RM 0.66, but I might see it heading further into the 70 cents region once the mission is ready to launch.

Itronic could be a good ride pending some good news behind looking at its movement. With GE on the line, it could be better to expedite their plans.

Cheers and Happy Trading,
Bone's Apprentice