Friday, 4 January 2013

MAS - Air Crash Aftermath

28 November 2012 is the disaster day for MAS after the share price had maintain at the range of RM 0.995-RM 1.13 for 3 months due the announcement of capital reduction. As there had been some massive sell down on the day it is being announced, we can see the continuous disposal of shares mainly attributed by the EPF as MAS continue to sail it course lower while the lowest hit is staged at RM 0.68.

Let's have a quick technical outlook of MAS in the short term wise.

Looking at the chart, the price is maintaining well for few days at the range from RM 0.70 to RM 0.72 after the the technical rebound from the valley line. Yesterday closing RM 0.76 might be indicating another rebound from the dip, but at the mean time, we might continue to see a selling pressure coming in from the public who are trying to dispose their holding at higher price. However, looking at the general market, as MAS is heavily linked with the government, could it be a reversal time now after laying low in the slump for so long, or it will be a short term fun where it can continue to crash lower and lower. Technically speaking, I would feel that MAS can possibly be hitting back into the 80 cents region, and probably slowly taking it's ride back to even 90 cents as MAS could be heading for a rumors of privatization. Hence, I would suggest that MAS could be a good counter to be monitored for a quick trade as looking at it's potential for a rebound which is quick likely to happen.
My personal TP for the short term trading play will be RM 0.795.

Cheers and Happy Trading.
By Bone's Apprentice 

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

YTLP - Yet another explosive Powerhouse

As the new year strike with a red sign to all the traders, what could be the message to everyone here? Global economy is not doing good? Not enough of quantitative easing? Or our market will be looking at the upcoming General Election soon? As the year of snake slide in, are we going to see snaky trades and action in the market as well? Hahaha. I would say, depends on the appetite of the syndicate then, but there is one thing that I guess we should not miss out, which is YTL Power.

As spoken before during 2012 that the upcoming General Election will spur a lot of take over and so on, in which we had seen quite a few good companies that is being taken over or converted to another sort of listing vehicle now. So, can YTL Power be another target of the take over process that is going hot in the market now?

We had seen with our eyes how YTL Cement got privatized in year 2012, and to move along with the YTL vision to make YTL as a high dividend yield company, I would say that Mr Yeoh will definitely be doing something in order to meet what he wants to do with the company, and, to make that happen, privatizing the sub company and put them under one roof will be the most possible event that can take place in YTL Corp.

Let's have a look at both the mother share as well as the warrants.

Looking at the movement of the warrant will definitely let us see some irregular event that is going to take place very soon. What could be the event to spike more than 35million volume transacted of out a blue moon.
YTL Power had been looked as a cash rich company, with more than RM 10 billion in cash at their account from the energy sector that they had generated, and this amount alone will be spelling out RM 1.3x in cash value if it is to be disbursed back to the shareholder, not counting it's asset that they have now which will definitely value YTL Power at a price of more than RM 2.00 per share. Looking at this good stuff that is in sync with the CEO vision, and coupled along with the upcoming GE that will be taking place this year, I would assume a high possibility of YTL Power being privatized between the line of RM 1.80 to RM 2.00.

Despite the selling of EPF back into the market, there had been good amount of takers in absorbing the shares released back into the market which will definitely suggest that there is some corporate event happening soon.

As a conclusion, YTL Power at the rate of RM 1.60 will be definitely a good buy to all, as I am looking at a very conservative price of RM 1.70 in the short term, and not erasing chances that it might be powering all the way to RM 2.00 in a short term before GE and privatize over night.

After Keuro, do you want to join in the YTL Power boat? Well, I will definitely leave this decision to you, and all the best.

Bone's short term TP: RM 1.70

Cheers and have a good day

Keuro - Building better prices

Hi all,

First of all, a very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my readers. I would like to conclude my year 2012 as a challenging year for me, however, the challenges are well overcome this year, I will set my target higher and continue to do more.

I had actually prepared Keuro for the past 3 days since it was RM 1.03, however, had not got the chance to edit it properly for an upload. However, looking at the technical goings and the quite solid news that I had came across directly from people who are familiar with the ongoing in Keuro, I would like to bring to you Keuro for a monitoring, or perhaps, a early Ang Pao packet to you.

Well, let's look at the prices of Keuro for the time being.
As of January 2012, Keuro had hit above RM 1.40 when the news of the West Coast Expressway had came across with Keuro. However, this issue had been rather put into a cool off period where people starts to forget about the deal that will worth more than RM5billion. On the latest happening, Keuro had went to RM 1.20 at August 2012, but had started to sideline at RM 1.00 despite the layoff of 5million shares from Tan Sri Dato Dr Chan Ah Chye. Who could be the person behind who is taking the 5million shares that is dispose off from Tan Sri Dato Dr Chan Ah Chye? Could it be some big institution? I would say, it wouldn't be you, and definitely not me as well.

As we can see, Keuro had been hiking up lately in a rather consistent manner. Factor in with the latest disposal from Director but share price heading up, and the multi billion ringgit highway deal that had been in the talk for more than 1 year, I would expect some ramp up in Keuro that might be looking at RM 1.30, or even RM 1.50 should the highway is coming back as the election is just around the corner, given the maximum time frame will be just 3 months left for BN.

In my own opinion, I believe that Keuro will continue to hike in a rather steep manner and will be possibly hitting the RM 1.50 without any problem. However, on a conservative outlook, I would think that a short term outlook of RM 1.20 to RM 1.30 will not be a big problem at all.

I would like to apologize for the late update, however, I had informed my small followers in my facebook when it is still RM 1.03 in which some are sitting at a very good cushion of profit now. Should you want any latest update, you may send me a request to my email so that I can include you in the group for the fastest and latest update.

Bone short term TP: RM 1.25

Cheers and have a good day and happy new year.