Tuesday, 30 October 2012

UEMLand - Positive mode for KLCI at 1700

It had been a long long week since I last blog on a counter in KLSE. But, to all my avid fan and reader, probably it is a good time to give some good counter to be shared around for some money for some Deepavali presents and holidays to come.

Today, I would like to feature UEMLand in my look out counter. Looking at the intensity at the election, and with the talks of KLCI moving forward in reaching 1700 will definitely be involving heavyweights such as UEMLand.

Looking at UEMLand in a medium term, this counter had been rather laying at the lower side for the past 6 months, with share price lingering below RM 2.50 where it used to be at back then at the early months of 2011. However, things had not been fueling up strong enough to justify a come back with the shape of the KLCI at the moment, and UEMLand should be keeping it pace, where I think it will start to march forward soon now.

On a quick look on the chart, we can see a that UEMLand had recently been waked up as a huge giant with more than 40millions of share being transacted for the past 4 days. As of current momentum, I will be looking for UEMLand in piercing through the resistance level at RM 2.15 in the next couple of days as contra takers will chill off, and marching on strongly with a powerful surge which I will be looking at a conservative manner at the price of RM 2.30, which will be interpreted around 7% increase on the next spike.

For those who would want to capture this moment in a riskier and cheaper manner, UEMLand-CO might be a good target to be traded although it is sitting at a 20% premium with expiry date at end of Feb 2013, UEMLand-CL might be also be considered for a quick trading for minutes fun game.

Generally looking, I am quite confident in seeing UEMLand marching forward towards RM 2.50 to RM 2.70 in the coming days.

Bone's Short Term TP: RM 2.30

Cheers and have a good day tossing money around.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Robert Kiyosaki's secret and untold method of getting rich

I believe the name of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" is a sure famous book that had been talked around by people of young and old, especially those that are planning for their financial freedom, retirement, investment - Robert Kiyosaki is the author behind the popular book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

However, recent an infamous incident that had shot Robert Kiyosaki to popular stage again - Filing for Bankruptcy for his company, Rich Global LLC. If you are had not read about this news, check them out here at abcnews.go.com

Looks like, beside teaching us how to be financially rich, how to generate unstoppable good income flowing in, how to leverage on financial supports - There is one last thing he didn't teach - play cheat.

After the jurisdiction had pass through, Rich Global LLC had to be declared bankrupt. So, is Robert Kiyosaki just another person who get rich by riding another person back but turning his back around and stabbing it when he is successful?

Looking at that manner the jurisdiction had been spelled out, it looks like Robert Kiyosaki just fits this good category in which when payment are demanded, there are many stories that will be furnished out to deny payments on the agreed terms of collaboration.

All in all, I would like to point out additional 2 secrets of untold method of getting rich by Robert Kiyosaki in a simple manner.

1.) Riding on others for good benefits without having to pay them as promised.

2.) When being sued, just declare bankrupt.

Cheers. Don't you think these are 2 good pointers to save money from going out?

Monday, 8 October 2012

RedTone - Toning up to break 40 cents

RedTone had been building up it's composure in the recent days and the stock had been seeing a good pump and sustainable at confident level that the major controlling holders have the intention to bring the share towards a higher rate.

Back then at October 2011, RedTone had saw sharp rises, hitting 37 cents upon seeing their financial result seeing a positive gain as turning losses to break evens and subsequently foreseeing more profits to come. Right after 1 year, RedTone are up on the steam again, as this time, I would suggest that RedTone might be on it's way into breaking in the 40 cents zone as the time is almost ripe for it to prevail itself.

Let's have a brief look at the chart
If we are to look at the behavioral approach of the stock, there might be a tendency of the stock rise during the period of July 2012, circled out in a big blue circle, might be repeating in October 2012 itself after 3 months. By looking at the sharp hike that happened, and a stage of consolidation for 2 months above RM 0.30 is definitely something good for us to look forward into.

Should the event is going to happen again, I would expect the same happening in October, in which we will see a good rise from here onwards, as I will anticipate RedTone to be toned up to RM 0.40 in the coming days.

Bone's short term TP : RM 0.40

Cheers and have a good day