Tuesday, 31 July 2012

KSK - Had you got enough?

Previously KurAsia, currently named KSK. Sounded like a china company at first glance, but what could be the show behind KSK?

There had been much happening in the stock market prior to the development of the financial market in the world, but what I would believe will still remain in the upcoming political development in Malaysia, that could be rocking the world in the coming stage soon, as we had been seeing major disposal, major acquirement, merger and all sort of take overs and injections.

Now for KSK, lying on a 1.5billion share issue, currently standing with a market capitalization of RM 1.035 billion at the price of RM 0.69 as of today closing, I would believe that KSK is still halfway through on it's own big show that had saw accumulation happening back then since April 2011, where the stock had saw irrational volume spiking up the stock to break 45 cents, and a back to back 40 million shares transacted then. I believe at that point of time, Kurasia is not going to be laying cool in anytime, as shareholder will like to play around the stock for a few round before the final showdown comes forward.

As KurAsia is striking upwards, KSK could be enrouting to a good show in the coming days as good stage by stage accumulation had been sighted.

Let's take a look at the ever interesting chart.
At the current stage, we can see in a clear manner how KSK had been moving upwards with the strong trend.

As of now, we are just waiting for another spike, which will probably see 10million shares transacted for the next spike, with a possibility of hitting 75 cents and touching 80 cents. Looking back at the trend, I am expecting a good show in the coming days, probably on Wednesday or Thursday.

The question now is, are you in or out of the game?


Bone's Short Term TP: RM 0.775

Cheers and have a nice day

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Smartag - The Time Has Come

Smartag had recently come back to it's limelight after a long journey on the uncertainty that had been lingering on their contracts with the Malaysian Custom for the past 1 year. As the company had been going through tough season, we had saw major shareholder disposing shares in bad moments, adding salts to the wound of the minority shareholders.

But despite the rough sea waters, finally, I am convince again to see some good sailor emerging in the company, and steering it to a better shore in the coming days.

As of the current progress, Smartag had been able to secure a portion of the custom contracts with their RFID technology that will promise to speed up the process of the custom clearance. On that point of time, volume of shares had been good and actively eating up with accumulation sighted. For the time being, I do think that Smartag is already in a good accumulation progress, and will be waiting for a next stage of spiking once volume resume back to normal as the shark are ready to roll Smartag further up with the incoming good news when they start to secure more projects.

Let's have a good look on the chart of Smartag.

Looking at it technically, Smartag had been in a good accumulation process at the range of RM 0.24 to RM 0.25, as the spike had seen low volume accumulation, which will surely awaits for the pending attacks and spike up once volume resumes to the active manner.

I think Smartag should be ready for a flight to some good show in the coming days after all. Smartag should be able to retest RM 0.30 in the coming days, and not erasing the chances of it hitting RM 0.35.

Bone's Short Term TP: RM 0.275

Cheers and have a nice day

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I will be back

Dear loyal readers,

I will be back into action soon this week after my busy schedule and good long holidays.

Thanks for checking in time to time for my updates.

In the coming days, let's hunt some goodies during this season of correction. The rewards might be fruitful and juicy.

Till then, I shall start my first post after a 2 weeks break by tomorrow, as I will feature some nice stock that is full of potential for a good blast up the skies, all of them in my watch list.

Check them out.

Cheers and have a nice day.


Saturday, 14 July 2012

Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend to all.

Will be back stronger. Cheers to all traders and investor.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

LFE - It's Not Goodbye Yet

LFE Corporation Berhad, a rather small counter in the main market at the KLSE, with only 84.9million shares issued, and market capitalization of around 8.914 million, could be seeing some good corporate exercises soon in the coming days.

Primarily engaged in electrical and mechanical engineering services and also providing transportation services, LFE had been running in a deficit in the recent days, seeing reddish financial statement for the past few years, while looking at the NTA decreasing day by day. As per the 3rd quarter result for FYE 2012, FLE had been seeing a cumulative 9 month EPS at -6.51 cents, while NTA further shrunk into 29 cents. It is totally not looking good at all in the fundamental outlook.

However, what could be the beautiful part of LFE while looking at thing dwindling down the road. Let me bring you to see what could be happening to LFE in the coming days.

At a PAR Value of RM 1.00, things might be a game changer. Why do I say so? Understanding PAR Value, which is the paid up capital for each single share listed in the market. For LFE case, at RM 1.00, and 84.9million shares issued, it would mean paid up capital of RM 84.9 million in this case.

Usually, PAR Value doesn't mean much for fundamentally good company, because the chances of it going busted at comparative lower compared to unknown company which are volatile and with huge exposure in risk.

As LFE had been seeing trouble times for the time being, choices are either
- Business buck up
- Capital restructuring
- Issuing warrants/ordinary right

But looking at the current condition, I would say the tendency of Capital Restructuring is rather high, because of the good paid up capital, RM 1.00. Extracting 90 cents from it would be easily seeing RM 76.41 million again, with PAR Value going to 10 cents after this.

Since the tendency for a corporate exercise is going to be high, let's have a look at the technical graph as well.
On a quick outlook, the major resistance would be see at RM 0.25, while trading range would be lingering at RM 0.10 to RM 0.15 in the coming days.

I strongly believe that insider are accumulating a lot of shares in their hand, and will be just waiting for the right moment to do corporate exercises when they are full.

Technically looking, if you are buying the idea of the coming up corporate exercises that will be happening soon, I would say that RM 0.10 to RM 0.15 will definitely be a good price to buy and hold along for at least 3 to 6 month, with tendency of getting a 100% to 300% return in the coming days when corporate exercise hits into the picture. When volume come back to play, the first resistance will be at RM 0.15 for a short. Breaking RM 0.15 will see a good play upwards in the coming days.

Now, it is for you to choose, are you game on, or off. The choices are yours. RM 0.15 to buy PAR VALUE RM 1.00, ain't bad after all.

Cheers and have a nice day.

Monday, 9 July 2012

DRB - A potential load of bombs

DRB-Hicom, I do believe, should be at the radars of some of you guys, so do I.

So, what is the so interesting point in DRB that had actually caught up with my attention. After all, it is just another company, but GLC linked and related. As for me, seeing KLCI breaking into new heights is a good sign to see the market going back into the bullish moment altogether. As our KLCI had broken into 1600, and with a rather bullish closing which had saw it touching and closing above 1620 does really put a breath to me on stocks that are highly in potential to blast sky open.

So, I had bought together with you a stock worth considering - DRB-Hicom.

Let's have a quick pretty look at the movement of DRB-Hicom
DRB had been inching at the zone of RM 2.40 to RM 2.65 for the past 3 months, in which I believe that volume and price had started to get comfortable. As the market started to rebound, we will be seeing a quick resistance at RM 2.65 to RM 2.70 range, while breaking the barrier in a convincing manner will be bringing it to head for RM 2.80.

As the price is moving in a compressed manner, I believe volume break will says a lot of the outcome. Should the DRB volume goes above 10 million shares transacted, we might be in Holly Wood then.

I think DRB should be able to move into higher grounds in the coming days.

Bone's TP: RM 2.80

Cheers and have a nice day

Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Amazing Spiderman (2012) - Movie Review

I had brought myself to be pampered once a while for some goodies bag. This week, I had finally caught up myself in the cinema with The Amazing Spiderman (2012) since there seems to be no better show to watch for the time being.

Well, what is so good in this new Spiderman after all. Behind the mask is Andrew Garfield, the new face.

Compared to the old version of Spiderman, I do admit that Andrew Garfield does look better than Tobey Maguire for the Spiderman suit somehow, probably because of Andrew Garfield charming looks.

So what is the interesting installment in this ever new The Amazing Spiderman (2012). Well, when I sit down on the cinema chair and start to enjoy the movie, the first 5 minute cut had already informed me that this movie is going to be long since it start filming when Spiderman was a mere child - "That must be cool for the money that I paid for the movie then"

Well, the movie started off normally, almost like how the Marvel comics had illustrated. As little Peter Parker is being put to care by his aunt and uncle in a rainy night, the little Peter Parker had to just obey and listen to his parents, though they never came back.

Things started off fairly well, but storyline started to change when a lady by the name of Gwen Stacy (casted by Emma Stone) instead of Mary Jane, came into play. Initially, I did wonder whether will there be a 3 way love story fight in the middle of the show when Mary Jane shows up? Hahaha

But after seeing no other significant woman popping out from the scene, Gwen Stacy should be the lady for Spiderman.

Well, I am not going to tell much about the storyline, so that you can keep some excitement and laughter with your loved ones and friends when you enjoy the movie. But, Peter Parker is being showed as an superb intelligent young man with the ability to capture knowledge in a rather speedy manner. From unresolved formulas to capturing pass-code, that must be brilliant to say.

The fight scenes are good. But if you are anticipating a strong Spiderman here, I am sorry, you are totally wrong. This Spiderman is weak, and always get dominated by the Lizardman, and he is no fight at all with Lizardman. See for yourself to believe. However, how he win the story is quite interesting, and sad of course..

Overall, this is the first time for me seeing the hero in Hollywood made movie, not that strong and dominant. The previous Spiderman by Toby at least is strong enough to bash up baddies, and screw their asses upside down.

Beside Andy Lau's movie that will frequently see him ended up - sacrificing and dead in the end, there ain't much movie that will feature a weak hero. Probably this is something new in this Spiderman 2012.

The swings are good, as well as the sound and music effects. Because of some new story lines, and a different Spiderman, I would say that this Spiderman 2012 is a worthwhile movie to be watched afterall.

Bonescythe's Rating : 7/10

Cheers and have a good weekend

Friday, 6 July 2012

Mflour - A charged rocket

Today I would like to bring forth to you - Malayan Flour Mills Bhd, known as MFlour.

As of any typical company, Mflour not only engaged in flour milling, but also had diversified products like poultry products as well.

So what could be so interesting in Mflour that it had caught up in my eyes? Fundamentally looking at MFlour, this company is good as it is dealing with consumer products that is always consumed by the people. Who doesn't need food after all? And with some dividends here and there, Mflour couldn't be wrong for a long term hold.

But, let me bring you to the technical outlook for Mflour, whether it is worth a second or third look. A quick view on the chart here will probably light you mind up.
 The chart will suggest that the price had been settling down from a post Bonus Issue syndrome, seeing the share price plunging lower as a public factor in the dilution of the shares issued. However, MFlour had been seeing a tactical good ground at the range of RM 1.50 for the past 2 month, despite the harsh economy outlook, underlining the support of the shares at that level could be technically strong as well.

As the market had been rebounded to higher grounds, KLCI breaching 1600, what could be MFlour coming up soon?

In my opinion, I think Mflour will be heading into higher grounds soon when the volume start to come back into action. Looking at how volume had been starting to build up will definitely suggest that there had been accumulation going on for a better firing up projects. Should the volume breach 2 million shares in a single day, then we might be able to see MFlour heading into RM 1.70 in the coming days, while not erasing the chances of it lingering back to RM 1.80.

At the current price at RM 1.55 to RM 1.60, MFlour could be probably a good buy for short term trading, or a good buy and hold for a longer term play.

Bone's TP: RM 1.70

Cheers and have a nice day

Thursday, 5 July 2012

KLCCP - Towards greater heights

KLCCP, also known as KLCC Property Holding Berhad, should be one of the very interesting stock that one should had come around for the past 1 week as this giant monster is finally - Awaken.

The properties market had been hitting on a hot note, with much of the properties company going on with the revaluation of their building and land assets, especially in REITs. In this booming up economy for Malaysia, that could be a good opportunity after all to catch hold of this booming effect. However, are you ready for this?

With a NTA standing at RM 6.95 per share, with most of the asset located in the heart of KL, I don't see a chance of the asset going down the drain, but only able to appreciate higher and higher as demands continue to run up. In my opinion, it will never be wrong to invest in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Fundamentally sound, this giant monster had waken up for a good show. However, what kind of show can we be looking at. Let me bring you to the technical outlook for KLCCP.

 KLCCP had came into attention in the recent days, seeing how the stock shot from a range of RM3.00 to the current RM4.70. The take off is good enough to see a wide open mouth which could be signalling the kind of swing that KLCCP will be having in the coming days. Looking at huge volume days, with good white bullish candle supporting, it will always be good to use those as indicators to see if volume is consolidating with the price.

A short outlook will definitely tell you that KLCCP is resting at RM 4.68 to RM 4.70 before another good wave is to take him off, with the support from the volume. As today is the T+4 for the huge volume spike, I reckon today could be a fairly good day to reenter KLCCP as to anticipate for another greater surge in the coming days.

In my opinion, KLCCP could be a good trade after all. It is about the holding power that you will be having. At the current situation, with heavy trading volume in the past few days, something must be amidst and not informed to the public. As this is fundamentally sound, and technically good looking, with good fishy movement, I believe that should the volume comes back into play, KLCCP will be heading up towards RM 5.00 in his next flight upwards, and not erasing the chances of it hitting RM 5.50.

Bone's TP: RM 5.00

Cheers and have a nice day

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Perdana - Firing upwards for another stage

Perdana had been linked with some goodies deal behind lately, which is the factor on the recent spike on Perdana and Petra Energy.

As of 15 and 18 June, Dayang Enterprise Holdings Bhd had been acquiring in a massive manner from the open market on Perdana shares that are floating in the market. That had brought Dayang holdings on Perdana to 14.88%, which interprets to 73.668million shares.

Could this be just the start of the whole game?

Let's have an interesting outlook on how Perdana is moving in the recent days.

As of the quick outlook, we notice that Perdana had been acquired in a massive manner, but with volume on a sudden drop as a sign of consolidation, and with price retaining at the RM 0.635, there should be an upcoming flying surge after consolidation had taken place, which could probably see RM 0.675 to RM 0.70 in the coming days.

In a quick short look, what could be waiting for Perdana. Looking at today's trade, I am putting heavy assumption that Perdana could be finally ripe for a good firing soon to the next stage.
Should the queue start to increase, and should Perdana be able to break RM 0.65, we will be likely in seeing RM 0.70 being tested soon.

I believe that Perdana will be definitely a good buy at RM 0.635 to RM 0.65, as looking at the potential in hiking to RM 0.70 and then 0.750.

Cheers and happy trading.