Monday, 30 April 2012

Trading - Hope and Morale

Trading is like a war game, just that this war game will not see bloodshed in a direct manner, however, it is still a game whereby plans and strategies are important, as much as hope and morale too.

What is winning to you?

To win in a wholly manner means winning with your resources and your objective intact. Any other result beside than what is planned will mean you have at least partly failed at your mission in a whole. While there are many things that can contribute to perfect winning, I would want to touched about - "Hope - An important factor for winning and losing greatly."

During a war, if you are able to defy your enemy of any hope for victory, you had diminish their will to continue fighting on, and defeating them will prove easier than otherwise. It could be meant like using all your advantages against them, leaving nothing on the ground that might prevent undue loss, attacking your enemy's weaknesses, attacking along an unexpected line - Leaving them unprepared for you. All these measures will increase your probability of winning with your resources and objective intact.

However, at many a times, things will not eventually goes as smooth as it is being planned when the environment is very dynamic. Hence, quick and drastic changes are required to take place to resist or subdue the current problem. The outcome will be either better, same or worst. What if changes in tactical strategies make it harder especially when things go worst? Do you still hope upon the strategy for a success? Or you will opt for a quick change to see instant result?

In a dynamic market like the equity market, we should always remember ourselves in not falling into the "Morale Trap", which is:-
1.) You believe you have hope when there is no hope.
2.) You believe you fight to the death when you have other acceptable options.
3.) You allow pride to override good judgment.

As human beings, we are easily tempted to fall into the Morale Trap at many a times, even experienced traders. I remembered how I fall into the Morale Trap when I allow pride to override good judgment as I recalled back some trades that I had made that incurred me some significant losses. Before this loss, I had been in a row of more than 15 winning streaks, and as my pride grew bigger and bigger, it had started to replace my rules and strategies. When my pride override in a wrong trade that I had made, I continue to believe that there is hope, when there are no hope. I continued my fight when there are in fact some other acceptable options - which is Cutting Loss.

However, when I came back to my senses, it had been a good deep wound, but I still take the decision to cut it even though it is painful and hard. I still made a good decision as it had inch a little lower, but I will continue to look out at it everyday, and this time, with a more precise calculation, hunting it down before the enemy takes a run.

Probably you people might be wondering, what is this trade that I am referring to. Well, I am actually referring to my trade in BoonKoon. I am not taking a bad toll on BoonKoon, but on a world of trading, it is just about minimizing the losses, and maximizing the profits as a trader. I will surely be back for BoonKoon in the coming future again.

As a conclusion, a good and comprehensive calculation will definitely prevent you from a morale trap. In the next coming days, I will probably share on, how to make a good and comprehensive calculation, planning and strategies.


Monday, 23 April 2012

KNM - A Critical Decisive Point

KNM had been seeing major hit back from the day EPF started disposing them bit by bit. It seems that the error in KNM is just so big and unbearable until EPF had ceased to be substantial holder in KNM. From a price of RM 3 until a price today, RM 0.855, it is just no mercy. Sentiment hadn't been great even though KNM had been reported in securing some good projects along side with Zecon and Daya in building some oil rigs.

However, amidst their mess, I believe that there are still some pointers that we could be looking at in KNM, especially seeing the prices taking plunges after plunges, the strong testing had been signalling some good pointer for entry as the cushion starts to exist.

Let's have a quick look on what we could be seeing in KNM.
Looking at the movement, the chart truly suggested that the cushion area of KNM shares will be at RM 0.850 zone. The point had been tested a few time, with every test seeing back a good push up back above the level. At the current price pegged at RM 0.850 to RM 0.875, I believe this could be a quite decisive point for traders and investor to consider whether on this time around
- KNM will be seeing the price being cushioned at RM 0.85 area, and push up
- KNM will be seeing a good reversal on the price on uptrend
- KNM will be seeing support breaking and plunging lower.

Bone's Opinion.
I think, KNM will be having a good chance in coming back up, looking at how the critical point had been supported in the previous few days. Besides that, there had been a good amount of volume amounting to 7.5m of shares which had brought KNM up on 16 April could be a good indicator of interest from big players or controlling party. As the volume consolidates, I believe KNM will be coming back in a louder bang in the coming days.

Short term outlook could be seeing KNM testing on a psychological 90 cents, while technical drawing suggested 95 cents as the first resistant point, while the next would be at RM 1.15.

Bone's short term TP: RM 0.95

Cheers and have a good day.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

KLSE Stock Watch for 19 April 2012

Our KLCI had been lingering around the range of 1600, while stock had been seen taking their time off consolidating at different point, while seeing some continue on their run on rallies.

The recent biggest hit will be none other than CSL i believe, look at it's outstanding performance from it's IPO debut, it had been the 1st China listed company in the KLSE that had been performing at this good rate, seeing it's spectacular closing note at RM 1.38, RM 1.48, RM 1.68, RM 1.78. Can today closing be at RM 1.88 or in a deep red sea? Who knows? Haha

Let's see what are the few stock that we could be monitoring for the coming few days.

1.) Unisem - This stock had been following JCY in a rather close note. Since JCY debut, Unisem had not been shy in bringing itself into some good participation as well, surging up from a lowly RM 1 to a good note at RM 1.65 during the middle of February. Now, what could be awaiting for Unisem after JCY surging up towards RM 1.40. As of historical data, Unisem will take a slower note, always after JCY, and the following chart will later convince you on where Unisem could be leading.
Looking at how Unisem had been consolidating in price and volume, the next possible note could be hitting RM 1.60 in the coming days once volume resume.

Bone's TP: RM 1.60

2.) Premier - Premier, had been coming back from a lackluster of performance after hitting up to 50 cents from a lowly 20 cents range. However, thing might be taking a toll of changes after several indication that had been given out in the past few days, indicating a upcoming surge that could be awaiting for Premier soon.
As there had been good support of volume until the price of RM 0.39, I believe any price below RM 0.39 will be a good take while the next upcoming volume will definitely bring Premier above 40 cents, probably looking into the 45 cents after consolidation is done.

Bone's TP : RM 0.45

3.) Mpay - After a few days of shooting up high with good amount of volume supporting it, Mpay is looking back into hitting back the higher ground after a series of consolidation in the volume in the past few days. I believe the job in Mpay is not finished yet, and the next surge in volume that will go past 25 million will be definitely something that we will be waiting for. Judging at the rate of accumulation, Mpay should be able to revisit RM 0.25 in the coming days, not erasing it heading further towards the 30 cents range.

Cheers and have a nice day

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

KTB - Transporting a Highly Explosive Pattern

KTB, better known as Konsortium Transnasional Berhad had been making the limelight in the paper for a unpopular stop of service during 2011 last year. The problem arises when KTB no longer got to maintain their operation as they had been hit tight on their cash flow. However, their services resume when government bodies start to give rescue packages for it's operation to continue.

On a side note on KTB share price, there hadn't been much action, but not until 10 April 2012, where we saw more than 20 million of shares transacted in one single day, hitting a high note on the volume for the past 3 years. What could really be behind KTB? There are rumors of new stakeholders coming in to become a white knight, as well as rumors of KTB going for a privatization by the government as well. However, the definite answer remains an unknown for the public.

But, I strongly believe that the money being poured into it will never be wrong. Let's look how interesting is the movement of KTB.

On a quick look, we had saw numerous of candle stick shoot ups on some good volume days, where the shadow had been in a rather hiking manner. However, on the 10th of April, KTB had saw more than 20 million transacted with a rather convincing white candle, putting a good note at RM 0.185.

Bone's Opinion.
As today had been the T-4 for KTB, KTB had saw its base at RM 0.155, the point where it had started hiking up madly on 10th April. I believe that the previous 3 days had been seeing contra trader selling off for a profit or loss, while giving a chance for the controlling party to regain control at low price, and also to clear off contra players as a method to consolidate the shares. I believe that there could be more highly packed action coming towards KTB, as its counter part - Kbes had been also a partner in this "crime" as well.

On a quick outlook, I think KTB will surging up once the volume resume back, and we will be seeing it banging on 20 cents zone in the coming days.

Bone's short term TP: RM 0.185

Cheers and have a nice day

Monday, 16 April 2012

Smartag - Heading for A Smart Start

Smartag - Ever heard of this counter before? Or probably you had heard of it before, but was disgusted with the ever slow movement that was sliding lower and lower, while hugging on hopes of good sparks of stories that could be emerging out?

Yes, as for me, finally I found out Smartag should be on the time where it is worth looking into now. Probably, you could be asking me, why now? Why not before this? Well, I believe that just in time would be a good thing to do as it will reduce our holding cost, using the capital to turn into some better opportunity that could bring better returns rather than camping them for a long time, waiting for the right signal to be sparked. Just like how most of the Japanese company operates - Just In Time.

So, what could we see from Smartag that I am convinced that the time for it's show could be getting nearer? Let's have a quick look on Smartag movement.
On a quick outlook on Smartag, we are able to see some very nice and interesting movement that could decrypt the next possible good move in the counter in time to come.

Looking at the past few weeks, Smartag had been moving in a rather plan pattern. As 29th March, we had saw some handsome amount of volume at 5.72 million share transacted, and on T-4 of 29th March which is 4th April saw another spike in volume, while the T-4 of 4th April which is 10th Apr saw another spike in volume, hovering at 2.04 million shares transacted.

Looking forward, we will be seeing yet another T-4 from 10th April, which is tomorrow (17 April 2012).

In my opinion, the movement does suggest something is up on behind, while accumulation had been taking place now, I am looking on volume surging into the 2 million zone or probably even more as the bottom line accumulation had seen some saturation, suggesting the price to move upwards further. To add on the spice behind this, we are looking at how near the GE could be, while the ongoing contract that is to be signed by Smartag is highly linked with the Government as it is related to the Customs clearing and process.

I believe, Smartag could just turned into another catalyst in the making towards Top 10 most active counter in the days to come, not erasing the chances of Smartag taking a leap into the 30 cents zone in the coming days as the interest come back alive.

Question: Are you in for the game?All the best.

Bone's 1st TP: RM 0.25
Bone's 2nd TP: RM 0.275

Cheers and have a nice day

Friday, 13 April 2012

Puncak - Fryday awaits

Puncak, a very happening share back then in a couple of months ago, had been laying down in a rather low volume mode after a heist which saw price juggling from low to high and high to low, and as of today, Puncak had been laying in a rather low mode with no much of volume transacted over the week, hovering at the price range of RM 1.40.

I believe that at a price of RM 1.40, this should be a good consolidation point as those who are holding to the shares are holding to it, while those who are unable to hold them had been issuing cut losses, while looking at the weak volume and participation will definitely suggest the contra player to stay out from this counter.

Let's have a quick look on what we could looking at in Puncak now.
On a quick outlook, it does suggest that Puncak had found its good comfort of support at RM 1.40 range, as support had been good enough to come out of no where at that range had been backing up the support line that had been highlighted in green.

Both triangles had gave a view that Puncak had been seeing Price and Volume consolidation, in which any form of saturation at a level will definitely be a starting point of another new chapter.

While there had been substantial amount of interest that had been pour into this counter, there too had been good wind of rumors on the coming days for Puncak for privatization practices, as the GE had been lurking even nearer into the calender day by day.

In my opinion, I think Puncak should be able to see it's price going into a new level after having finish it's consolidation at RM 1.40 now. In a quick outlook, Puncak could be shaking it's way back to RM 1.50, while not erasing possibility of it hitting a good note at RM 1.60 in the coming days as well.

Bone's TP: RM 1.50.

Cheers and have a nice day

Thursday, 12 April 2012

JCY - Operating to a higher note

Many had been anxious about the coming movement of JCY as it had peaked up above RM 1.30 in the past few days, before subsiding to consolidate at RM 1.25 in the last couples of day. Could JCY be operating into a higher note in the coming days?

As JCY quarterly will be around the corner soon, with high anticipation of it's quarterly based on the 1st quarter result that shows an improved figure of 7.94 EPS comparing to the previous year quarterly where only 0.37 cents were raked in. Looking at the mass buying, and also the participation from investment bankers, looks like JCY game is just going to be complicated for the good now.

Let's have a good look at the movement of JCY in the past few days.
On a broad technical outlook, it had suggested that JCY is on it's uptrend mode now, and looking at all the huge white candle that had been supported with handsome amount of volume indicated in the red line connecting the price and volume. As volume had been consolidating, JCY is prepared for another operation towards a higher note.

On a side note, let's see what interesting stuffs are awaiting for us to explore today as well.

Looks like there are some good 300 lots operator that comes in a combo package of 1 or 2 seconds. Interesting stuffs now.

In a short conclusion, based on the technical outlook for JCY movement, based on the upcoming high anticipated quarterly result, and with the odd movements in JCY today, I would believe JCY will be back into town, operating to a higher note.

Bone's 1st TP: RM 1.35
Bone's 2nd TP: RM 1.40

Cheers and have a nice day.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

An apple a day keeps the doctor away ?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away - I believe this is a popular phrase that could be ringing at your ear since your primary school day. On a layman term, this could be eating an apple a day that will bring you the nutrient and nourishing that you need for your body to be healthy.

However, as we grow in our life, I believe that we could be needing more than 1 kind of apple to keep different kind of doctor away from us. It doesn't necessarily to be your health. It could be your career, your business, your friendship, your lifestyle, your peers and etc.

Probably you could be wondering by now, what do I mean by different kind of apples.

Let's have a look on some apples now that could bring you some fresh ideas, or probably solutions to your challenges.

 Thin Slice

Multiple Designs
 Ring Cut

 Bird Design

 Butterfly Design

Horizontal slice

However, at times, no matter how good you are in your creative design, a Bad Apple will always be left rotting away, eaten up by pest and insects.

Hence, before you are taking your daily "apple" for solution, at many a time, we need to be sure what  kind of "apple" we are using. The "apple" you pick in your life could be your team member for your university projects, works, your business partner, your trading mentor, your team and etc..Or even your life partner.

If the people are good, no matter how you design it, everything will come out in a good and orderly manner, just like how those apples are designed to be. However, a rotten apple will never make a good solution no matter how good your crafting skills are - Because in the beginning, it is already A ROTTEN APPLE.

Back on trading, be sure you got all your good apples with you before you start to organize things around. A bad apple will attract pest and infect other apples. Such apple should be throw away to the dark to rot by their own, while good apple should be kept well to continue to flourish.

In short, using a good apple will keeps the doctor away, but using a bad apple will definitely brings you more than 1 doctor everyday. Choose your "apple" wisely.

Cheers and have a good day.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Chill out with some Ice Cream during uncertain markets

Sometimes doing nothing could be better than doing something in the market during different period of time. But eating an Ice Cream will definitely be a good option to chill out after a hot and sassy market.

Let me introduce to you an upcoming Ice Cream Potong that will be flooding to the Malaysian market in time to come - Eaton Ice Cream.

Eaton Ice Cream, principally involves in the manufacturing of Ice Cream Potong. Currently there are four flavors of ice-cream Potong which are Durian, Red Bean, Chocolate and Sweetcorn flavor. While the company is still looking to expand their business and seek more business opportunities around Malaysia, they will be coming out with two additional flavors which are Strawberry and Cempedak in the coming days.

Should you had a thought of serving Ice Cream in a party at your house, family picnic, events, weddings, why not try give Eaton Ice Cream a try?

Click here for User/Consumer feedback

Mode of ordering:
Minimum order 200 sticks or 10 boxes. (Each box = 20 sticks) (To qualify for retailer discounts).
Minimum order 40 sticks or 2 boxes for consumers and end users. 

RM 1.00. Please contact me for further price discounts if you are a distributor or retailer.

Servicing Area:
Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Areas.

Contact method/details:-
H/P: 012-4129418 (Brandon) or 017-8711800 (KL Chan).

Eaton Ice-cream Potong is manufactured and distributed by:

Mutual Endorse Sdn Bhd
B-G-03, Jalan Teratai 1/2E,
Taman Bukit Teratai,
68000 Ampang,
Tel: 03-42949288

Cheers and have a nice day eating Ice Cream to chill off.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mpay - The Crowning Prince of Aces

ManagePay Systems Berhad could be an upcoming catalyst in the market as their volume had been spiked up in a rather outrageous manner, looking at how volume surge past 50 million in 2 separate occasions could let people wondering for something even greater now.

Managepay Systems Berhad, an Ace counter which just had all the correct characteristic for speculators to be interested in, which includes:
1.) Money losing company
2.) 183 million shares issued
3.) ACE Market
4.) Recent Volume and Momentum
So what is so interesting about MPay actually? What could be the development behind Mpay that could be churning out huge participation from the market in this situation now? That must be the very huge question mark that is lingering amongst the mind of the traders/investor.

While we are trying to guess what could be happening, let's see an even more interesting part, that is what we can see from the movement of the shares.
A quick look for the time being will see that there had been very huge accumulation in the shares at the level of RM 0..22, where we can see 2 occasions of 50 million supporting that price in a firm and stable manner. Where the rest of the lower volume days had saw the share prices lingering around that range, Mpay for the upcoming outlook could be just looking at RM 0.25 to RM 0.26 as their next stage in their progress, not erasing the fact that Mpay could be hitting above RM 0.30 when the momentum continues in a greater manner.

Comparing it with a recent historical happening, we will see how Mpay had been played around with the similar noticeable pattern as if the making of Keywest.

As of my coverage in KLSE Stock Watch for 21 March 2012, we had saw how Keywest had make its way to a peak of RM 0.26 before taking a plunge after the announcement.

Hence, as a short conclusion, we should be seeing Mpay taking off into the higher grounds soon.

Bone's short term TP: RM 0.25

Cheers and have a nice day

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter Day

To all who are celebrating Easter Day. I want to wish you Happy Easter Day, as I will be celebrating Easter Day with you tomorrow as well.

Here are some songs that I would like to share to everyone - Let's get crazy and celebrate with music and dances!

It's time to Get Up and DANCE with PlanetShakers!

Get Up

Dance Now

And with Him, Nothing is Impossible!

Nothing Is Impossible

So in the end, we will say - Bring It On!

Bring It On

Cheers and Happy Easter Day

**P/S: Best stream with Unifi or 1mbps.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Maxtral - A potential surge in the coming day

Maxtral Industry Bhd hadn't been trading in an active manner in the past, however with the recent spike, where irregular volume had been spotted on sight, Maxtral could be up onto something good behind the scene, looking at how the patterns of it.

As of 28 March 2012, Maxtral had raked in 9.19 million of shares transacted, seeing the price hitting a high of RM 0.21, while consolidating at RM 0.17, in which after the next few days, Maxtral had been sliding off towards the bottom into even touching RM 0.12 as of yesterday.

I believe this will be a very interesting stock to be looked into as how the volume surges, and how the volume on the next day decline to more than 75%, indicating a controlling party that could be behind the scene, while waiting for contra trader to clear off at a huge loss.

Let's have a look at the interesting graph together.
Looking at how the chart goes, the primary point that it could be heading back could be at RM 0.17, where day when more than 9 million of shares got transacted.

Let's have a few good look on the others stock that bears the similar trends.



Let's have a quick look at Maxtral day trade queues.
Should there be convincing buys at RM 0.135 and RM 0.14, we should be anticipating that Maxtral will be heading back into the range of RM 0.17.

Bone's  Primary TP : RM 0.17
Bone's 2nd TP: RM 0.20

Cheers and happy trading.

180 Black Dragon Palm - A Trading Strategy

Here is how some Kung Fu pointers that might help in your trading strategy.

(1) Firmness - Stand firm on your ground. Be sure of your own research from your analytical skills and technique.

(2) Lightness - Don't ever over do something. Don't put everything in one basket, diversification is important.

(3) Speed - Be fast and quick to act and take position. Market doesn't wait for you. Early bird catches the worms.

(4) Deceptiveness - Think like a shark, act like a shark, do like a shark. Even with bad hands at a poker game, a deceptive face with strong bets will kill your opponent away.

(5) Evasiveness - Evade participation in bad sentiment. Don't participate in the market when it is not the right moment. At many a times, doing nothing is better than doing something.

(6) Vigorousness - Be furious to attack when the signs are there. Attack the weak point like a mad shark.

(7) Confidence - Comes with Firmness. When you are confident, you know what you are doing, and you will not panic.

(8) Adaptability - Be shapeless like a water. Versatility, ever adaptive in any different circumstances.

(9) Anticipation - Comes from experienced. You know where to anticipate on the market movements based on the development of external news and economical data and others influential factors.

(10) Creativity - Think out of the square box. A lot of time, it is not just about FA and TA alone. It is crazy with all sort of tactics and dramas.

(11) Perseverance - Persevere on the correct stuffs. Works along with Firmness and Confidence. Don't persevere on something doesn't worth to persevere.

(12) Seizing & Controlling - Good opportunity comes and goes. Seize the opportunity when they are passing by your front door. Be fast to capture them and take position.

(13) Releasing - Know how to attack, know how to release. Don't ever be greedy. After meeting your targeted profits or price, take your portion and enjoy them. Remember, market is always there, and there are full of opportunities everyday.

(14) Plucking - Like plucking fruits from a tree. Sometimes you pluck those at your front, sometimes higher, sometimes lower. Diversify on your entry prices. You do not know what will happen next.

(15) Chopping - Chop when it is not right. Don't hesitate for another few second. Don't regret, and look forward again. To lose correctly is to win.

(16) Parrying - When you are in position, Parry away attacks by understanding how your opponent plays the game. Don't get cheated by them. Read and understand the controlling party play style and strategy and moves accordingly.

(17) Shooting - Shoot first. Don't queue. Grabbing upwards in certain situation. (Applies for highly speculative stock). (Good when you are sharp, bad when you are a loose shooter)

(18) Pushing & Pulling - Attacking on the base harshly, pushing it while you got a good base to average out your further attacks. Releasing back some in the middle. Average your profit out. You don't know where is the best price to sell, neither you want to dump everything instantly while the stock can hike higher.

(19) Thrusting - Probably you know it better than me off the market. Haha

Above are just some off the pointers in my Bonescythe Trading Methodology. In different trades, you have to use different pointers as your mixed of strategy.

You want to invest long term, fundamentally sound company that pays good dividend, and holding on for a long term investment. You can be using Confidence, Anticipation, Perseverance, Seizing & Controlling and Plucking as your mixed strategy.


You want to trade a speculative company shares based on the development of rumors and irregular movement of prices, you might be opting for Lightness, Speed, Deceptiveness, Vigorousness, Adaptability, Creative, Seizing & Controlling, Releasing, Chopping, Parrying, Shooting and Pushing & Pulling as your mixed strategy.

Once you understand what you are trading, you will surely be a better trader once you apply the better trading strategies. There will not be a one best mixed of strategies, but the best is to be shapeless like water, putting in better measurement and trading methods that suits the situation best at that point of time.

Cheers and have a good day.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

13th GE - Coming to your doorstep like a thief

As aware by most of the citizens of Malaysia, the upcoming 13th GE is just around the corner this year. As 1 quarter of the 2012 had passed by now, there are 9 months left for this major event to take place. As many had been speculating that the election could be taking place at around June or July this year, there are news that are coming out that the election could be taking up place at September as well.

I am sure that we will definitely know how the general election will be affecting the market, especially on the announcement on the dissolve of the parliament that will bring the market down when people start to throw their shares away because of the uncertainty that could be created in the post election, I believe we as investor and trader should be well prepared off before hand. What could be your pick?

As of 27 March, the Prime Minister did hinted that the election is near the corner. For more reading, refer here. Could it be September?

There had been much colorful news flying around in the market lately, with the most popular merger & acquisition taking place, PM son's got offered to purchase shares, all kind of funny asset injection into companies, Raymond Chan never ending stories on company purchases, O&G asset injection rumors, and all sort of jokes from small scale to big scale emerging in the market.While off the market, BN had been giving out tons and tons of monetary supports using the latest budget adjustment. To make things even more interesting, civil servants had been seeing incredible and lucrative pay rise as well. I believe those could be the money harvested from the public through the market.

I am expecting more and more of these kind of news of M&A and etc to be popping up in the market to lure more retailers into purchasing the stock while big guns reduce their position as to reduce their risk exposure on the upcoming election that could be having a big swing of changes in the parliament seating as well.

On the latest development from The Star today, it had been informed that the parliament sitting will be further extend to 4 days to allow for the completion of the tabling of bills. For more reading, please refer here.

While media had been trying to change the mindset of the people that the election could be happening in September, can the government gives a stone cold stunner by dissolving the parliament in the end of April, or somewhere near May? What do you think?

In my own opinion, looking at how the market had been developing at the moment suggested that the election could be very near, and the possibility of it happening in the period of June is just very high as most of the news involving GLC had been coming out one by one, with major banks like CIMB also hitting out with the recent news with acquisition on RBS as well.

I do believe that there could be another 1 or 2 more powerful surge in the coming days, and that could be a good opportunity to exit the market during the strong surge, and keep your hands clean while waiting for a good time to enter the market again after an anticipated super plunge in the market.


YTLP - Preparing to break out for the 4th time

YTLP had been a rather fundamentally sound company, looking at the business model that it is having, and the amount of cash in hand that is with the company bank account at the moment. However, the very hit back on this particular company is that it had been much stingy in the last payment of the dividend, which had been offering back to investor a rather funny dividend which is just 0.9375 cents, not even coming to 1 cent. I believe that this dividend can be easily being ridiculed amongst the midst of investor at for a company like YTLPower to be giving such skimpy dividend.

But looking at the other side of YTLP could be just another good story that is to be unfolded soon. As YTLP had been trading in a rather interesting manner on the last 4 months, lingering at the zone of RM 1.75 to RM 1.90, which could be possibly signalling something good in the coming days ahead.

Let me bring you to a quick outlook of YTLPower charting and movement.

For the past 4 months, YTLPower had been trading off in a rather controlled zone, which had saw prices ranging from RM 1.76 to RM 1.90. A quick outlook can be seen that YTLPower had been holding back well strongly at RM 1.76 in several occasion during the past 4 months. As a matter of fact, YTLPower had been testing off RM 1.90 for 3 occasions as well, while looking at how the share had been lingering mostly at above RM 1.80 range.

So what could be awaiting for us in the coming days?

As per my title, preparing to break out for the 4th time, which means breaking the RM 1.90 psychological barrier that had been there for 4 months. The recent composure for YTLP had been much convincing, looking at how the volume had been supporting strong bullish white candle, coupled off with a rather weak volume selling off in the process. I believe that in the coming days ahead, YTLP could be reaching back to RM 1.90. Furthermore, I am anticipating a breakout on RM 1.90, supported mainly by the breakout play on the KLCI, which had saw index went pass 1600 today.

In short, judging on the 3-4 month trading between RM 1.76 to RM 1.90, YTLP should be much prepared for a further run up in the coming days.

Bone's Short Term TP: RM 1.90

Cheers and happy trading

Monday, 2 April 2012

JCY - The Life After Consolidation

JCY had been a striking talk for the past 3 months, and it had been a striking stock to have of course, looking at how the stock price went from 40 cents to a peak of RM 1.50. I had been keeping watch on JCY from the start of the drama where the kingdom of heavens open up flood gates to give JCY a divine turnaround in its industry, banishing competitors to ground, while they added the salt on their wounds by taking on their customer.

However, JCY had been going on for a long 1.5 months of consolidation. Let's look at how JCY had been consolidating in the past 1.5 months, which i rather interesting.
In a quick outlook, I had lined out the consolidation part with the 2 triangles at the price and volume. While the share price took a rather steep correction compared to the volume, both are seen to be moving at a rather constant rate seeing volume and prices not breaking away from the triangle, hence interpreting the interest in certain parties.

As of 21 March 2012, the mark where the triangle almost bottom up with the bottom line, under marked a new surge in the prices, which had saw the previous surge had been consolidating at an average of approximate RM 1.30, looking at the top and bottom of RM 1.50 and RM 1.10, it had broken away from the declining momentum and head towards RM 1.17, while in the latter days broken RM 1.20 and touched RM 1.23 with a good amount of volume. As every white candles are supported by a good spike of volume, the support is definitely at the level of RM 1.15 to RM 1.17, as the selling in low volume could be just a result of heavy greedy contra takers or weak heart trader.

As the sell down that we had saw in JCY had been done in a rather smaller volume basis, I believe that once the prices got saturated at the range of RM 1.20, we will be seeing JCY hitting a good note at RM 1.30 in the coming days, accommodated with a spike in the volume, which is outlined by the red circle in the chart.

Bone's short term TP: RM 1.30

Cheers and have a good day

April Cover - Cica Zhou

Name: Zhou Weitong (周伟童)
Birth name: Zhou Na (周娜)
English: Cica Zhou
DOB: August 26, 1982

Education: Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 50kg

Measurements: 86/60/89cm
Horoscope: Virgo
Blood Type: O
Educational level: secondary

Hobbies: swimming, singing, reading
Profession: Model, actress, singer
Achievements: 2000 Champion of China Star of Models Contestant and Most Popular Model Award,Top 10 Models in China