Wednesday, 19 December 2012

MBF- Time's up soon

I believe it had been some time back since MBF was last featured, probably somewhere in the beginning of the year, where MBF had started to see it's stock rising from no where until where it is today. As of now, MBF had been standing off at the range of RM 1.20 to RM 1.25, which is also the sidelining zone.

MBF had been in the monitoring of Bursa Malaysia because of it's public spread, and till date, MBF had not been able to regularize and comply to the listing status of the Bursa Malaysia and with around 10% circulating in the public, what can happen to MBF, with NTA standing at RM 1.70 range?

Looking at the going on of the share price, I would believe that the majority shareholder are buying time after time in order to retrieve back the share of MBF through open market at the lowest price possible, which will definitely include the warrants as well as news of privatization of MBF continue to heighten up.

The previous action by the director in pushing the price of the warrant down after accumulating massive number of mother shares in the public and disposing huge amount of the warrant will definitely something that we as a public will like to look into it. As the director had been disposing the warrant harshly until at a point of time it reaches 7.5 cents in the end of May 2012 as a method in pushing the price down to psychologically affect the mentality of the public in disposing at cheaper price, now it will be a good time to see prices of the warrant in high flying mode should the privatization will be at a conservative range of RM 1.50.

In a quick outlook on the chart, the share price is consolidating higher and higher, as I believe a break out will definitely be sending MBF upwards to RM 1.50 once the volume resume. In a short term outlook, and with the very tight time frame that Bursa is giving to MBF, I believe MBF will be having a good chance in breaking up into RM 1.30, and linger at RM 1.40.

Bone's short term TP: RM 1.35

Cheers and have a nice day.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Gamuda - Challenging the Mark 4

Hi all avid reader, it had been some time again since I last covered on a stock. Well, lately, I had to admit that they ain't much in the market when the market started to give way until it reaches 1599 a point of time, and then we are seeing some rebound on the support line of 1600.

The fast giveaway is mainly due to the sharp plunge in all the Telco's company that are in the KLCI, with TM shredding more than 10% from it's peak of RM 6.40, Maxis shredding almost coming to 10% from RM 7.00, Digi and Axiata as well.

For now, I would like to bring to you a stock that I think would be a potential surging stock in the coming days - Gamuda. Probably, you might be thinking what could be happening in Gamuda, maybe there are some goodie big projects bagging into their bank rolls soon.

Gamuda, being a co-leader in the Klang Valley MRT, could be seeing jumping profits in the coming season as the MRT project kick start one by one.

Let's see what is on Gamuda
Looking the chart at a quick manner, we might be seeing some consolidation off the point here, probably due to the market sentiment, there is no pushing as well. As the market return to it's bullish part, we might be looking Gamuda to continue riding a good flight upwards. Gamuda might be poised to challenge RM 4.00 in the coming days.

As of now, RM 3.62, so are you in for the action? Let's see.

Bone's TP : RM 3.90 (Short Term)

Cheers and happy hunting.