Saturday, 29 September 2012

A Summarize View of Budget 2013

Many of us would have been wondering about what are the pros and cons on the coming budget 2013 that had been announced last Friday.

Here is a quick brief summary from the budget 2013 that will be bringing to the citizens of Malaysia,credits to iMoney for the good information illustrated in a simple picture.

Have a good day and nice weekend as I will be getting back into looking at some good hunting stocks to play around.


Saturday, 22 September 2012

IBhd - The brand new i-City, Shah Alam next big feature

When we talked about Ice Skating Ring, what is in your mind? I suppose it will be Sunway Piramid Skating Ring, because after The Mines closing down it's skating ring, I can only think of Sunway Piramid Ice Skating Ring and no others.

What about Water Park? We have got Desa Waterpark at Taman Desa, Sunway Lagoon at Sunway, Malacca Waterpark at A-Famosa, Genting Highland Waterpark... Did I miss out anything?

Well, I believe reader must be quite amazed as I am bringing out I-Bhd for a talk, as this is a very illiquid counter with very low volume being traded in the KLSE. What is so great in I-Bhd, beside the LED lights in i-City that we can think off, there might be nothing more than that after all.

i-City could be the next big hit in Shah Alam - Klang area as they feature a mega project in the 72 acre of lands that they had bought back then. With the latest planning and development, i-City will be undergoing a mixed development that will feature a big Retailing Complex, Serviced Residences, SOHOs, SOVOs, Office Suites, Hotels, Entertainment Park and Water Park to resemble something like MidValley concept.

What is actually lacking in Shah Alam - Klang is actually a big and massive complex or mall for the people around the area to walk around. While each weekends, traffic in Federal is so bad because of the people going to Midvalley for a weekend outing, because there is literally nothing at Shah Alam and Klang.

As I-Bhd spearhead this mega project, I believe this project will definitely be taking a massively good response as the 500k population in Klang will definitely get captured with big and massive malls which are nearer to them, what more about a Water Park that will be featured to launch in December 2012 this year.

Currently with their i-SOVOs being sold out, the next launch that feature 2 blocks of i-SOHOs will be definitely going to send I-Bhd revenue up the sky in the next 2 quarters, with at least revenue boosting up to more than RM 500million.

In my opinion, I think I-Bhd will be a good share to hold for a medium term of 3 to 6 months, as I believe I-Bhd will be heading to RM 1.50 in a short term outlook, with tendency of it hitting RM 2.00 in the future.

Bone's Short Term TP: RM 1.50

Cheers and have a good day.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Mflour - Revisiting for bullish reversal note

When the talks of QE3 rings around your ear, people will be starting to think about - Inflation, Inflation, Inflation. The quickest to see price inflation are Gold definitely as Gold is always the tools to be hedge against any kind of quantitative easing.

But definitely, equity market will not be spared either because more money will always mean more fun always. As I had been browsing throughout the KLSE, quite some counter had started to rebound off the plunge, significant player like FGV had given a good sharp V shaped rebound.

As for this, I would like to bring you to revisit Mflour as I believe that after some time from post bonus issue syndrome, Mflour could be on a good time to see a good rebound back to some good price.

Mflour had been seen testing on the level of RM 1.40 to RM 1.45, which is the support line for the past 4 to 5 months. As market take a U turn to see QE effects, I would believe that Mflour will be in a very good and fresh position to see more potential in flying upwards as chart had started to see a reversal after hitting the bottom cushion.

On a quick look, should Mflour comes back to it's form with a good amount of volume, we will be looking at the first resistant line at Rm 1.50, and breaking the line will probably see Mflour heading more towards RM 1.65 to RM 1.70 in the later part.

Prospective wise, food counter will never be wrong in the long run, however, management will be an important factor to see the future of the company share price. Hopefully the people and the management will be more "wiser" in their dealing internally and externally, especially with the public.

For a short term outlook, I will be looking at Mflour turning for a good reversal to RM 1.50 without problem.

Cheers and have a nice weekend

Friday, 14 September 2012

DRB - The Icon is back?

DRB - Can this icon be back in the market after slumping falling from the peak of RM 3.30 back then on February 2012?

With the recent QE3 at 40 billion a month being injected into the market to stir fry the market once until stability can be see is just gonna make the equity market rampant again, with happy moment for punters, clicking on the screen without much thinking.

Well, as for DRB, I think it would fair to say that it could be a nice bet as well as we had saw DRB slumping from activeness, however it is always interesting to see stock hanging on the border or the last support line.

As seen from last 2 occasion, the support cushion is at RM 2.30 to RM 2.35, whereas the next resistant line would probably stand out at around RM 2.45 to RM 2.50. Now with major player pumping into the market, DRB could be a good catch as it had not seen any strong rebound moment like other big player had done.

Today, DRB started off with RM 2.40, and had starting to run up the stairs with RM 2.44 being touched as of now. Should DRB be able to break into RM 2.45 in a confident manner, I believe RM 2.50 can be reached, and moving forward to RM 2.55 to RM 2.60 zone.

Bone's short term TP: RM 2.50

Cheers and have a nice day.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Ingens - Killer Plot

As Ingens had continue with it's blood killing spree, I hope that those who got warned about in the earlier post had not touched Ingens as I foresee the same fate as of TMS, where pool of blood mess is left around unattended, and victims are left there licking for their own wounds, while some might not even to be able to get up and walk straight again.

Ingens had been nice to be able to keep the public up with some good game like suspension order, Mr ABC wanting to purchase how many percentage of the company, and could trigger MGO, Mr XYZ injecting tons and billions of project and asset into the company.

Are we so short in our memories? After Harvest, Nicorp, Mtronic and Aglobal. Where are all those injections of assets? Where are all those said price?

As my friend had informed me that he had received an anonymous SMS from a number bearing 010 788 5072 with the following interesting message.

"Ingens (0034): Why did CBL rejected 9tology offer of 55 cents???? and yet he collected and keep collecting huge amount of shares from open market after turning down the offer?? He is collecting at low price prior billions project announcement awarding to the company (Actual Valuation should be 85 sen)! To all my dearest friends, be alert and don't missed the boat by panic selling your share to him."

Interesting content as I would to say. To see the message itself on a surface manner will be so enticing, but experience will always tell you what will happen next. The open market, I believe, would have a good amount of shares for 9tology to eat until breaking 33% and trigger a MGO itself before the price hit RM 0.55. An offering of 55 cents is just far too fake. Why the warrants are not working? Why the warrant are laying down motionless when Ingens is being taken for a good ride? If it is for 55 cents, 9tology can make some clean sweep to all the warrant, and convert them into mother share and still gain the MGO. Now as 85 cents is being said and floating in the market, probably there will be another pile of unknown victims.

To me, looking at it, probably the syndicate is trying hard to dispose off the shares now, and creating much needed stories after stories in order to dispose successfully.

Well, probably I would like to put it this manner.
1.) For those who are keen to trade it, all the best.
2.) For those who are still holding on it and hopefully can get a high selling price, all the best.
3.) For those who are standing at side watching without doing anything - YOU ARE THE BEST.

Cheers and have a good day.

CSL - Triumphant March

As world market had been heading from certainty to uncertainty, and with some words that can put uncertainty back into certainty in just a few minutes. Well, that is the market - always volatile.

After taking some good long breaks, probably it should be a good time to come back with some stock outlooks. Along with me, there had been a few stock that had been catching my eyes, and I would like to show to you - CSL.

Well, what is so special in CSL. Fundamentally looking at CSL, they are just another typical china company listed in the KLSE. Well, interestingly, CSL had been going through some corporate exercises that on the basis of 1 warrant for 2 mother shares held. Could this be a good event for CSL to spike higher? Probably we would like to look at some charts to ascertain this.

 Looking at the manner how CSL had been accumulated with a good bullish candle, accommodated with good accumulation for 2 weeks, the starting spike that had been signaled off last Friday might be a good start for CSL to be heading higher as it finally breaks the barrier of RM 1.15.

On a good short outlook, should we be able to look at good volume in the coming days, I believe CSL had no problems in hitting RM 1.25 in a short note, while not erasing RM 1.35 in the coming days.

Bone's short term TP: RM 1.25

Cheers and have a good day

Friday, 7 September 2012

Flashing back from Rabbit's Leap to Dragon's Fang

It had been quite some time since my last posting. Thank you for all those loyal reader that are waiting for the next installment in my blog everyday.

Today, it had came to my mind to flash back on some good long tern holding shares from the year of Rabbit to the year of Dragon. The dragon effect had definitely been doing good as I would to say.

Let's have a quick look on those recommended Dragon's Fang that I had posted on 24th November 2011 - Embrace the Dragon's Fang.

From heavyweights like Nestle to featherweight like Takaso and PWRoot, different counter have different behavior, but the end result is the most important - Going up for a profit. We will look at them one by one as we will look from the date of recommended, and highest spike and the current price.

1. Nestle -  At Rm 49.20 on 24th November, there had been no slowing down in Nestle as dragon's baby continue to motivate Nestle's factory in juicing more milk for them to drink. Reached a high of RM 65.96 on 15 July 2012, with current price standing strong at above the RM 60 level, sitting at RM 63.50 as of now. An increased of RM 14.30, or 29% increased.

2. Dutchlady - This is a rocketing stock that could be one of the nominee for best performing stock for Year 2012. Riding on RM 23.40 on 24th November, Dutchlady had been packing its way without any slump, all the way up to peak RM 43.00 just a few days ago, while closing at RM 42.38 today. A superb increase of RM 18.98 in a period of 9 months, translating to 81.11% increase. And the good thing is, I don't see Dutchlady heading for a stop as growing up baby will definitely consume more and more milk to come for the next 5 years at least. Your choice to believe Dutchlady at RM 60.00 in the coming days.

3. PWRoot - This is also a good performing stock that had been lying laggard for quite some time until it realize it's important role in the Dragon's Year. From a non active traded stock that had been laying at the range of 50 cents, today, PWRoot will be graduating from being a penny counter soon as it seeks its foothold in becoming a big boy stock. Looking at RM 0.495 then, PWRoot had spiked up more than 100%, hitting a high of RM1.12 (126% increase), while currently residing at RM 0.975 (97% increase).

4. BAT - As giving birth are costly, milk are costly, quite a number of men uses smoking as a reason for de-stressing themselves. How true can this be? Probably the chart might be able to interpret to you that it is quite true? Hahaha. Rising up in a orderly manner like heavyweights style Nestle, BAT, from RM 47.24 march its way to the now RM 64.10, an increase of RM 16.86 or 35.7%, slight better compared to Nestle.

5. Carlsberg / GAB - Football and Olympic must have play it roles well with both beer factory juicing out more and more beers for sale. Carlsberg from RM 7.20 from 24th November 2011 to a peak of RM 13.00 (80.5% increase) had outrun GAB RM10.64 to RM 15.98 (50.18%). But kudos to both beer manufacturer as their performance are considered very good. All you need to pray now is hoping that there will not be more legal restriction in these beer manufacturers if you are to see them capturing more market in the coming days.

6. Bernas - Men shall not be deprived from food and water. Evergreen industry - Rice, almost monopoly by Bernas is not gonna be left out in this race as well. Though they are selling controlled items, but they are still a player not to be missed out as the rise of population will surely spike more demands in food supplies, and thus more transaction, which will equals to more profit coming in for them. From RM 3.14 on 24th November 2011, Bernas peaked out at RM 3.68 just recently, translating to a small 54 cents gain, equivalent to around 17.19%, still a good handy amount though.

Others smaller stock like PohKong, Tomei did fairly well during the beginning of the 2012, charging and soaring like mad bulls in a short period of time, but didn't managed to maintain the momentum.

Stock like HomeRiz, LCheong and PoHuat had not seen drastic changes for the time being, probably the people are not so serious in changing furniture for the time being.

Takaso hadn't see major scaling up, but there had been some good activities going on in Takaso lately. Might be worth a monitoring.

TWS hadn't been able to maintain it's strong composure after shooting up to break RM 10.00. JTinter had been riding some waves of up and down, and still hovering at the range of RM 6 and RM 7.

Overall, the Rabbit's Leap to Dragon's Fang is considered good as we can see most of the good and strong stock are performing accordingly to the market forces. As usual, we will continue to hope for the better in the coming days with many folds of return to come.

Cheers to all and have a good day.