Monday, 27 August 2012

Ingens - Another deadly kill in the making

Ingens had been running in an interesting manner recently, with stock price flying up in an incredible manner after an announcement of a contract awarded to them to be the sole distributor for some devices.

But if you are really good enough to spot it out, there are something fishy behind the making of Ingens, and some past events could be a good way for us to remind of not to fall into some silly traps.

Currently, Ingens is trading at the range of 45 cents, while the warrant "Ingens-wa' is trading at RM 0.15, at a slash discount of 44.44% from the mother price. Sound nice? Why the warrant is not pushing up?

If you ever remember a stock by the name of TMS - The Media Shoppe Bhd. That will be a good example for you to know when to play this stock, and when to shun away from playing with this kind of stock.

TMS, back then in the end of January 2012 had surged up from a low of 9 cents to 45 cents in 5 days time, and the same happened to it's warrant, trading at high discounted rate, more than 50% discount if you are to look back.

Take a date 30 January 2012, TMS is closed at RM 0.44, while TMS-WA close at RM 0.11.
TMS-WA exercise price is RM 0.10, which means, at 30th January, TMS-WA price is at RM 0.21 compared to the mother share price of RM 0.44, is a 52% slash discount.

Right after that, we saw how TMS plunge for days and ended up at 8-9 cents again.

Hope you will not play with fire, for this kind of fire is not very nice to be played at. All the best and have a good nice day.


Monday, 20 August 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri - Maaf Zahir & Batin

Wishing all my Malaysian Friends - Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Cheers and all the best.


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Keuro - Building faster highways

Keuro had been in the talk for East - West express way back then 6 months ago. Well, it could be the time where Keuro will start to get things rolling up as the project will be soon to see some kick off, which will surely see the shares being jacked up as well. As IJM will be behind this show, guess things are going to be complicated but fun and interesting in the end.

Equity had been simply flying around easily lately as market rallies toward 1650, another new high for KLCI.

As for Keuro, I do think it could be the time where Keuro is getting ready to rally into new heights again this time around.

Let's look at the short term chart of Keuro.

On a short term outlook, Keuro can be seen yet to get back its full bounce after the selling down from RM 1.30. As KLCI soared higher, Keuro had been lingering at RM 1.05 area for the past 3 months, with some latest movement that had brought Keuro up to RM 1.15 area.

As the price had been testing RM 1.15 resistant point, the volume transacted there and the urge to stay at RM 1.15, and trying to break up higher will be a good indicative to determine that Keuro will be heading higher soon as the volume comes to play again.

Should Keuro regain its volume and momentum in breaking RM 1.17 - RM 1.18 level, I would believe that Keuro will be heading to RM 1.30 in no time to come.

Bone's short term TP: RM 1.25

Cheers and have a nice day

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Perisai - Oiled up to a run

It had been a good rest for me for the past week. As I am having my good time, so does the KLSE Market as well, as I had saw many stock flying ups and down, especially eye catching Amedia, Permaju, KLCCP and many more.

Of course, some of the stock that I had been looking at previously like MFlour and KSK are still not left alone. I am looking for more action in the coming days as I strongly believe that they are not abandon at all.

Today, I would like to present to you - Perisai Petroleum Teknologi Bhd.

As this counter had been in a serious promotion from many investment bank, particularly major IBs like CIMB Investment Bank that is taking Perisai outlook at the price of RM 1.50, as the recent purchase of the Garuda might be seeing some efforts soon.

Let's look at some interesting chart in Perisai.

On a short outlook, Perisai had been in a good accumulative stage at the range of RM 0.85 to RM 0.925 in the past 3 months. Looking at the manner the price had been sustaining at this range, Perisai could be on it's way to test RM 1.00 psychological barrier as this O&G counter will be marching its order soon to shine is power soon.

Primary barrier that is being test at RM 0.925 had been supported with good amount of volume that is near to 20 million in transacted shares, in which I strongly believe that Perisai will be looking to come back with another hit with around 20 million volume in play that might be breaking RM 0.95 this time around, and not erasing chances of it hitting RM 1.00.

On a short-mid term outlook, I can see Perisai testing RM 1.00, and breaking that psychological barrier, which might further touch Perisai up to RM 1.10 before price comes to a mode of consolidation.

At the price of RM 0.925, I think Perisai is a good take while I will be looking at the short term RM 1.00 to be broken soon before September reaches.

Bone's short term TP: RM 1.00

Cheers and have a nice day.