Tuesday, 26 June 2012

L&G - Moving on a steep surge

The KLSE had been rather interesting, seeing at how it is locally supported with the government, probably paving for a better outlook for the upcoming listing of Felda on the coming Thursday. Can that be true? Who knows? But, IPO with the likes of Facebook do get supported too in the initial stage of the IPO.

Yes, I do agree that KLSE is really a funny market altogether. When you are expecting a deep red, there ain't any red. When it is suppose to fly up to the skies, KLSE can play hide and seek with you. Now that US is still lingering at 12500, but we are on a handsome 1600 mark. Malaysia - a unique place to be.

Hence, with all the uniqueness that we are having, I would too like to bring some unique counter as well for your knowledge - L&G. So what is so special in this Land & General, properties segment counter? Before I start with rumors of M&A or whatever, huge projects, let's look at something which is in front of our eyes, and able to put a research on it.

Here a quick outlook on the chart of L&G.

Interesting chart? Let me bring you to a deep analysis, and sharing my thoughts with you. As of the charts, there is significant lost of volume from the middle of February until the end of May 2012 this year. A good 3 months to kill off all those weak hearted people in holding something that they do not know what could be happening as accumulation continues. As the volume sparks back into play, we are seeing a so called staged spike volume, where candles of volume comes in a long stick, accompanied with white bullish candle (Good signs).

On a very fast outlook, L&G is actually on the way for a steep surge up, looking at the staged spike, and the recent volume consolidation and the price consolidation, which had set up a good formation to anticipate another good flying in the coming days.

A quick short outlook will suggest to me that L&G can be coming up to RM 0.43, breaking then will be a good sign to see no actual resistance then. Probably, that could be the next JCY play style?

Attached here is the intra day queue, on the time I capture this shot. Looking at the huge fat queue, should L&G get hit up, this could very a high volume, white bullish candle note

Bone's TP: RM 0.43.

Cheers and have a nice day.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Bertam - On a Marching Order

Bertam - A long lost counter that had a few speculation on the future direction of the company. With rumors going in and out that, and Bertam securing projects or even venturing into the favoring O&G sector, who knows what is Bertam up to.

Well, while market had it's own play, traders can always take up chances do trade the market accordingly. And I believe that Bertam could be of a good trade after all based on some of the following outlook at Bertam.

Let me bring you to a quick look at Bertam outlook.
 In short, Bertam had fired back into some good action after a series of plunge back then from 85 cents. At that rate of accumulation happening in the previous 3 months, at with KLCI pegging at 1610, looking to burst further more, it can be justified that Bertam should be able to hit back to at least 80 cents after this plunge.

Recent movement saw white body candles with good amount of volume to support. I believe as this is the primary accumulation, once volume breakthrough 1million shares traded, we shall see some goodies from Bertam.
As per the trade today, I am anticipating Bertam could be hitting a high of RM 0.75 soon, while touching RM 0.80 in the coming days.

Bone's TP : RM 0.80

Cheers and have a nice day

Sumatec - Coming for another long candle spike

Sumatec Resources Bhd, once upon a time, a prince of speculative counters back then, where the counter had been remaining at 5 cents before behind handled in for a good spanking right up to 30 cents back then at 2011. However, things aren't chilling down fast as we see another spike at the beginning of March 2012, with a near 10 cents surge in a day itself.

Looking at Sumatec historical movement, the anticipation of a long candle surge is happening from time to time, periodically. Can we expect this to happen, 3 months after the surge from March 2012?

Let's have a good look at Sumatec.

In a short outlook, Sumatec had found it's support at RM 0.19 area. As the stock poise for a recovery now, we are looking at some of the resistance to break in order to justify that Sumatec is going on for a rampage run yet again.

Looking at how the volume had been playing around, and how the price had been lingering, the potential for Sumatec in breaking above RM 0.215 and RM 0.23 is somehow possible in the coming days, should the volume burst over 5 millions traded shares.

Bone's Opinion.
Sumatec is a speculative shares. Investor are advised to shun away from Sumatec. However, technical and opportunist might have a different view, as counter like this always does stunt that normal counter do not do. Looking at the room of the upside, and the room on the downside (hedged at RM 0.19), I think Sumatec could be a good trade after all.

Bone's TP: RM 0.23

Cheers and have a nice day

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Maybulk - On a recovery note

I would like to bring to you Maybulk, an interesting counter that had been laying in a rather low note after a series of staged spike back then at January 2012 this year.

Maybulk had been interesting lately, seeing the volume coming back into play.

Let's have a quick look on what Maybulk is to give during this recovery note.

In short, Maybulk had been seeing a good support at RM 1.70, and as controlling party would want to jack the prices of Maybulk up, the market sentiment had not supported it, hence the downfall of Maybulk into the area of RM 1.50 zone.

However, with the current rate of recovery, stock should be heading back into the 1600 zone, in which Maybulk should be going to be heading back into RM 1.70 in a short, and the job should be able to continue to RM 1.80 in the coming days as the volume pick up, and sentiment continues to improve.

As of today, buying rate at the time I am typing now is 75% with 4946 lots transacted. I believe more to come as Maybulk will spark into it's recovery soon after a major hit down.

Bone's Opinion.
Maybulk should be a good counter to be monitor as the chart had been seeing a good level of recovery. Besides that, as big scale liner had been seeing red, Maybulk is good enough to hedge against the odds of going into deep red with prudent management.

Bone's TP: RM 1.70

Cheers and have a good day.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

HuaYang - Escorting highly explosive bomb for new a peak

It had been sometime since I had last looked at HuaYang, not before my friend which had tipped me off this Sunday that something good might be coming to HuaYang in the coming days soon, which suddenly my adrenaline rushing to research on this particular counter.

HuaYang had been not a very actively traded counter in the KLSE, but with the recent bonus 36 million shares poured into the financial market to enhance the liquidity of the counter, I believe HuaYang will be a coming hit in the Property Segment soon.

What is very interesting in HuaYang is that this company could be a upcoming hit with the recent development. Despite its small size, we are not estimating the power that is packed in HuaYang in the coming future, as the well managed company, which is currently trading at a PER 4.59 based on EPS of 36.83 cents for FYE 2012 could be a real boom soon. I believe HuaYang will continue to be a good property player in the coming days despite the challenging sentiment in the market.

Let's have a good quick interest outlook on HuaYang.

At the current outlook, HuaYang can be viewed as being accumulated in a rather interesting manner, looking at how volume had been dwindling down, while share price had been maintaining in the market. A quick outlook will suggest that the compression of the share price will soon to see a breakout when the volume of the share strike back to play.

On the other hand, the interesting Financial Statement that had been released in the market is rather tempting as well.

With the unannounced 15 cents dividend in line, at RM 1.69 (as of Friday's closing), we are looking at a dividend yield of 8.8%, with a potential of hitting RM 1.80 to RM 2.00 in the coming days.

Bone's Opinion.
I believe at the price of RM 1.69, HuaYang will be a good buy definitely. Put it at RM 2.00, a 15 cents dividend will still represent 7.5% dividend yield that will be coming. I believe HuaYang will be moving soon after. Major shareholder Cham Poh Meng might not be able to continue selling his portion of share to maintain the price low when the company is good.

A battle of the wits.

Bone's TP: RM 1.80 (Short Term)

Cheers and have a good day.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Malton - Exploding anytime

It had been quite a while since Malton was featured back then, where research papers had been featuring Malton as the listing of PavReit hit the market. The past result from Malton had been a good reason for the run up of Malton as well, flying as high as 75 cents 3-4 months back.

However, could this be a good time again for Malton after giving it a 3mths break and a slash cut of 25 cents from the recent peak?

Let's have a good view in looking at the Malton chart.
Having looking at it, Malton had been sliding in a 3 months straight line, however sentiment had been taken a small change since hitting some rock bottom at around the price of RM 0.48, and a round of U Turn had been sighted with the price cracking up above 50 cents again.

The accumulation process should be long and good enough for the players, and I am expecting that once the volume strike into the picture back again, Malton shouldn't be seeing any problem in reaching to 60 cents range again in a technical outlook.

Despite their dismal performance in the FYE for 2012 (Ending June), as of current 3 quarter, the accumulative EPS is standing at 7.91 cents. Should the coming up quarter be able to contribute another 3 cents, probably we will be seeing a 10 cents EPS, and bringing the share to be trading at PER of 5 (assumption of 3 cents EPS in the coming quarter).

Bone's opinion.
Based on Technical outlook, Malton should be at a good position for entry during the silent moments, while the upswing could be nice in the coming days. I would like to back this up with the queue that had been happening in Malton, showing a good sign of support at RM 0.50 will definitely suggest a good point to buy and hold.

Bone's short term TP: RM 0.55

Cheers and have a nice day

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Gamuda - Coming Home

The market outlook had been a strong swinging yoyo recently, where sentiment can just take a step back, and everything seems to be going good with the talk of stimulus in the market. Stimulus, this word, is a very effective and addictive drug in the financial market. If compare cocaine, marijuana with QE, probably QE will be standing at the no.1 spot after all.

Looking at the DJIA now, it is creeping at +112 at 12522 points. Are we going back to 13000 again? Well, the ball game is in their hand, as traders and investor will be waiting for the next batch of news to be released into the financial market.

Of course, in my very own opinion, entering the market at the current outlook will still be risky as we still hadn't know about the decision in Greece, as it will be in the talks soon in the coming days. Will Greece be too big to fail? Too big an effect to get kick out of Euro? The destiny will be reveal soon in the coming days.

However, as stock had been quick enough to capture this rebound, some of the stock had come back to where there were before the drop, while some are just starting to come back, while some are just half way through it. Hence, today I would like to bring forth to you Gamuda, with a possible come back.

Let's have a quick look on the charts.

The quick outlook will suggest that the used to be support at level RM 3.60 had now become one of the coming up resistance, as the support is form at RM 3.35 during the plunge. Looking at the way the chart is going, Gamuda could be off a good chance to head back to RM 3.60 in the coming days if the sentiment can hold longer.

To back that up, let's see what had been the trading on Gamuda today.

During the ending, there is a good huge amount of queues that shot up to RM 3.47, cornering 2450 lots during the pre-closing queue. This will definitely suggest that there might be upcoming movements on Gamuda in the coming days when the volume comes back into the picture.

In a short run, I think Gamuda should be able to test RM 3.50, and will be testing RM 3.55 in a short before heading for RM 3.60.

Bone's short term TP: RM 3.55.

Cheers and have a good day.

Crest Builder - Built on solid grounds

Crest Builder, known as Cresbld 8591, had been in a good spot of light 1 month ago, seeing price shooting high from a lowly of 60 cents range to a current price standing at 1.07 as of today closing. What could behind Cresbld for the time being as the recent volume surge had indeed keep many people in a speculation of some good on going activities behind the bars.

As of the recent quarterly, Cresbld is hedging with a 4 cent EPS in the first quarter, with the upcoming quarter coming up, we might be expecting some good surprises in a good manner, seeing the movement of the price.

Let's have a good look on the current price trend for Cresbld.

Looking at the current formation, an easy view of this will suggest that the price is taking a stage of consolidation efforts, with price hovering and volume reducing. With the recent plunge in the economy, Cresbld did not take a huge effect after all, which suggest that the stock had been well supported with a good player behind the surge.

With the recent effort by the global player in releasing news of quantitative easing, equities had been good and fast enough to react accordingly, as retailer rush in to get a hold of the stock with hopes of QE being released into the market.

Looking at that manner, I think Cresbld would be able to ramp up higher in the coming days, as it will be poised to test RM 1.15 to RM 1.20 range in the next upcoming surge. I believe once the volume is back into play, you should watch out on Cresbld again.

Cheers and have a nice day.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Gas Malaysia - IPO Launch

Tomorrow will be the day where Gas Malaysia will be launched into the main market. What will be the result of tomorrow IPO, which is one of the biggest IPO in Malaysia for the Year 2012. There had been a lot of mixed feeling for the Gas Malaysia IPO launch, as before the launch, Gas Malaysia had announced a decrease in earnings due to margin compression.

Gas Malaysia Bhd's earnings fell 53.5% to RM34.54mil in the first quarter ended March 31, 2012 from RM74.41mil a year ago as its earnings were affected by a margin compression. However, Gas Malaysia, which will be listed next Monday, said its revenue increased 9.2% to RM506.58mil from RM464.06mil. For detail report, you can refer here.

With the current economical outlook, it is much cautious for most of the investor during this season of investing. Will Gas Malaysia launch successfully and go above the IPO price of RM 2.20, or will it be heading downwards? Or lingering between the IPO prices?

The latest heavyweight listing of SapuraKencana did not perform on the first day, probably because of the weak market sentiment, however it had taken a toll to rebound at a lowly RM 1.9x, and head right back to the IPO price, and even breaking higher.

I believe, the prospectus of Gas Malaysia could be huge enough to gather some global attention. Hence, we should not underestimate the chances of Gas Malaysia flying upwards as big lots from overseas might be flying into the queue. As a huge portion of the shares are being held tightly by the institute and government, that will further encourage the price to shoot further as a small amount of volume floating in the market, despite the large amount of outstanding shares issued in the market.

Looking at the current trend, Gas Malaysia will be a good company for a long term dividend play, as we are looking at condominium projects completing in the end of 2012, and with many more projects to be completed in 2013. As most of the condominium as equipped with the Gas System provided by Gas Malaysia, we will be looking at a dynamic growth in Gas Malaysia revenue in the coming years, especially 2013 to 2014, where condominium will be filled up soon after completion.

In my opinion, I think Gas Malaysia could be able to run up to RM 2.40, or even to RM 2.50 in the short term, looking at the hot demand that could be created in this industry that always attract big player into the game. Don't forget about MMC as well, there should be some good movement in MMC and it's warrant with the launch of Gas Malaysia.

Let's rock. Cheers and have a good day around.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

BIMB - Pending Attacks

BIMB had been shielding in a rather good manner since the minor hit down in the global economy, where DJIA had been shedding much points, getting below the 13000, and is in anyway looking to break the 12000 at a point of time when the sentiment is just so bad. However, things had taken a change when positive news flow that QE3 might be around the corner as the US will be likely to print of more money to fund the debts and also the churn the economy again.

BIMB had been much resilient, bouncing back from a low of RM 2.30, back to challenging the spot of RM 2.80 in the coming days. As of now, BIMB had been standing at RM 2.60 range. What could be behind the force of this?

As of known, BIMB is one of the majority shareholder for Takaful. What is even interesting is that Takaful had been heading for a new level, where resistance are turning into support, and creating new heights day after day. As of now, Takaful had hit a high of RM 4.94 today, while RM 5 is just so near.

While Takaful had been flying it's way off the rail, BIMB had been just started to see recovery, and hadn't even challenge the RM 2.70 that it had made last couples of week.

By looking at the power backed by Takaful, I think BIMB should be in no problem heading higher in the coming days, challenging RM 2.70, and testing RM 2.80 as well.

I believe, time will tell soon when the controlling fund will finally decide to launch the attack on BIMB.

Bones TP: RM 2.80 (Maintained)


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Must watch June Movie - G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation (2012)

I think this must be the must watch movie for the month of June? I think I am wrong in my statement. There should be no thoughts at all, this IS A MUST WATCH movie for the month of June - G.I Joe 2 - Retaliation.

As a big fan of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, I am much inspired by his passion, his character, and his attitude. The way he work his way up the ladder in this mega industry, is something that we should be learning.

Here is a brief background of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

A few inspiration quotes and words from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

- Always go head first. Always Dominate.
- In 1995 I had $7 bucks in my pocket. Today - The FORBES 100 LIST. Humbled & honored. 
- Blood, sweat and respect. The first two you give. The last one you earn. Give it. Earn it. 

I hope you are inspired to go beyond and breakaway from your current level. I am, are you?

Here is the upcoming mega installment that many of us might be waiting right at June - G.I Joe 2 - Retaliation.

A couple of quickie.

The Rock + Bruce Willis. Must be a hell of a combos!

Cheers. Let's Rock this coming June 2012!!!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Cobus Potgieter - A brilliant drummer

It had been a busy week for me, occupying myself with things that are not too related with the market, as I am still finding for a better moment for a good entry.

Would like to share a bit from my inspirational drummer, Cobus Potgieter, which had been a hit in the youtube on this drum covers on different variety of songs. I am inspired by his creativity, and his passion on drumming.

Here are some cool clips that he had made, which includes 30 Seconds to Mars - Kings and Queen, covering on the mountain (Sounds cool, ain't ?)

I had been watching his cover. And all I can say that Cobus is a very versatile player indeed. From a normal rock, heavy rock, now he is challenging himself to covering Heavy Metal songs as well.

Here is one of the Heavy Metal song drum cover made by him. Though it might not be the preference of many, but I am amazed at his skills in conquering different genre of music.

Watch out for those "Blast Beat" here.

Cheers and have a nice day.