Friday, 30 March 2012

Camres - Waiting to be triggered

Cam Resources Bhd, 7128, had recently saw huge volume bumping up into the chart, with volume breaking past 10 millions on 14 March 2012. Before that, Camres had been laying in a rather low mode, with volume not passing 5 million in the past 3 years. What could be awaiting for this company in the coming days ahead?

As of FYE 2011, Camres had been showing a rather slight improvement on it's financial data, with an EPS of 2.45 cents, while NTA yielding at RM 0.51. As this share had been laying in a low mode for a time too long, I believe that it should be the time for Camres to show some action back into the market.

On a quick look at the charts on Camres.
We can see that they are 3 stages of accumulation, where the highest point goes to RM 0.27 in the closing, accommodated with more than 10 million shares transacted. As the next day had been laying back with a rather super low volume, I would strongly believe that the next upcoming spike in volume could be bringing Camres back into at least RM 0.27 in a short.

The intra day queue for today looks juicy, with a barrier of 1930 lots queuing at RM 0.23, back to back on a support of 1303 at RM 0.225.

Should RM 0.23 got attacked fiercely later, I would foresee Camres heading into RM 0.25, then RM 0.27 in a short.

Bone's 1st TP: RM 0.25
Bone's 2nd TP: RM 0.27

Cheers and have a nice day

Thursday, 29 March 2012

RHB & OSK - Breaking Apart Soon?

RHB and OSK could be the much awaited banking and financial institute mergers that is taking place at the time being. Things had been remained in a rather quiet and silent node as investor are still blurred about what could be happening to the both of them. The media and newspaper could be reporting any news that could look positive, but in anyway to look at it, as long as the deal and agreement is not inked, everything is just speculation as anything could come to a turnaround different story altogether.

However, as investor and trader are always kept in the dark about the real happening behind the bars, what we could do is to at least interpret something out of the chart, as money will always reflect the true intention behind any happening, as money and value will always have the highest correlation towards the development of a stock.

On a quick note on RHB and OSK 6 months overview, let's have a look.


On a quick look suggested that RHB and OSK had been moving in an inverse relationship, as OSK surges towards the news on mergers, RHB had been remaining in a depressive manner throughout the whole period despite better financial result, while seeing OSK benefiting from the mergers had saw prices going good. This suggest that OSK could be benefiting largely by having a bigger gun to shoulder on their burdensome baggage.

Let's have a quick look on their development in the recent month.


As of now, OSK had been continuing it's plunge towards RM 1.68, while RHB had been holding off at RM 7.80 at the time being with only 400k volume transacted, mostly done at RM 7.80.

Looking at it quickly, there could be many good reason on why RHB could be rejecting the merger with OSK based on several good factors. A few reason could be some huge loss making call warrant that OSK had been issuing, with the latest JCY-CD being the hardest hit to OSK, while we saw DRB warrant being manipulated harshly. Beside that, the policy of OSK on giving out credit limits could be another busting factor for them with the recent speculation on Harvest, Nicorp, Metronic, Aglobal that had been raking in tons by syndicate, while stripping retailer naked by having torched badly. What if retailer failed to pay up? Remisier pay? What if Remisier failed to pay up? Broker pay?

Unlike some other broker like PBBank which totally forbid client with margin account to purchase high momentum speculative stock.

With a huge pile of debt in OSK mounting up to billions in ringgit (approx 4 billions in debt), it is a real big burden for its partner to take up this burdensome baggage and grow together, but could be in the turnaround, dragging the growth of the partner as well.

In a short conclusion, should the deal be called off, it should be much beneficial for RHB bank as they will be more focused to develop themselves as a big powerhouse in the coming days by having pacts with those who should be more worthwhile to be pact along with. Synergy will reflect better when both are in good shape.

Till then, in my opinion, RHB bank could be heading back towards RM 8.00 in the coming day, not erasing the chances of it testing RM 8.50 should the deal be called off, while OSK could be on it's way to bygone again.

Cheers and have a nice day

Monday, 26 March 2012

KLSE Stock Watch for 27 March 2012

Today, the KLCI had ended in a slightly reddish manner, taking a rest at 1582.98, down 2.85 point where we saw 260 counter at the green side while 519 counter still lingering at the same pace with the KLCI. However, looking at the KLSE in an overall manner, it do interpret that the attack towards 1600 is imminent.

Let's had a quick look at the KLCI development.
The index had been moving accordingly to the good support line, in which we can see that there are a total of 3 occasions of the index touching the index support line and rebounded off in a handsome and convincing manner. However as the index is reaching towards the huge psychological barrier of 1600, things had been getting tighter and more squeeze had been seen, especially when the index had been sticking on the support line for the past 1 week to say as it moves slowly towards the 1600 mark. I am convincing with the current layout, our KLCI will definitely not be shy to touch down at 1600, probably within this week itself, mostly fueled by the better performance from the global leaders, and the highly anticipated 13th GE in Malaysia.

On a global outlook, the DJIA had been performing in a rather great manner, in which DJIA continues its rally above 13000. For the time being, DJIA is in increased by 101, charging positively towards 13200 perhaps. What could be of the KLSE market tomorrow then? We should not be lacking to much in behind, although Malaysia is just popular for its weirdest stuff in the market, and political stage as well.

While market had been charging upwards, let me show you what I had in my pocket that could be off a good game play in the coming days.

1. SYF - This had been a one heck of a counter back on November 2011. However, things had got cool off for a period of time. Looking at the trading today, there had been ample of invisible buyer appearing off no where to hunt down RM 0.485, possibly looking for a good cheap sale from T-4 force seller. While able to maintain it's composure, I would figure off that SYF could be a next big hit in the coming days as accumulation could be saturated soon, just awaiting on a fat volume spike.
Bone's TP;  RM 0.55 maintain.

2.) WONG - As mentioned previously here, WONG could be possibly looking at any price past 30 cents in the coming days, looking at how it had tested and tried on 30 cents for the past 3 days, the next target could be RM 0.35, looking at it's staged hike

3.) PUC - Something not to be missed out. Volume breaking 30 millions mark with a firm ending note at RM 0.29 is not something to be joked around. After coming back from a rather long quiet period of time, PUC came back with more than just a blast of cannon, because tomorrow could be dooming his way up to break RM 0.30.

4.) PTB - Up on strong purchase with buy rate hitting 65% as 7.2 millions of share changed hand. Just regain back it's composure, we can smell that the controlling party might be playing some good games here later on. Who knows this could be another Winsun, Gpro, Flonic kind of play? The volume is just too delicious to be missed out, ain't? We should look at RM 0.15 in the coming days.

5.) IE - This is a stock that had been lingering in it's GN3 status, with good prospectus of being bailed out by the upcoming restructuring of the company. While IE take a peep at 8 cents today, marking it's highest mark since April 2010, this could be a good show in the coming days. Watch out for this madness.

Cheers and have a good day.

SYF - Matured for a fight upwards

SYF had been chilling off for quite some time, probably reaching 4 months to say after the craziness that we saw last year, which had saw SYF touching a peak of RM 0.97 back then in Noember 2011.

After a period of calmness, SYF could be possibly charging up again, matured enough for a fight upwards again.

On a quick look at SYF historical movement.
The share price had been consolidating off the mark at 50 cents, where we could possibly anticipate a volume break in the coming days, which could bring SYF up along with the spike in the volume.

Looking at the trading today.
There had been a locking spot at RM 0.495, in which controlling party had been technically forcing T-4 players to sell at RM 0.495 by hedging RM 0.50 with a good amount of shares, while cushioning RM 0.49. At RM 0.495, and even to RM 0.505, I believe that it could be a good spot to buy as SYF could be possibly be heading into the RM 0.55 realms in the coming days.

Buying rate standing at 58%, and 1.9 million shares transacted, let's see what could be happening in SYF later today.

Should RM 0.50 got attacked fiercely later, we could be looking for RM 0.55 in a short term outlook.

Bone's TP; RM 0.55

Cheers and all the best

Nicorp - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon?

I believe that everyone could be anticipating what could be the next action that could be taken by Datuk Raymond Chan after the Harvest, Nicorp, Metronic saga that had taken toll in the KLSE market, which had saw prices of these 3 counter to see rocketing effects, especially on Harvest, which had brought the share price from a lowly 8 cents to a height of more than RM 2.20 in just a short time frame.

I know you might be stunned by my theme for Nicorp entitled - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. What could be the things behind that we do not know of in Nicorp?

Let me give you a quick look in Nicorp movement.
On a quick look, it had suggested that Nicorp consolidating price should be at around 50 cents area, given the 2 spike that had sent Nicorp to 70 cents, and leveled back at 50 cents zone again, with the similar signs on the volume, which had saw volume consolidating in a decreasing volume manner, and followed by a volume spike after a series of consolidation to spike up transaction for the holders.

What about Metronic Global Bhd? What about Harvest?

Here is my opinion and view about the both of them.

On Harvest, I believe that this could be the primary targeted company that Datuk Raymond would like to target, however due to the small amount of shares issued in the market, it had made it difficult for them to control the prices of the shares due to the over speculation from the market that had sparked the share price until RM 2.20. Because of this reason, Harvest couldn't had been a primary vehicle for Datuk Raymond again.

On Metronic Global, this comes after the making of Nicorp, that had saw share prices flying way up to 75 cents, and saw a good support at 50 cents ground. I think Metronic could be a dummy used by Raymond Chan by shaking the holders of Nicorp to sell back to them while they continue to accumulate more of Nicorp. Metronic had not gone too far after all, which had saw the shares taking a peak at RM 0.315, after that, sliding back into the bygones.

As of such, I think Nicorp could be a potential hit back into the market in the coming day, as the volume had been seen consolidating while price stable up at RM 0.50.

What could be the next stop for Nicorp? Probably this time, we could be looking above 75 cents? Who knows?

On a short term outlook, should the consolidation be complete, we might be seeing Nicorp trending back to the 60 cents area, should Mtronic is a decoy, and Nicorp is the true vehicle.

Cheers and all the best

Sunday, 25 March 2012

PTB - Brewing it hot on a tight note

Plastrade Technology Berhad was incorporated on 15 January 2004 as a public listed company. PTB is currently holding a 100% stake for the following 2 companies, Plascable Polymer Sdn Bhd which is principally involved in manufacturing of medium voltage power cables while MHT Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is involved in the manufacturing of conductor shield and insulation for power cable.

PTB had been laying low with volume not exceeding 1 million in the past 3 years. However, the game had sought for a counter change when PTB had started to get some attention in the market with volume starting to catch up starting the middle of February 2012, which had saw many a days volume reaching 3 to 4 million of shares transacted out of the blue. While PTB had risen off from it's slumber of laying flat at 5 and 6 cents, to date, PTB is currently trading at above 10 cents, while last Friday had saw volume breaking into the 10 millions.

On a short out look at PTB, we might be able to see that there is a strong support at the area of 10 cents, while we can expect more accumulation too be done in the coming days, which is a good way to anticipate corporate development for the company after it had been laying low for quite some time, who knows that PTB might be going into the main market? Secured some huge projects? Or, targeted by some huge syndicate that had brought Harvest, Nicorp, Metronic Global up the sky?

Anything is possible for the time being, as there hadn't been much solid news behind the development of this company, which very well is the best target for high speculation activity to be expected in the coming days.

On a quick outlook on PTB FYE 2011, we can see that PTB had been showing good improvement compared to last year, with EPS at 0.1 cents, a 0.27 cents improvement.

Bone's Opinion.
I believe that there might be more happening in PTB in the coming days. Looking at how it had been moving in the recent days suggested that indeed there could be corporate development in PTB. I had been observing on the trading and transaction of the counter itself, in which I could identify that there had been a heavy collection in the recent days. The attack on last Friday, which had brought the prices of the shares shooting up high until testing RM 0.14 is quickly countered off by the controlling party.
However, with the GE at the corner, I believe, any means of corporate development or material news will have to be pushed forward to escape the post election political stability risk.

At a current price of RM 0.11, I believe there will be more upcoming action in PTB, while I believe that PTB will be tested further until breaking RM 0.14, and head towards 20 cents.

Bone's short-mid term TP: RM 0.15

Cheers and happy trading.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Wong - Staging up for a break

There had been rally of kings and queens of the market, and now is the season for the Aces and penny to show their power as well.

Lately, we had record breaker, Mtronic which had in 1 day, traded 845million shares, which is the highest record holder, for the past 3 years at least, where assisting the mood, we had saw Aglobal and Ingens striking not bad a result from the heavy volume traded in the market.

As this season continue with retailer getting hype up for more and more action, I think WONG could be also staging up on something here, in which we had saw WONG getting relatively active in the past week, where at one occasion, WONG had been trading above 10 million shares on 14th March, sending the price high up until RM 0.385, while ending at RM 0.325.

Let's have a quick look at what could be at WONG.
On a quick outlook, there hadn't been major sell off after the 10million transaction, notifying something could be behind the bars. At the rate of accumulation, we can see that WONG could be swinging it ways back into RM 0.325 in the coming days, as supported with the massive purchase during the spike.

I believe WONG will be inching further in the coming days, as we will anticipate more action in WONG soon when the next volume spike comes into play.

Bone's short term TP: RM 0.30

Cheers and Happy trading

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ocncash - Running on steam

Ocncash had been traded actively lately after a long period of low activity. It had regain some volume at the beginning of the year on somewhere at the middle of January this year, while March had saw some good volume building up which could be a good note after a long side way trending at 10 cents range.

A sudden activeness coupled with spikes in volumes and increase of price during the period before election is somehow, tends to be interpreting something behind the scene.

Let's have a quick outlook on Ocncash.
 Looking at it in a short manner, collection had been good at around 13 cents area, while the previous heat had went to RM 0.17 on 1st or March 2012. While the volume starts to consolidate and price lingering at the collection stage, another spike in the volume could probably lift the price above the RM 0.17 line.

Currently, Ocncash is being traded at RM 0.14, and I believe that Ocncash will be moving in the coming days.

Bone's short term TP : RM 0.17

Cheers and happy trading.

KLSE Stock Watch for 21 March 2012

The overall rate of participation in the local market can be consider fair, as we saw much action coming into the market on the 2nd session of the day, which is after a slightly stagnant morning session. Significant movers like Nicorp and Gamuda had been the highlight for the second session altogether, while Aglobal had been unpopular for its plunge down from a peak of 14.5 cents and close at 10 cents with 164 million shares exchanged in hand.

As of today, European leading index had been inching lower, could be due to a correction after a series of bullish moment, while I am looking at the DJIA lingering 13167, which is down by 71 points at the moment.

It had been rather laggard in the KLSE, as there hadn't been much significant action taking in while retailer are safe guarding their position as fence sitter, except for a few penny stock which was heavily traded. While many are expecting the KLCI to touch 1600 as DJIA had penetrated into the 13000 in a convincing manner, our KLCI had ended at 4 points higher at 1577.62.

What could be the play for tomorrow? Is Malaysian market slower to response, where we will need 2 to 3 days to catch back what others had gone through? Haha. Who knows? We are in Malaysia, and everything is possible under the roof of Malaysia.

Let's have a quick look on what I think could be interesting for tomorrow.

1.) Keywest - A stunning counter in the recent days as we can see that there had been strong accumulation of shares at any price in the range of 21 to 22 cents. As the volume and price starts to consolidate, be informed of a higher peak in the coming days, where Keywest will be poised to test RM 0.25 to RM 0.275.

2.) GreenYB - As GreenYB will be awaiting for an anticipated better quarterly result in the coming days, the current outlook for GreenYB is just handsome enough to see it breaking RM 0.26, and sailing towards a possible mark of 30 cents in the coming days ahead as the next upcoming volume spike comes into the play.

3.) Dijacor - After a series of high profile news, Dijacor took a plunge from a high of RM 1.72 to RM 1.30. As of today, we had saw a doji formation at RM 1.30, which also resemble a good support for Dijacor before the speculative news that had took hold of the market, in a rather oversold manner, we could be looking for a good rebound towards RM 1.40 in the coming day.

4.) BKoon - A counter that had been hard and stubbornly manipulated/controlled, making trader or investor to think twice before entering. However, Bkoon should be almost be in a good position for a turnaround in their share prices soon as the general election is getting nearer, which will indirectly motivate the release of material news. Highly linked with the controlling party behind Bertam, this could be a star when it is on a firing up mode.

Cheers and have a nice day.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Dijacor - That's what you got?

Dijaya Corporation, another company that is highly linked with the current ruling government could be just setting it's pace back for some action in the coming days as it had just came from the mountain top with news of asset injection from a well known tycoon's brother, Tan Sri Danny Tan.

As of earlier March this year, Danny Tan is injecting  his personal assets into the flagship property counter, Dijaya Corporation, in a way to unlock further value for shareholders. According to the news and sources, it is reported that the total value that is going to be injected will be tagged at nearly RM 1billion, which will also represent an indirect increase of Dijaya market capitalization of around RM 700 million to even RM 1 billion.

Dijaya, popular for its development of Tropicana Golf and Country Club and Tropicana City Mall, is now facing a cloud of doubt in the midst of the shareholder mind on the injection of the tycoon personal asset into the company. You may refer to the prospectus of the injection here in RM1.1 billion amalgamation exercise.

However, looking at another point of view, it could be Danny Tan trying to rid off his personal assets before the election, and injecting them into the company. We had saw big tycoons selling off assets, bigger company eating smaller company in an overly valued manner. What about Dijacor?

Let's have a quick look on Dijacor outlook.
Looking at it, everyone would like to know whether Dijacor - A game over? Technically looking, there hadn't been much volume in Dijacor until the recent happening, which had brought up more than 20 million shares done, however in a solid sell condition. Before the surge, Dijacor is traded at just a mere 1.4 million of volume even though backed by a better result for FYE 2011.
I believe, there are still some game here if one is patient enough to look at it. Looking at the financial result, Dijacor is currently trading at a PER of x9.18 backed by 14.27 cents, with an increase NTA valued at RM 2.07 per share.

Bone's outlook
As of the current moment, Dijacor price at RM 1.30 can be justified as a overly reacted selling from the market, coupled off with the depressing price from controlling parties which had saw Dijacor plunging from a height of RM 1.72 to RM 1.30 in just 9 days.

On the side note, we can see that the share price had been reducing in a rather orderly manner, that could mark off where the price could be possibly be controlled over as I had been seeing lots movement queuing off and on the mark as a sign to depress the price.

As Dijacor had is currently back on testing RM 1.30, which is before FYE 2011 announcement, I believe that this level will resemble a good support for the share price to see a rebound off the mark in the coming days, fueled by the upcoming development on the company.

On a short conclusion, Dijacor is overly sold, and at RM 1.30 backed by a good result, we could be seeing Dijacor heading back into testing RM 1.40 in a short term outlook.

Cheers and have a nice day.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Puncak - Frying a big fish

Puncak had steal the limelight once when it had hit RM 1.88 limit up on 9th February 2012. However, things had got overheated until the cook cannot handle what they are cooking - Or this is the way they are cooking stuffs?

We understand that the general election is coming up, and it can be much expected at the middle of this year, probably at around June 2012. Speculation about the date of election had been a hot issue to be talked over lately, while I am starting to see flags of Barisan Nasional and UMNO waving at some portion of the highways in Kajang and Sg Chua in Selangor.

As mentioned previously on the coming day, we expect a series of big fry ups from GLC as I will be anticipating take overs, merger and all sort of news that you could and could not think about, to emerge in the market.

We had saw quite a number of high profile take over, including the 100% buy out of Proton by DRB recently. Yes, the trend is hot, and really hot, and will get even hotter in the coming days as money need to be transferred out of the company through buy overs and mergers. Insider buying a low cheap prices, and a bigger vehicle will come and eat up 100% of the shares will familiar to you now?

After having a brief idea on what could be the trend, it could be more interesting to know, what are those possible vehicles that are around us. Previously on Puncak - It is just plain fishy, we had saw how Puncak flew and soar upwards after a series of irregular queues during the closing hour. On last Friday, we had witness how the 16k lots of queues are being played around in the market, and end up closing at RM 1.50.

What about the 1million of shares that is disposed by EPF on 7th and 9th of March, where both are white candles day? Insiders doesn't have enough of shares to get maximized profits from some take over offers? If Puncak is to be taken over at any price above RM 2.00 without EPF disposing the shares, the Rakyat will be benefiting. But, what if it is not that way?

On a quick look at the chart, we noticed that Puncak had been consolidating at the price range of RM 1.50 to RM 1.35 range for 2 weeks, while we had saw white candles during EPF disposal day, and white candles on Friday too.

Bone's opinion.
I believe that as the General Election is moving nearer, and with more and more cash incentives being given out by the current government, coupled off with the 2 incidents of irregular queues that had happened, it is not a coincident, but it just reflects that how tense and how close it is to election, where the insider had not much time left to play with the retailers, resorting to irregular movements as of such to shake of weak holders while they are here to maximize profits.

Based on the above outlook, I will not be surprise in looking Puncak surging to a mad price in the coming days, while testing RM 1.70 is not a dream again. On a rather short outlook, we should be able to see Puncak testing RM 1.60 to RM 1.65 in the coming days.

Bone's 1st TP : RM 1.60
Bone's 2nd TP: RM 1.65

Cheers and have a nice day

Thursday, 15 March 2012

GreenYB - Awaiting a greener touch soon

GreenYield Bhd, principally involved in providing total plantation solutions and technical support services to the agricultural sector with the aim of maximizing output without any adverse side effect through thorough research and development.

GreenYeild had been laying in a rather not too active manner in the previous days, however GreenYield had been in a good uptrend mode for the past 2 years to see, looking at how they climbed from a lowly 25 cents back on May 2010, until reaching 50 cents in somewhere at May 2011.

After the 1:1 bonus issues, GreenYield is currently trading at around 20 cents range. However, GreenYield had been in a active manner lately, possibly triggered by the upcoming quarterly result for FYE 2012.

A short look at the previous Q1 of FYE 2012 saw GreenYield had performed great with EPS jumping near to 300%, backed by the demands in the plantation sector.

Let's have a short outlook on GreenYield price movement.
On a quick outlook, GreenYield is currently resting at the 1st support at RM 0.24, in which I believe is the core accumulation point. As of 7 March, 4 million of shares got transacted over the market, however, I believe that as the volume starts to consolidate, we will be able to expect something better than RM 0.26 in the coming days, back by the upcoming Quarterly, which I could expect it to be a good one.

In a quick shot, short term trading TP could be pegged at RM 0.26, while not erasing chances of it testing RM 0.30 in the coming days.

Cheers and have a good day

Monday, 12 March 2012

SKPRES - Staging up in an orderly manner

SKPRES had been taking a good flight up since 5th Jan 2012, where volume had saw past 20 million shares done. As the momentum continue, we had saw SKPRES continue to trend higher, even breaking into the 50 cents zone.

Backed by a better performance, which had saw revenue for Q3 of FYE 2012 double u from it's previous quarter until RM 122.43 million, SKPRES is currently running at 4.39 cents EPS for a total cumulative of 3Q of FYE 2012.

SKPRES, principally involved in manufacturing plastic goods and supply to mega names like Panasonic, Sharp, Pioneer, Fujitsu, Sony and even HP. As we can foresee that the electronic good are coming up with more demands, we will definitely able to see a boom in this sector, which would obviously indirectly boost up supplier for this sector, where in this picture, SKPRES will be related.

On a fast out look for SKPRES share price movement.

We can notice that there are events of acquiring shares from the directors, which could translate into something that could be good for the growth of the company.

As of 5th, 7th and 9th of March, (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), we can identify good volume transacted, backed with price surge, which is rather convincing in this manner.

Can we be anticipating 12th, 14th and 16th of March to repeat the same process? As of current, SKPRES is trading at RM 0.56 with 7.1 million shares done. Let's see what could happen to SKPRES in the coming days.

In my opinion, based on a short term outlook, we might be able to see SKPRES heading into the 60 cents after consolidation if done.

Cheers and have a nice day

Thursday, 8 March 2012

KLSE Stock Watch for 9th March 2012

The market had ended in a mild green manner, in which the KLCI had taken a slight increase, ending at 1578.36 (+3.53), informing the market that the bulls might still be in control after a sudden plunge yesterday, that had sent stock plunging without brakes after series of panic selling in the early morning.

The KLCI is very close to touching the 1600 note, and I am quite positive that the bulls would want to take this opportunity to bring the index up to that level before any other events that could take place and change a new scenario again.

While we saw that penny stock are starting to get a foothold again as a cycle from heavyweights into middle cap and small cap, those once famous penny stock are back into the picture again, featuring cast like Versatile, Sumatech, Iris, Gpro and some others are emerging back into the market. I believe that the following few days, we will be able to anticipate heavy round of firing in the penny stock sector.

Let's see what I could have in line here.
1.) SYF - This is a truly legend when SYF nearly hit RM1.00 back then on 14th November 2011, where price touch RM 0.97. However, the share plunge in a rather quick manner, as things started to cool off, and settle down at the edge of RM 0.50 to RM 0.55. The recent spike on 7th March, in which I believe should be the accumulation day, in which the stock should be able to poise higher soon, looking at the siblings like Versatile and Sumatech that are sharing similar behavior then.
Will SYF prevail it self soon? Let's witness together.
TP : RM 0.55

2.) Sersol - A mysterious counter to say, hadn't been experiencing plunging effect, while able to maintain at the 50 cents zone. However, lately, Sersol had been maintaining above 50 cents, includes today closing of RM 0.505 with low volume traded. Will Sersol prevail itself soon? As of my own research here, I believe, as volume and price consolidates, Sersol will be positioned for another flight, not erasing the chances of it hitting RM 0.60.
TP : RM 0.55.

3.) Puncak - As effort to accumulate around RM 1.45, and pushing towards RM 1.50 can be seen, I believe Puncak is not finish yet. After all, we still have KHSB moving together with Puncak, in which really reflects a tale behind this whole drama. A quick look on the chart suggest that Puncak could be eying a break towards RM 1.50 in the coming days as we could see volume consolidate with a maintained price.

4.) DVM - Still hovering above the 9 cents support for its stage. As buying could be sighted at 9 cents, DVM could be poising for a good run anytime in the time frame, in which the penny sentiment comes into the picture. A run up will see DVM hitting good notes within the RM 0.12 to RM 0.15 range.

Cheers and have a good day

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Nicorp - Post Mortem - A fishy signal 15858

It was such a good day to do diving today in the KLSE market, as panic selling can be seen in the earlier trading hours, where shares had been tossed all around to the lower ground, particularly Dijacor, which was heavily sell down after the announcement of the corporate exercise that Dijacor is going to undertake.

As always, our market is a unique place, where special things happen during special timings. Today, we had saw how Nicorp, Harvest, Silver, HWGB, racing up to great volume despite a sentiment like this. Even Envair, with a declination of the rumor on the injection of oil business from the management, did not see major sell down at all.

However, today i would like to bring to you a superb signal that I caught during the trading hours, which happen in Nicorp. The event is so fast, and it lasted for around 4 to 5 seconds only, and there after that, things started to shoot up and up and up, putting a strong note at RM 0.655 in the end.

Let's have a quick look on what I captured today.

At around 10.18am, RM 0.53 to RM 0.545 had saw a same queue of "15858 lots", in which I take it as a signal on the upcoming trend. What could be this 15858 means? In Cantonese, 15858, on a quick interpretation will mean "Yat Em Fatt, Em Fatt", which translate into Once not prosper, won't prosper.

As the days break into redder sentiment, Nicorp is performing greatly.

Wow.. "15858" And we saw Nicorp putting a foothold at RM 0.655.

This must be one of a good drama by Raymond Chan and the gang.  Probably, we should be looking for another signal in the coming days.

Cheers and have a nice day

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

BIMB - Fully Charged!

BIMB, could this be the next phenomena in the financial sector? Recently, BIMB had reported on its FYE 2011 result, back by a RM 2.36 billion revenue, and at a nett profit of RM 204.406 million, BIMB is now trading at a rather fair PER of 11.74, in which I think that it is fairly good at this level now.

With just 1.066 billion shares issued in the market, BIMB had saw significant acquiring from EPF throughout the period starting February 2012. As of the current data, EPF had been stocking up bullets that contain 7.62% of the total shares issued from BIMB.

So, what is so interesting about BIMB at the moment?

Before we go into that, let's have a look at BIMB closest counterpart - MBSB.
On a quick outlook, we can see that MBSB is trending higher with a bullish outlook. However, MBSB could be soon looking on a squeeze soon when the march goes further. While MBSB had been trending higher on these 5 months period, I believe BIMB could be up for something as well, looking at the positive outlook on the booming up company in the financial sector.

Let's have a quick look at BIMB.
BIMB had rather move into the RM 2.25 zone in a rather fast note, taking around 1.5 months from the rebound, and since then, had been lingering around the zone for 1.5 months. However, the significant of the whole pictures is the 3 spiking volume, which is almost at 10 million, with around 1 month apart from each other. Looking quickly on the 2 lines drawn, we might be seeing intersection at probably around RM 2.40 in the coming days.

Looking on the way BIMB had been testing RM 2.25 for a few times around in the recent few days, and with the queue, I believe BIMB should be at fully charged level, if not, at least 80 to 90%.
The queue would suggest that RM 2.30 is rather a possible mark to be hit in the coming days, while I will not erase of the tendency of BIMB surging into greater heights of RM 2.35 to RM 2.40.

Bone's  1st TP : RM 2.30
Bone's 2nd TP : RM 2.35

Cheers and have a good day

Monday, 5 March 2012

Sersol - Positioning for 3rd crazy spike

Sersol had been trading in a rather low manner in the recent days after its spectacular spiking that had made highlights and attention from the Bursa. However, after a series of staying in a low mode, I think the time is ripe for Sersol to reveal another stage of the game.

In my previous coverage, Sersol - Positioning for a burst anytime, you can see that what had happened in the past, will tends to happen again in the coming days as the signs and signal had been revealing as the time goes on.

Today, Sersol had been traded in a rather lowly manner, with just 1.5 million shares exchanging hands, while the price surge to a close at RM 0.505, which technically looking, had broken the RM 0.50 psychological barrier, and could be a start for a new run.

On a quick look on the chart, we can see Sersol is repeating what it had done for the 2nd up leg.

As we can see that price and volume consolidate together, I am expecting Sersol to take up new challenges at the 50 cents zone in the coming days, while not erasing the chances of it hitting a high of 60 cents as well.

Bone's TP: RM 0.55

Cheers and have a nice day

March Cover - Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Mary Elizabeth Pike, better known as Rosamund Pike in the entertainment industry was born on 27th January 1979 on London, England.
The only child to Julian Pike (Father) and Caroline (Mother), Rosamund had to travel across Europe whenever her parents' career took them. Hence, she does not only converse well in English, but in French and German as well.
While studying in University, Rosamund Pike made several appearances in the British television shows. However, the highlight came when she was offered a role as a Bond Girl (Miranda Frost) in James Bond - Die Another Day.
In 2011, Rosamund Pike acted as Kate Summer in the comedic Bond-spoof - Johnny English Reborn, taking role as a psychologist and English (Rowan Atkinson) love interest.

Catch Pike starring as Andromeda in the recent blockbuster movie that is going to be released later this year - Wrath of the Titan

Pike is in the top 101 actresses alive by IMDb.

Hope this will be a great movie for the year, while anticipate good movie from her too.

Cheers and have a good day

Friday, 2 March 2012

Karyon - Smells like a fish

Lately, there had been a lot of fishy counter in the making. The most recent ones include the high profile Puncak in which we had saw how the controlling parties had been making and manipulating the shares in the public to scared off traders and investor towards selling back to them at a cheaper price. Today, Puncak had been ripped upwards until hitting RM 1.54 with great volume.

But, as Puncak had got it's own story, what about the story behind Karyon? Karyon, with just 285,149,484 shares issued in the market, and with 129,347,944 warrants issued with an expiry at 2nd April had been moving in a rather suspicious manner.

As of today, Karyon-WA, that should be technically worth RM 0.025, based on the closing price of RM 0.195, had been trading at RM 0.01, which comes with a 7.69% negative premium. What does this means?
To add on to the suspicious activities, the directors had been acquiring the under premium warrant.
Chua Kee Lam on 24th Feb 2012
Chua Ling Lee on 29th Feb and 1 March 2012

The question is, why does the warrant get suppressed in this manner? There are not bad news from the recent quarterly, but instead good news. The mother did not saw major sell down, instead lingering at the support, but the Warrant which is going to expire soon, had saw massive sell down until RM 0.005.



As the volume had been suspicious in the recent days, which saw volume surge past 20 million of shares done, as warrant hit the 100 million mark in volume, it just doesn't sound natural at all.

In my opinion, I think that the controlling party would want to take this chance to control the warrant as much as possible, as the cheap warrant as fairly easy to be controlled rather than expensive warrant which would need a fairly large capital to operate. As the warrant is going to expire soon, we can expect the controlling party to use the under premium warrant as a advantage to gain a good base of low priced mother shares when the warrant head of expiry.

Rather than accumulating the mother share, which could take a long period of time, controlling the amount of warrant to force it down the drain at a dirt cheap price will be a good choice as it will be faster and cheaper.

Should this plan be executed off nicely, be prepared to expect Karyon shooting into great heights soon as a move to distribute the shares with a good handsome profit for the controlling party of course.

However, I will not erase of the chances that the warrant might be able to surge into craziness before the expiry as I believe that Karyon might be posing for another surge. Either it will happen before the warrant expire, or after the warrant expire.

On a quick outlook, Karyon will be a good counter to be monitored throughout, while risk taker might want to try Karyon out to taste it out.

Cheers and have a good day

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Puncak - It is just plain fishy!

As I had been monitoring Puncak lately after I had made a coverage on Puncak, prior to it's limit up 9th of February 2012, with more than 30 millions share transacted, and ending with a strong note at RM 1.89, I had started to discover some irregularities in the trading of Puncak, whereby I believe the controlling stake party are behind something is even larger than what we are seeing in the very surface manner.

Puncak and KHSB had been a pair of high correlated counter from the start of January to the end of February.

As of what you are seeing now, their up and down are almost identical and similar to each other, doesn't this resemble one of the fishy part of the whole thing?

I believe that the limit up of Puncak on 9th February 2012 is filled with something great in behind, that could put Puncak into volume hitting a high note breaking 30 millions. However, things had not been great for Puncak after hitting a limit up, with a series of sell down happening.

With hot news of Puncak getting privatize which is spreading like hot cakes in the media and internet, especially in the midst of the netizens as well, I believe somehow, this news might be something that had accidentally got leaked out somehow. However, what is more blasting is that KHSB and Puncak both received legal suits in the same time, what a coincident?

Throughout the process of monitoring the trades of Puncak, I believe the range from RM 1.89 to RM 1.2x is the range where the controlling party are giving chances for those people who had bought lower to sell back to them at a price that they want, while resemble a process of shaking out the weak holders and contra takers as well, as those freaking big lots movement are just fishy.

I believe time is tight in Puncak as there might be major corporate events that could be taking place, and with the latest fishy movement from the controlling party, today I had sighted a huge 29k lots that was being placed at RM1.25, surprisingly, with a buyer that was matching at RM1.25 with 29k lots as well. But as retailers are coming in, things had got built up, and in the end, the huge 32k lots had took hold of RM1.32 as a closing point, with around 37k lots queuing up to take it.

I truly believe that the controlling party behind are having a tight time frame, and was forced to execute such a move to trigger a panic from the public holder.

What could be behind the true story?

Let's assume that should the privatization of Puncak is real, and that the target price of RM 2.20 is intact, that could be a huge bonus for the controlling party to try to get as much share as possible at a lower price, which includes movement like this. Imagine if things keep buying up from RM 1.89, there could be literally nothing left, no margin, for the controlling party (Insider) anymore. So, in order to make a good profit from the privatization, controlling party will have to take as much shares as possible during the period of time, and sell them off when the privatization comes into the pictures. Doesn't this the way insider operates? Doesn't this the way cronies operate?

However, all these are just my own assumption after taking into account the following happening in short:-
1.) Limit up at RM1.89 with huge volume
2.) Rumors about privatization at RM2.20
3.) Weird transaction that was pushing prices down
4.) KHSB moving in the same direction
5.) Legal suit happening at the same time with KHSB
6.) Fishy lots on ending queue of 29 Feb 2012.

I anticipate that there will be further drama in Puncak, not erasing the fact that they could really be going to be privatized as well. This is solely just my opinions and views on the development of Puncak. All decision made will be at your sole discretion.

Cheers and happy trading.