Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Dayang - Compressing towards a higher note

Dayang Enterprise Holding Berhad had been rising steadily since Oct 2011 in a rather quiet manner, not until the end of January had spotted volume coming back into the counter.

As of now, Dayang is standing at RM 2.10, in which I will believe that Dayang will be posing for a higher go in the coming days as Dayang had posted a very positive quarterly and FYE 2011, in which revenue had taken a surge from the previous 255.385 million to 382.306 million, while EPS increase sightly to 15.82 cents for FYE 2011.

Dayang had been taking a rough ride prior to the mini crisis at Aug 2011, but had been resilient enough to bounce back into where he is at RM 2.10 till date.

 A quick look at Dayang chart, we can see that a compression is taking place at the range of RM 2.00 to RM 2.10, in which we saw 2 events of volume surges, with the 2nd surge taking a higher note than the 1st surge. Will there be a 3rd surge that will be coming in? Or will Dayang be sailing into heigher grounds in the coming day, backed by the better result in the coming days?

On a quick outlook, Dayang can be possibly testing RM 2.20 in no time, as a good healthy buying rate had been sighted today, with 72%, with good blocks of purchase.

What could be happening later on the coming 2nd half of the day? Do you want to be in the making as well? That is your decision, as I will be looking forward for a better note for Dayang today.

Bone's short term TP : RM 2.15

Cheers and happy trading.

Karyon - Carry On

Karyon Industries Berhad, incorporated in 1997 as a manufacturer of toiletries products and Palm Kernel Diethanolamide. As the company grow from strength to strength, it had expanded its channel into countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and even South America.

As a growing company, beside dealing with the normal hair and body shampoo, Karyon had lately formulated a biodegradable concentrated detergent paste (UNICON), a multipurpose detergent where consumer can use it for washing vegetables, fruits, car shampoo, dish washing liquid and etc. For more information and reading on products, you may refer here.

Karyon, recently had announced the FYE 2011 result on 24th February 2012, which had saw Karyon revenue boosted up to RM 26.463 million compared to the previous 4th quarter where only RM 22.628 million had been raked in. With a handsome RM 110.353 million as the FYE 2011 revenue, Karyon had been able to produce a good EPS of 3.03 cents, coupled off with 1 cents in dividend for the whole of FYE 2011 (Q4 announced 0.65 cents)

Lately, there had been much activity behind the scene, with irregular volume being spotted off in the past couples of week, in which we too witness the acquiring of warrants through open market from some minority shareholder to majority shareholder. What might be sparking behind?

Let's have a quick outlook on the chart of Karyon.
 There had been a significant amount of shares that had been transacted in the end of January, in which there are coming to 20 millions of shares done on 27th Jan 2012. As the volume consolidate with the price able to maintain at the 20 cents zone range, and with the lower part of the swing starting to consolidate towards the 20 cents zone, Karyon should be up on something massive in the coming days.

On a quick outlook, together with the positive reports from the FYE 2011, and the fact that Karyon had not really went through a series of good flight, and with the irregular volume, the chances of Karyon hitting the 25 cents ceiling might not be a dream come true after all. Who knows what will happen in the coming days? 30 cents?

On a short term out look, I would be anticipating Karyon to be testing on 25 cents soon should the sentiment support it as well.

Cheers and happy trading

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tdex - Follow the brothers

TDex, yet another ACE counter in the market, with 255 million shares issued might be another catalyst, following it's siblings, namely Winsun, GPRO and Flonic on the making of 20 cents.

A technology sector counter, ACE market, 255 million share issued is all the criteria needed to become a catalyst for this section. Though the mass difference between TDex and the rest of the brothers is that Tdex is a profit making company.

Let's have a quick look at TDex chart movement now.

In short, we are able to see TDex is having a good roll for the previous 2 week in a rather silent mode. However, the latter part of it had seen TDex moving in side way, with volume being seen consolidating among each other, which might possibly be spiking another good round that could sent TDex packing up into the 20 cents range soon.

Let's take Winsun as a reference material. As of today, Winsun had taken a spot into the RM 0.175 area, while might be looking forward into conquering 20 cents in the coming days as well, who knows?

In short, I am expecting that TDex should be able to test higher grounds in the coming days.

Bone's short term TP: RM 0.175

Monday, 27 February 2012

MidNight Special - Biosis : I will be back!

Biosis Group Berhad had a primary core business in personal care products. The products ranges from body care, soap, hair care, spa products, baby products, oral products and even supplying to the hotel as well.

As of the report for the financial period ended 30/9/2011, the 9 month performance for the FYE 2012 is taking a revenue of 19.622 million, but with a rather dismay result with 4.757 million in losses after tax, which computes out to 3.71 cents lost per share, which is deteriorating compared to the previous FYE 2011 result.

With the current net tangible asset standing at 45 cents per share, what could be the next upcoming movement for the company?

Let's take a quick look on the chart.
A quick look had saw Biosis penetrated above 30 cents, which toppled 35 cents on the first day of the surge, which is on the 23rd of November 2011. While there had been a lot of announcement on the shareholder changes at the mean time, with Khoo Chee Kong disposing and acquiring shares in the time being, a new face, Lovey Lee Cay Aii, aged 22 then during 2011 when she start to acquire more than 5% of the share came into the picture.

I believe this is not a simple game here, where I strongly believe that there are something larger behind, which might include changes in the shareholding of the company as well, while I believe Lovey is just a cover name here. As fishy game will always have a high potential of a nice catch, I believe the final piece of the game had not been unveiled. 

As the share had been loitering at the range of 35 cents to 40 cents for the period of time, I believe that Biosis will soon be back into the action, in which we might be seeing Biosis above 40 cents in no time soon when the real show strikes into the play. As long as Biosis remains at the zone, I believe that Biosis will be potentially hitting up and testing RM 0.40 soon, while not erasing the prices surging past 40 cents, and into greater heights.

Bone's short term TP: RM 0.40.

Cheers and happy trading.

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Jessie Ooi - When "Sorry" is too Heavy

The latest heroine - Jessie Ooi, had risen to fame with the unpopular question posted to the Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng, in a rather bad tempered and manner, had sparked a series of media and internet attacks at her own back, especially in the Facebook community.

This topic had been the focus of the lips of the aunties and uncles in wet markets and coffee shops, where the Chinese community seems to be disgusted by how she as a Chinese will "misbehave" in such a manner.

As a matter of fact, her action had brought to her, her family, her relatives and friends immediate impact which had saw her reputation tarnished all over the internet, especially the Facebook community which had been spreading like viruses.

Referring to the press statement from Jessie Ooi on 23 Feb 2012, with full story here, I think if she could just utter out the magical word - "Sorry, I was wrong that time" could be a lot more better rather than sticking up with her own stubborn stand that she had the right to question whatever she can as an audience.

As of 26th Feb 2012, there are more than 23k of comments posted up at her official page, no counting those which might get deleted off in the course of that. While some of the netizen are requesting Jessie Ooi to publicly apologize to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for the terrible behavior during the Q&A session, there are no signs of her wanting to apologize, but in fact, she lashed out harder to the netizens with police reports.
Looking at it in a rather neutral manner, I agree that the question Jessie Ooi throw out during the Q&A session is indeed very degrading to her own character and reputation. In a mass gathering with public and media on the grounds, one should not lose his/her temper ever, in which will portray a very unprofessional image to oneself.

In fact, I think Jessie Ooi should be sorry for her action towards Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, and especially to her children, family, relatives, her counterparts in MCA and friends as well. But looking at her current defiant attitude, I don't think she will be a good role model at all, especially for her own children, because she just couldn't admit that she was wrong, but twisting towards the left and right while trying to escape from apologizing publicly.

Why is this special word - "Sorry", so hard for some to speak out? Because of ego? Because of status? Because of "face"? I hope she really does felt sorry on her own degrading action that had brought shame on her, and most importantly, her innocent family members as well. In my opinion, if Jessie Ooi is really a good leader, she should be immediate to apologize on her wrong actions to save her family members from being a jerk/laughing stock at the public.

Bone's thought of the day - At many a time, silence is golden.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bkoon - On a better note

Boon Koon Group had announced it's 3rd Quarterly result with an EPS or 2.25 cents for the quarter. On a total accumulative 3 quarters' EPS, Boon Koon Group EPS had surged to 4.1 cents, which is a 3.23 cents increase compared to the previous accumulative 3 quarters' EPS at FYE 2010.

Translating that to the current price at 30 cents, Boon Koon is trading at a x7.31 PER (based on 3 quarters EPS).

Boon Koon, focused in rebuilt of vehicles, from small vans into big trailer, could be potentially benefiting from the recent natural disaster in the neighboring country, specifically the floods in Thailand as demands Q3 EPS rocket to 2.25 cents compared to Q2 0.57 cents, which is the period where we saw the effect of the massive flood that had been hitting factory and manufacturer, especially those in the heavy machinery sector.

Companies like JCY, took a turnaround in their whole business with a blasting Q1 where EPS rocket from a lowly 1.29 cents to spiraling high of 7.94 cents after the effect from the massive flood comes into the effects.

On a quick outlook on the share price of Boon Koon.

Before the released of the financial result, there had been no insider buying spotted, while Bkoon infact inch lower to touching 29 cents before taking a rest at 0.295. The good quarterly had saw heavy buying with volume touching nearly 10 millions of shares done for the day.

On a quick note, the we might be able to see Boon Koon group breaking off the 30 cents mark in the coming days as it had been lingering in a rather lowly manner for around 3 to 4 months after taking a plunge from 45 cents, the price during last year November 2011.

I believe this quarterly will surely be a turnaround for Boon Koon share prices, as I believe that Boon Koon will be possibly inching higher, touching 40 cents in the coming days. On a short term outlook, we could be possibly looking for Boon Koon at 35 cents.

Cheers and happy trading.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

DVM - Forgotten me not

The once upon a time hero, DVM, could be lurking back into the stage once again after a series of high profile drama back then at August 2011, which saw prices of the share spiral until a high of RM 0.28.

After that high profile drama, as things had started to calm off and cool down, DVM had been regaining back its paces once again, initiating that the game is still far from just a game over.

Let's have a quick look at the movement of DVM.
At a quick look, there had been 3 spikes after the slump. The first spike, touching RM 0.105 held back with support at RM 0.0075, while a 2nd spike came 1 month after the first, touching RM 0.115, held back at low volume on RM 0.085. The 3rd spike came on 20th January 2012, touching a high of RM 0.12, while again, held back at a higher level at RM 0.09.

As we are almost 1 month away from the 3rd spike now, with this on going trend, I am quite positive that we will be looking for a 4th spike which will be breaking RM 0.12, this time around, probably hitting a high of RM 0.13 to RM 0.15 range for the next outlook.

Are you in or out of the game? You decide.

Bone's TP: RM 0.13

Cheers and have a nice day

Gefung - A ripe moment of truth

Gefung Holdings Berhad had been in reported of possible new asset injection by one of the major share holders, which is holding more than 20% stake in Gefung.

While Gefung had been having proposal of right issues, I think it should be the ripe time for Gefung to prevail itself above RM 0.20 today as RM 0.195 had been test for 3 times, with the last one being a solid and convincing note.

Let's have a quick outlook on the movement of the share price with the volume.
We could notify that the accumulation had been significant in the range of RM 0.17 to RM 0.195, with 3 counts of attempt in the RM 0.195 with a good amount of volume altogether.

As the ending note of Tuesday had been a solid one with convincing volume, there is a high possibilities of Gefung prevailing itself above RM 0.20 today. Should Gefung explode, we might be able to see Gefung hiking up towards RM 0.30.

Bone's TP : RM 0.23.

Cheers and have a good day

Monday, 20 February 2012

Those are my good old days

Recently, a friend of mine send me this MV a few days back.

While I am watching the MV, I began to recover my memories on the good old days during my secondary school time, which brought me back to my good old school - Tsun Jin High School.
Those are the good old days where I cherish together my time with all my good friends, my side kick. I still remember the days where me and my gang of friends are just plain naughty. But, pretty girls just like to fall in love with naughty boys, ain't this true? Somehow, it is...

It was as though I am watching myself in the video, just that I did not going any underground kick boxing at that time. All the bad things I did started to flash back, however, I would like to thank all the teacher there, they much be a bunch of hardcore teachers that doesn't give up on this bunch of hardcore students like us.

To all my Mandarin subject teacher, you are the best!!! I pass this subject once in my life time during my Form 1, and just a merely 61 marks. Thanks for sticking and bearing up with me until Form 6 even though I get single digit marks, 10s -20s marks so frequently. After all, you can at least be proud for being the teacher of a student that can get No1. from the bottom for Mandarin in a Private School. Well, at least, I am not a "banana" because of your perseverance in teaching me.

What good old memories is this. For those who are still studying, study hard and play even harder as well as time will not go back anymore for you to enjoy.

For parents, Tsun Jin High School can be considered a good school for your kids as they are good and dedicated teachers. I hope the qualities of the teacher remained there like the good old days.

Cheers and enjoy the music.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Curtin University - Downgraded with Strong Sell Call

The recent hot war of words between the alumni and the management of Curtin University on the conferment of the honorary doctorate to Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor, which had been the highlights lately, had caused many of them disappointed by the decision taken by the university.

Curtin University had on 12 February 2012, conferred the honorary Doctorate of Letters Degree by Australia's Curtin University in recognition of her efforts in the development of education, particularly children's education through the Permata Negara program.

This had caused a serious uproar in the midst of the alumni from Malaysia, until the official Facebook site for Curtin University need to take indicative action in subduing the uproar.

While one side of the media had been giving accreditation towards the conferment,

the other side of the world had been lambasting Curtin University's actions.

Source : FreeMalaysiaToday

Source : MalaysiaKini

Under such heavy fire, Curtin University had reroute the comments to a new place in Facebook in which those who would want to voice out can voice out here.

We can see that the majority of the alumni, graduates and under-graduate are not happy with the decision of the university at all.

With massive cries and disagreement from the alumni, I believe the reputation of Curtin University will be tarnished and damaged as a result. As the enrollment of Curtin University consist a significant portion of Malaysian, I believe after this uproar, Curtin will definitely see a significant effect on the enrollment in the coming days.

Conclusion, because of the massive option that is available by the Malaysian in going into other Australian Universities that is of similar standard, and with the already high competition environment, and with the news like viral spreading in the media and internet, Curtin will not be in a good position for the coming days. Hence, Curtin University is downgraded with strong sell call as we foresee a lower intake from the local.

**P/S: By the way, Curtin University is listed?  =D

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Gocean - A Turning Point

Green Ocean Corporation Berhad, a company that had a mission to create greater awareness in the environmental issues by providing green products and services to create a better place for the world. The group believes in giving back to the society by developing green ICT products and environment friendly bio-technologies products.

In order to achieve the success projected by the company, Green Ocean Corporation Berhad has a few subsidiaries to carry out its mission:

After knowing a little about the company background, let's have a quick look on the recent development on the company share prices and the transaction as well.

A quick look on the share price had seen that Gocean had been laying inactive for quite sometime, in which the last time where volume break past 10 million is on the last day of December 2010. However, this time around, I strongly believes that Gocean might be heading into a new journey soon.

With good solid purchases on the 8th of February, which saw 80million shares transacted with a high of RM 0.245, and RM 0.245 was tested again on 17th February with 52 million shares transacted, Gocean is easily poising for a high price in the coming days.

As we can observe from the chart, the price had been coming day with low volume, while the share consolidate, forming a mirror effect triangle with the volume and price, we might be able to see something in a larger scale to come soon, where RM 0.30 might not be a dream after all.

As the public had yet to get any solid feeds on the development on of the company, we will possibly be seeing Gocean breaking RM 0.25, and testing RM 0.30 in no time.

Cheers and have a good day.

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Symphony - Looking for a shooting star

Symphony, with 660 million shares issued, had currently look set to stop the downward trend after hitting rock bottom figure of 8.5 cents during the end of September 2011, in which a rebound had brought Symphony back up to 14 cents zone, lingering at that level for more than 3 months. To date, Symphony had been seeing increased of volume transacted, and might be looking set for a turn around in this Dragon year.

Before we would be looking deeper into Symphony, let's look at how her siblings, PDZ and GPA had performed on Friday last week.

Yes, looking from far, you might be wondering if Bonescythe had been posting 1 chart 2 times. In fact, both of them, PDZ and GPA had been moving in a similar pace with the same momentum actually. So, how can this relate to Symphony?

A quick look on Symphony will be much interesting now.

Symphony had been moving in the same pace previously like how PDZ and GPA did, however, Symphony HAD YET TO encounter that spike at the moment, in which I strongly believes that Symphony will get encountering this spike at any time soon in the week to come.

In a short, we could be seeing Symphony rising into testing the 20 cents barrier.

Bone's short term TP: RM 0.20

Cheers and have a good day.

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Friday, 17 February 2012

Exploring your limits

Do you know how good will you be in the future? Had you explore your limits before by trying things that you do not do normally.

Here, a monkey is exploring his own limits in the jungle.

Let's have a good watch

Cheers and have fun watching.

All the best

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Nicorp - 2nd session shoot out

Today, there is another drama shoot out at Nicorp again. As per planned on 16 Feb 2012, 1.46am, there will be attacks on Nicorp defenses later.

The battle starts at 9am, with defenders making significant moves into conquering more grounds. However, the attacks are not weak as they poise with aggressive returns as well.

With the just 1 hour into the trading, Nicorp had been lingering at 55 cents to 56 cents with no definite direction to go as per yet.

While Commander Bonescythe take the lead again in firing Nicorp into yet another heights, this time putting a mark of 60 cents at the head of Nicorp at 10.06am.

As the trained battalion of soldiers that had whether almost all kind of situation with Commander Bonescythe, the attack this time forward had been much successful mission.

In the initial stage of the attack, Nicorp took a fall back into the RM 0.555 for around 20 minutes as attacker and defender had been looking for spots to hide from bullets that had been flying across the battlefield. Defenders had been putting up bobby traps that are hindering advances into the target
As the ground had been time consuming, it seems that air strike should a good option.

First strike on the barrier had saw defense at RM 0.56 got weaken at 10.55am, with enemies retreating further back.
As more strike are sent in to continue the momentum, we saw big barrier RM 0.58 just went vanishing into the thin air at around 11.00 am.
Enemies had tried to regroup to defend the line down, while more and more reinforcement are sent to protect the city.

However, without much time left, Commander Bone sent in a massive attack on the commanding center.
Flying up the skies with more than 100 tons of massive destructive bomb, within minutes, all of them are released up from the sky and heads towards the commanding center.

On 11.15.53am, the first bomb landed on the command center, which is followed by hundreds of other which had completed 60 cents.
Overall, this is a successful mission with less than 1 hour.

Cheers and be tuned with more updates, especially in my lurking site here.

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Have Fun

Puncak - Testing your patience

Puncak Niaga Holdings Berhad, the leading regional integrated water, wastewater and environmental solutions provider in Malaysia. PNHB is an investment holding company whilst its subsidiaries are principally involved in the operation, maintenance, management, construction, rehabilitation and refurbishment of water treatment facilities, the supply and distribution of treated water within the State of Selangor and the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya.

Beside water management, Puncak Niaga also involves in oil and gas sector, undertaking works related to the oil and gas industry and other materials and the provision of offshore and onshore engineering work.

Lately, Puncak had been a happening stock. Let's quickly take a look on Puncak stock movement and price development through this chart.

A quick look at it, we can see that they are already insider trading that had happened around 2 month before things started to get exciting and rumors spreading all around, with the take over news in the play. We can see that there are a total of 3 staged hike, in which we can see volume and price putting up a mirror shape.

Each hike had been able to maintain, while volume consolidate, and another hikes come after it. As I believe Puncak game is not over, it is still in the midst of the middle of it's game, where we might expect another break out to come soon.

The way looking at it, Puncak will be a good buy and hold where I believe Puncak will surely retest the latest high of RM 1.89, while I will not erase of the possibilities of Puncak heading towards RM2.00 in the short term.

Bone's short term TP: RM 1.85

Others that you could be taking note will be KHSB and KPS which is highly correlated with Puncak movement.

Cheers and happy trading.  

Stock Watch for 16 Feb 2012

As the KLSE market had been lingering in the area of 156x after a series of bullish hike, now the market had been taking a side way trending mode while waiting for some better signals that is to be released from the leading markets, especially the much focused European market at the moment.

Of course, human will always look forward towards solving a problem, which in the same where we believe that the leadership and the administration department of the European country will be definitely working out solutions to save things from going too ugly and creating a chain of negative effects that will with no doubt, sending the whole world into a gloom and doom.

However, as we leave those news to develop themselves, let's have a look at some interesting counters that I think can at least be monitored.

1.) Nicorp - Definitely a stock that shouldn't be missed out for monitoring, even though you do not plan to buy it at all, this kind of stock will always be a good show for those on lookers, and a good hell of a ride for those who are riding it. As today trading volume had seen more than 260 million shares done, while Raymond Chan announced of his accumulation of 1.5 million of shares in that 260 million portion. What could be of tomorrow? The previous day, Raymond Chan had accumulated 10.254 millions of Nicorps share as well. Can Nicorp ride on towards touching 70 cents this time around?

2.) Symphony - Good sign of accumulation had been sighted in Symphony at 0.155, while Symphony had been climbing higher since the day it is 9 cents, and lingering long enough at RM 0.145 range for almost 3 months, Symphony could be positioning for another new break out that could be testing 20 cents soon. Bone's short term TP: RM 0.20.

3.) RA - Haven't been activated since the last time this stock surge to 25 cents. As it had been trending at 0.12 to 0.125, I think RA should be ripe enough soon to justify a come back as accumulation since December 2011 had been sighted. Let watch and see how RA will perform. Can it possibly heal its wound soon? RA will be good to go with a buy and hold strategy, as RA should be coming up with some spike at anytime soon.

4.) Gocean - Gocean had been taking a good hike lately as 8th Feb had saw the volume break past 50 million, nearly reaching the 100 million mark with the highest reached price at RM 0.245. As the following 4 days had been laying in a low volume mode, price had been able to maintain above 15 cents, which I would say that this stock will be ready for a potential test towards 25 cents soon after consolidation is completed.

5.) Envair - After sticking to RM 0.25 for a period of time, today Envair had reveal some signal that had indicated some flight in the coming days. As today 26 million shares traded, putting an ending note at 28 cents, we might be able to see Envair continue this show way up until breaking 30 cents soon. Looking at the current trend, hitting RM 0.325 should not be a problem for Envair should sentiment support.

Cheers and have a nice day.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Nicorp - Today 's session shoot out

Today had been a busy day in shooting the Nicorp drama series in the KLSE again. As stated informed here, Nicorp shooting session had been much interesting during the 2nd trading session in the KLSE today, in which I would say that the dramatic shoot out is nothing but a success.

Nicorp hadn't been starting out in a good manner at the opening of the shoot out, as Nicorp had been parting off lower and lower as it slides towards the 45 cents range.

As the sliding show doesn't seems to see any recovery at that point of time, things had been getting tough and rough, as the stranded ones are literally out in a dark, laying in a total hopeless situation. On lookers are much sympathetic towards the trapped souls, as they are left there to be gnashed into pieces by the sharks.

There is no light at that point of time as Nicorp touches day low of RM 0.375 during the 1st half of the whole drama shoot out. Stranded victims are left there to be tortured mentally in the whole drama.

To make the whole drama interesting, Commander Bone had change the plot into 50 cents at 2.56pm.
As the drama team crew started back their work after a lunch, things had started to move vigorously during the whole shoot out.

Our first major hurdle came towards the point of RM 0.43, which is psychologically affected by the limit up price of RM 0.86 on this day itself, as RM 0.43 is half of RM 0.86, which means a 100% gain should people buy at this point, and should the stock goes limit up today.
At 4pm, RM 0.43 got cleared, and since then, never been looking back at that point again as we saw more important hurdlers and blockage in front.

As the team advance forward in the shooting out, blockage at the 45 cents just got toasted into pieces.
With no time to waste, another nuclear attack was launch at 46 cents to clear the road.
As the team move forward in the attack, the 48 cents hurdle - holding a strong barrier of 30k lots in queue was being tested with this

Holy mama - 48 cents was put into pieces within a minute like how this picture is telling you now.

The shoot out was so successful and the show came to the final spot of taking the 50 cents finally at 4.21pm

As the drama had reached the target point and goal, the drama crew finally can have a good relieve after a long day of shoot out in Nicorp - The making.
Nicorp take a rest at 48 cents, and we will see what can we expect from Nicorp on the coming days.

To all participants, crew members, actors, actress, you had done a good job in making this great show today. Goal hit - 50 cents. Cheers

A good show to watch, well - This is just the beginning. Check out my latest updates here, or at my lurking area.

Cheers and have a nice day.