Friday, 30 September 2011

Stock Watch for 30th Sept 2011

Wohoo. 30th September, last day of September, and also the last day for the 3rd quarter of 2011, and last trading day for the week - Fryday.

Wow.. Coincident? Will this day a little bit superstitious? Last of everything, what could that interpret to you? Can it be last day of all the bad karma, and we are heading to good karma once again? Or, the last day of your little comfort zone, now get ready to see the real bear show?

Well, I had to admit that market rebounded in a spectacular manner, in which we saw the KLCI gap down on more than 10 points, but climbing back slowly and in the end gave a convincing win by ending 15 marks higher. Very spectacular indeed. Cheers to all who had cashed in on the big 30 counters in support of the KLCI.

Initially, I would like to take a rest for today, but since this is the last day quite a number of thing, I think it would be a good time to cover a little or two on this. Now, let's see what do we have in our hand, and what cards do we have here.

1.) GPRO - Spectacular play day by day. Don't you have to agree with me on this? Volume had been great, buying rate had been healthy, and most important, the unknown interest is still hanging here without a solid news, which in turn is a good news for traders and punters always. No news = good news.
I am expecting that this counter will come to a point where upright burst should be happening anytime soon. This counter had met my primary TP of RM 0.14, and further met my criteria in a trade between 0.14 to 0.16 in the coming days (Though not yet hit RM 0.16 yet).
With today activities, I am upgrading the swing to go from RM 0.14 to 0.175, with a high possibility of shares hitting as high up to RM 0.20 in the coming trading days.

2.) E&O - Could there be some steal off in this counter from it's AGM later on today. What do you think? Market had came out with fresh news from Perkasa on calling SIME to cancel the deal. In my opinion, this statement from Perkasa is a little bit - stupid? Cancel? Cancel then how? Sell in open market at a loss? Sell back to share holder at RM2.30? Hahaha.. I think all this news are just smoke screen and hazy dressing. E&O volume had been maintaining at a healthy manner, but the slide had extended until even Wednesday, not until we see some light on Thursday. With the substantial amount of volume that is deemed healthy and the break of the downwards trend, I think E&O can make a small debut on KLSE tomorrow.
TP: RM 1.56

3.) TimeCom - Had been extending it's slide since May this year. Well, do you think we had seen a level quite bottom for TimeCom now? With the strong fundamentally sound business model from them, and the contracts at hand, TimeCom should be able to go back to the 50 cents zone.
Expect it to trade until TP 0.525 in short term basis.

Others to look at including
Flonic - unfinished business here.
AsiaEP - Eye catching volume surge.

Cheers and happy trading.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage.

To have happiness, one desire for Freedom ;
To have Freedom, one needs courage.

It all starts at - Courage. Are you courageous? Are you a person that seize opportunity when it comes? Are you a person that will take courage in all action you do in order to achieve another level of success?

No doubt, talk is easier than doing it. A lot of people failed at executing plans that had been planned. Yet, a lot of people execute the wrong plan at the wrong time. In a world of trading, each and every decision from you, makes a big difference altogether, because each decision brings different consequences.

In a harsh time like this, investment decision is very hard to be made. Market can be up for a moment, and the next moment could be in a grave situation. It is hazy, it is cloudy, there is no path to be seen in the front, but only those who are determined, and can see through the haze and cloudiness will persevere through the harsh moment, and in the end of the road, reaping their success.

I am here to encourage everyone out there in this world of trading, we learn from experience, we learn from mistake, we learn from failures. Your position now might be ugly and demotivating, disgusting to look at it even. But remember, learn from the failure you did.

Is it about not putting a cut loss point?
Is it about too greedy?
Is it about not sensitive enough to the surrounding of the market?
Is it about not able to read charting?
Is it about lack of financial knowledge?
Is it about the "gambling" spirit?
Or is it about procrastinating attitude?

Let me shares one of my failure in my early trading days. Equipped with good and sound financial knowledge, my failure comes when I am too confident. Which traders doesn't think that they are the best? Haha.

My remarkable failure in my past trading experience are:-
1. Unable to execute plans as per planned. Stop loss point, not executing them, letting losses eating deeper. Profit point, not executing them, only to see profit shrunk.

2. Procrastinating.. Don't you know that the late bird do not have anything to eat at all? Sometimes end up eating the wrong stuffs, and you will end up throwing out (Loss money).

It took me quite some time to remind myself constantly that I need to improve in these areas.

What about your challenges that you faced? Feel free to leave a comment, or email me at to talk about it, so that we can come out with a solution.

Cheers to all and happy trading.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Stock Watch for 28 Sept 2011

Wow, 27th Sept is definitely a fantastic day after 26th Sept heavy bombardment which had saw KLCI breaking through more than negative 50 point after 2nd session reopen.

There are a lot of mixed feeling today. For those who had cut in panic, today they are growling and cursing (probably). For those who had the big guts to enter the market, they are shouting and screaming (joyfully and madly). These 2 groups of people, better separate them off to avoid massive fights.. Hehehe.

Technically looking, today should be a technically rebounding day as per informed by my friend as well. True enough, this rebound did show up handsomely. Well, as my friend had anticipated that this technical rebound to last at least for 2 days, so technically looking, we could be having lots of fun playing tomorrow, but could we be wrong?

Looking at the sentiment, no doubt that the market is still it is deep volatile stage, where any news is able to swing and choke the market upside down. As tomorrow opening will be quite dependent on the Westerners index. Tomorrow, we are anticipating that the KLCI to remain on green zone, but the question will be
i.) Will it open gaping higher and slumping down from there? Or
ii.) Climbing gradually so that we can enjoy another ride upwards?

Yea, these are the 2 question that we would need to see in the morning - The Trend tomorrow. Make your judgment wisely, and make sure that you do not fall into the 1st trap, or that will be ugly.

As for individual counter coverage, I had to admit that there are just so many counter that are full of potential to rise, and full of potential to trap as well. It is an overall hard selection. Anyway, will cover a few with potential.

1. GPRO - The exchanging hands in this counter is no doubt, furious and massive. With only news about disposal by the substantial shareholders, what could be happening to GPRO internally? Activity rate had been very high, with relatively strong buying rate in the open market. As GPRO had went against market during the last couple of weeks, and continue to extend its pace today at RM 0.135, with the highest swing reached at RM 0.14, I am expecting that they could be more action to come in the coming few days, as long as there are no solid news.
Primary TP RM 0.14 reached today. Will expect the swing to go on to RM 0.14 to RM 0.16 in the coming days.

2. UEMLand - Massive collection and massive dumping. Looking at the way of trading, and the way it had dropped from RM 2.80 until here, I believe that the urge to head back and linger at RM 1.7x will be strong. TP 1.75.

3. MRCB - Similar to UEMLand, with more than 16million shares traded at a 60% buying rate, we could anticipate quite some action to happen here. TP RM 1.72

4. Others - Perisai, Malton, AFG.

Above recommendation will depend on Western market performance later in the evening. Should the sentiment be good, technically, we shall be able to ride a 2nd technical bull day.

Cheers, happy trading.

The few of the best 2011 IPO failure

2011 is a very happening year to be remembered. No doubts, there are a lot of events that took place right from the beginning of the year, from wars to disaster, bullish to bearish, upgrade to downgrade, booming to crashing, and performing IPO to worst IPO failure in 2011.

Today, let's look at the ugly side of the IPO failure for 2011 for KLSE.

Topping my list is UOADev. At an Primary Initial Offering of RM 2.90, and revised lower to RM2.60, this share had not seen light ever since. It is just a train down to the unending dark hole, and meeting with carnivorous animals in there, torching the share price even lower to RM1.2x zone. UOADev top my list because I expect this counter to perform at least better than other Ace listing, but just to see that this counter had been sliding since day 1, and no turning back ever since till today. Let's hope it will not become a penny stock too soon, like JCY.

Next upcoming, we have the cheater MClean. From listing till now, there is not a sign of rebound, but a sign of slumping further to become worthless stock that might worth less than 10 cents soon. Sigh.. Cheating all the way downwards.

Next feature is XOX. Hug and kisses? I don't think this can give you the hug and kisses that you would want to have. But at least, this stock had some good hiccups in the middle of it's journey towards becoming a worthless stock. But recently, director had been buying back, can that be something that the existing holder be taken comfort of? I don't know.. But this is definitely a bad day from day 1.

Lastly, the almost forgotten, unknown of existence - PLabs. Another 1 way ticket sliding downwards towards no light. Foreseeing it to enter the real penny stock zone, less than 10 cents soon should this recession hit on the market officially. Let's hope its quarterly result will going to prove the people wrong, or else, more dead ugly can be witness upon PLabs.

Monday, 26 September 2011

GPRO - Resisting heavily despite broad market slump

GPRO had been doing magic lately, and hovering at a defensive price at 0.12 on the reddest season in the 2011. Very peculiar, and interesting enough to catch my attention towards this counter.

Sustaining at above 0.12 after the hike in the early September, GPRO had been trading in heavy volume if compared to its historical statistic. The surge had been able to sustain itself on at least 0.12 as base line level, despite looking at the market coming down at huge negative day after day.

Today market had plunge deep, penetrating into -50 mark after 2nd session opening as investor saw relief after market rebounded up and close at -34.14. Despite this, let's look at GPRO trading activity.

Interesting? Buying rate had continue to maintain at a high level, and today we saw buying rate at 92%. That makes thing even interesting.

Now let's look at the historical chart at GPRO.

On the circled part is the volume and hike that is very questionable here. There had been no solid news from this counter to the public, but the volume and price hike had definitely informed something that had been happening behind here. Hiking without a news, meets my criteria to label this counter for more swing trade upwards soon upon a technical rebounding market.

Expecting this counter to swing as high as RM0.14 to RM0.16 in the coming days.


Saturday, 24 September 2011

China Property Stock down >30% - What about Malaysia ?

The more than 30% decline in China property stocks over the past couple weeks is overdone, says CIMB Equities Research.

In its report issued on Friday, Sept 23, it said that in its view, “the market correction is overdone as it has taken the sector’s RNAV discount, P/BV and P/E to 2008 trough levels”.

It pointed out the market appears to be factoring in a financial distress scenario and a hard landing for China property sector.

“We think the valuations are unjustified as the major listed companies under our coverage are unlikely to go bust given their cash reserves which should enable them to ride through these tough times,” it said.

CIMB Research said although the China property sector was under pressure in near-term due to uncertain global economy outlook and on-shore credit tightening, the distressed level valuations offer good values for long-term investors.

For more reading, refer here.
Now let's look at the Malaysian Property Index.

Malaysian property index had taken flight since June 2010 from 750, rallying up right until a peak of 1150 before being shaken up for a couple of months because of the Middle east crisis and Japan nuclear disaster.

The property index had just taken a very short period of 3 months, ripping off more than 250 points from the index, around 20% down from the peak.

To add the additional pain on the current wound, with the current proposal from BNM to curb speculation on the prices of the property by putting a limit to the amount of loan eligible for each individual, property company that focuses on high end might going to feel the soar and sourness once the proposal is being approved.

Among the significant decliners in the property sector that had pare down on losses of more than RM1 are namely, UEMLand, MRCB, MahSing, IJMLand, SPSetia.

UOADev however had been in a bad slide since listing, and had plunge more than RM1.20 since it's listing in 8th June 2011. It had broke the RM1.40 support and continue to plunge deep into the RM1.3x range

It is a really tough road ahead for all the property sector at the current moment, and we might be able to see more downside on Malaysian property counter in the coming few month. On the side note, this might be a good time to cash in some of the fundamentally sound and good property counter again, and wait for the next cycle of the property market boost.

Winner never Whine - Whiner never Win

In such a time, it is a good time to ask our own, are we going to be a winner, or whiner? What do you think about this? Yes, it is very common of us to whine about this and that when something goes wrong. Let's not look at the market, but look at our marketplace, our offices, our colleague that we are dealing with, our customer that we faced everyday, our managers and bosses. When something goes wrong, some of the people involved will start to whine about it. Instead of looking at what can be done to rescue the whole thing, and what can be done so that in the future, the same event will not happen again.

Well, it is the same in stock market. No doubt, the market is very harsh to all the equity investor at the moment. Shares are dropping like there is no tomorrow, and more people are cashing out to preserve capital, cutting losses, or locking profits. There are a lot of people who got burned, torched, scorched, or whatever expression you can use to elaborate the situation, and some had dropped off as well, and promise not to touch equity market again, and they started to talk about this and that, how they made good profit last time and so and so.... But calling it a quit after this.

Personally looking, I am sorry for those who are calling it a quit after this, as I would just like to say - You are too short sighted.

For me, this is actually a very good time to sit down and start to plan what greater achievement you would want to reach, How you would want to catch this good opportunity do expand your future investment, read more to increase your knowledge, study what you did wrong in the past that you should not be doing it again, and most importantly - Don't Quit! Don't Whine!

Why do you opt to quit when the market is just in the starting to create a big chance for you to capitalized the market for the greater good in the future? Don't you see that this is actually a very good chance for you to pick up good fundamental stocks for the future running? Start planning, save capital, increase revenue, set the goals straight. If your goal is to save more, execute them right. We are just in the beginning stage of the bearish trend, and it will be a good time to plan now for the greater good in the future.

Remember, never give up, never whine about it. Persevere towards the goal, and be the winner! I am happy to assist you to walk through this very harsh moment together as I believe the end result will be fruitful.

Cheers.. All the best

Friday, 23 September 2011

Greece - Between a Yes or No to Debt Default?

The Telegraph reports that EU leaders generally agree that a Greek default is imminent but  that Greece will not leave the euro. The report cites talks in Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, and Brussels over how to handle a Greek default in the short to medium term.

In such a scenario, officials expect the ECB to engage in massive purchases of Greek bonds in order to keep banks across the eurozone afloat.

Further, they expect the ECB to use a much larger percentage of its $2.3 billion in reserves than it's currently employing to expand bond-buying in Spain and Italy as a "firewall" against contagion. However, EU diplomats evidently think Greece could choose to leave the euro in the long term in order to depreciate its currency.

The report notes that France could stifle these activities, however, if it thought that such measures would compromise its AAA rating.

Source here

So, what do you think about this? Do you think Greece will go default? Let's see what is behind the massive Greece debt.

We have on the list:-
1.) Spain on $900 million, of which $600 million is held by Spanish Bank ;

2.) Japan on $1.6 billion, of which $500 million is held by Japanese Bank ;

3.) Switzerland on $2.8 billion ;

4.) Italy on  $4 billion, of which $2.6 billion held by Italian Bank ;

5.) US on $7.3 billion, where US bank held $1.8 billion Greece debt ;

6.) UK on a hefty $14.6 billion, where by the UK bank held $3.2 billion Greece debt ;

7.) 2nd placing, Germany, standing at $33.9 billion, where German bank held a big portion, amounting $26.3 billion ;

8.) Championing the ladder, France, topping the list with $56.7 billion, where French bank held $19.8 billion.

9.) Other Euro-zone countries are holding for $ 15.7 billion in Greek debt.
Source from Bank for International Settlements.

Impressive figures now? We had seen that Germany chancellor, Angela Merkel had wanted to deny a rescue package for Greece. But with $33.9 billion at German stakes, and a big sum of $26.3 billion on German banks, that could be a hard decision for Merkel altogether. Killing Greece will definitely kill the German banks, no doubt for that.

It is a serious dead lock here, where by the "let it default" consequences is too big to bear, and "rescue the situation with more money" sounded like rolling a bigger snow ball for the future in order to hit us back harder.

What do you think? Will Greece default or not?

Bone's opinion - I personally think that the European country will not let Greece to go into a default situation. The reason is because the chain effect is just too big to be witness upon. It will definitely causes massive drop in the market, with massive selling in panic attitude. I think the Euro will definitely work out with something as a countermeasure for this event.

Lehman can bring 2008 in a crisis, 2011 - Greece?

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Stock Watch for 22nd Sept 2011

Today market had staged a rebound as per estimated by me yesterday. Overall, the rebound is quite good, mainly supported by the coming back from SIME, while other like AMMB, GENM and PETGAS had helped lifting up the KLCI back to 1419 in the closing session.

So, what could be of the market tomorrow? Do you think the technical bull can sustain at least for another 1 more day? What do you think about this? Honestly speaking, in my own opinion, I do think that this technical bull might be able to sustain at least for another day, or probably in a side way trending index, hovering just right above the neutral line. However do remember that, we are definitely still in a downtrend with a lot of bad news hovering in the market. Any wrong decision, wrong move at the moment will definitely spell disaster. Make sure you know what you are doing in the market.

On a short recap for yesterday choices, congrats for those Flonic, GPRO and Wijaya holder. You definitely qualified to take the handsome prices. Denko had opened 0.5 cents below my target price, while Malton had been in a laggard mode. But, let's move forward and see what do you have for tomorrow.

1.) Flonic - Flonic had been capturing much of my attention lately because of the activity level in the counter, and the uptrend movement of shares. No doubt, there is literally no news that was being released in the market. Nobody knows what is happening behind, which justify my decision why this counter is worth the coverage. As long as the news is not out yet, at this kind of climb, I am expecting more to come for Flonic, with a possible TP of hitting 20 cents in a short term basis. Should the sentiment continue, I will label Flonic with a TP of RM 0.19

2.) GPRO - Is the game finished here? What do you think? Judging back at the activity level, I think the show is not finished yet. Why so? The share had get to the spot light just recently, early of this September, with price hitting RM 0.12. Taking a cool off to RM 0.08 before going for another round. Tomorrow is quite crucial, to determine a correction downwards or a new hike upwards. Let's continue to monitor on the movement. As long as no solid news out in the market, expect a wild swing with uptrend. Should tomorrow signaled for a new hike, we could see a TP of RM 0.14

3.) Keywest - Volume small enough to escape from the 1st page of top volume, but attractive enough for my eyes to notify it. At a buying rate of 96%, 66170 lots deal, there could be more action here. Rebounding of a technical play, we should see it rolling tomorrow. TP RM 0.16.

4.) E&O - After a downwards selling recently. We saw a 2 doji, and 2 black hammer. Could this be the indicator for a trend reversal. Volume had went down drastically by half, or more than half on the past 2 days. Should the margin trader had finished off, probably we could be able to see some light here. Maintained a short term TP of RM 1.65.

Cheers and have a nice day trading.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

AirAsia simplified -

What could be better to do now than planning a good holiday runaway for the coming November - December holiday season.

Market had been in a volatile mode recently, so let's take a breather by planning some quality holidays with your friends and family members.

I had came through this website,, which really made me think of this tag - AirAsia simplified.
What could be better than having a simple and easy site that could help you to search for cheap air tickets - fast, easy, no hassle and fast loading time. All I can say is that at the moment, you can only get them at

This website had been engineered by 2 local web designer, really a good piece of art work. Really user friendly in fact.
Let's take a look at how the things works.

First, selecting the venue of departure and also arriving spot.

Then, selection of the date

And what goes out, need to come back. So selection of the return date here, unless you don't plan to come back.

Right after clicking the "select" in the Return ticket, you will get a confirmation on the details

Confirmed? If yes, you will be redirected to AirAsia booking site, with all the details entered as per your orders.

Simple and easy to use, right?

So, don't be so tense during this season. Let's go for a good getaway for a good bonding. And bravo to - AirAsia simplified.

Stock Watch for 21 Sept 2011

KLCI had continue to extend it losses today. Today is the 7th consecutive day KLCI is losing its steam. While some other indexes are showing some rebound, we had yet to witness a rebound from the KLCI as of today. Will tomorrow be the point of rebound after all the excessive selling.

Well, I myself, anticipated a slight rebound on the index tomorrow, and that could also be the moment for most of the counter to rebound as well.

So let me share with you what I have in my mind that could be playable tomorrow. Here are some of the counter that I had in mind that should be able to release some steam after excessive collection.

1. Flonic 0109 - It had been in a rising trend starting earlier of May this year. Despite the very fragile sentiment in the market, Flonic had been tested in the beginning to middle of August, yet able to make a come back quickly in September. As of past result, this counter is rarely traded, and volume is very scarce as well. Lately, it had secure some movement and volume is convincing enough to tell that there are something happening behind the company. Today closed at RM 0.155, should tomorrow able to break RM 0.16 in a convincing manner, we should be able to see some good show here.

2. Denko - Almost the same as Flonic. Just recently, volume had spiked up without any solid reason. Despite negativity of the market, Denko movement had been quite astonishing to say. Today had ended at 0.465, will Denko go back to test the 50 cents mark again tomorrow? Let's see what Denko have to say tomorrow.
TP RM 0.50

3. GPro - I had covered this counter last week when it is still lingering at 10 cents area. Today GPro had tried to break 11 cents, just to see it being hammered back by 0.5 cents profit takers. Buying rate at 78%, and volume surge lately, this counter is definitely worth to be monitored from time to time until the news come out.

4. Malton - Can Malton do it again this time? After hitting 60 cents just recently, the counter had taken around 1 week to chill off. As today mark the first day of the break of resting, let's see if tomorrow will continue it's upward running. TP 0.575

5. Wijaya - I had been informed that something is not very "right" here, due to the volume and the price hike. Could that be true? Today is more likely to be seeing a "doji" in the chart. Could it mark the end of that sell down, and the start of a new boost now? Should the trend is on reversal, let's hope to see a TP of RM 0.63 to RM 0.64 here.

Well... Let's hope for some good running tomorrow. Hope that the market will not go against us so that we can have some good run after 1 week for boring-ness.


Stock Watch for 20th Sept 2011

Market continue to be in bearish mode today. Yea, I had to agree that KLSE investor is really in a bad year for 2011. This year had begun with all kind of jokes starting back from the pre Chinese New Year sell down in February, and since then, things just continue to go wrong with wars, earthquake and even nuclear issue.

Well, it had been a relieve when market started to rebound off when the tsunami and nuclear issue, together with the unending story of the Middle East got cool off from the media. We had seen KLSE reaching 1600, but only to see things at an even uglier manner. Things could not get better since, with lousy news such as S&P downgrade of US sovereign debts, Europe debt crisis, Greece debt crisis, Germany stagnant growth, US increased of unemployment.. So many of them, I cannot finished listing them out seriously. One day, probably I might see news like - US market ready for crash landing anytime.

Well, let's look at what we could have in our list to play with tomorrow, with DJIA giving a welcoming message of approx -200 points.

1. E&O - Can E&O continue to play on this kind of market again on later today? Let's take a look on today trading, especially on some of the big block purchases.

Some moderate blocks purchases at RM 1.58

Some big block purchases at RM 1.60 here.

Price hovering area circled in blue. Red circle could be on those who do not intend to keep it overnight.

Well, I think tomorrow, E&O should be still able to continue it's upward run in a volatile manner, with 1.60 being tested again. Maintain my short term TP at RM1.65, based on strong volume and interest.

2. Digistar - With buying rate at 63%, and much of them in big lots manner. Ending note at RM 0.43 with a day high swing to 0.435. In a reddish market with purchases in this manner, can we be missing something out here? Technically looking, later today will have some show to play on, probably testing RM 0.45 yet again.

3. MUIIND - Worth to watch counter to see if there is any unnatural movement happening. Rumors of take over offer for MUIIND. Prices continue to trade at 0.200 to 0.220, and could be looking for another break once able to penetrate past 0.220 in a convincing manner.

Cheers, have a nice day tossing and trading

Monday, 19 September 2011

E&O - Saving the best for the last?

Sometimes I had to agree to some saying that the best are saved for the last. Well, putting into E&O and SIME collaboration, could this popular saying be reflected here? The best are for the last.

Well, in a finger crossed mode, E&O is definitely a counter that is very well worth to be monitored from time to time with mega news happening here and then. Don't you think so? What more could be more attention grabbing by paying a a premium of 60% above market price for 30% of the company? Wouldn't this catch enough attention to all the local retailer in the KLSE, as well as the international retailers as well.

To be frank, I am sure that a lot, yes in fact a lot of people are keeping E&O in their watch list. Why? It is just plain simple. When SIME is paying for RM 2.30 for 30%, it is just a wide open opportunity, and also resemble a major reason that why should not the share price of E&O be reflected in the price range that is near RM2.30. There are certain groups of people that would definitely want to take this chance to fried from the top to bottom, left to right, either for a solid, valid reason, or no reason at all, because SIME had justified the best reason by doing it RM2.30. (Although not forgetting that they can be wrong too - based on past history)

Well, I believe that SIME are not stupid at all to offer RM2.30 on acquiring 30%. Sometimes, judging at a surface manner, you might get deceived. SIME might sound stupid, but you must not forget that you do not know all the cards underneath SIME's hand at all. And the strongest card you know, which is a fact, is that SIME is cash rich. Mind you, you still had not know all the other "Tactical" cards held by SIME.

So, let's see what could be prepared here for E&O in the latest saga.

Taken from The Star - E&O has successfully built a strong portfolio and visible premier niche brand in the property development, hospitality and lifestyle segment in Malaysia. Having established ourselves locally, we intend to push the boundary further by making E&O an aspirational brand that is recognised locally, regionally and eventually internationally.

In our various joint ventures and partnerships, E&O seeks to align itself with leaders and giants within respective industries, whether it is in terms of award-winning architects for our developments, in launching new products with CIMB-Mapletree, or the most recent marketing collaboration with Japan's largest zaibatsu, Mitsui Fudosan.

Sime Darby's entry into E&O, is therefore consistent with this strategy, given that we now have as our new cornerstone shareholder, Malaysia's oldest and largest conglomerate. Sime Darby is recognised worldwide for their financial strength, considerable landbank and extensive network.

With such a prominent investor on board, the horizons for E&O expands at an accelerated pace which otherwise would not have taken place had the status quo remained.

For more reading, refer to The Star here

So, now let's look at the latest trading activity.

 Marked green is the first wave that had saw the price peaked at near 1.80.
After the strong volume + strong hike on that 3 days, we saw heavy sell down, but until the game changer of 15 Sept which had saw the breaking of the fall.

In my opinion, the fights of the sharks are very fierce. I am seeing early sharks, just-in-time sharks, late sharks and toothless shark as well. It is not over at RM 1.54 yet. The 13 cents swing on Thursday, and chart movement is much convincing for me to see a second wave on Monday.

Let's see a good show on E&O on Monday. Ride on tactical Bulls mate

Bones TP: RM 1.65


Saturday, 17 September 2011

What can you do during a market down - Part 1

During a downside of a market, it is inevitable fact that a lot of shares are being beaten down. But will there be more to come in the coming days? Going cheap and cheaper.

So, what could we do occupy ourselves with during this kind of market?

Here is something that I had came across that I personally think will be interesting to share about - The 12 Commandments of Wealth.

1.Seek money for money's sake and ye shall not find.
2.Find your perfect pitch. (Know your strengths and weaknesses.)
3.Be your own boss.
4.Get addicted to ambition.
5.Wake up early. Be early.
6.Don't set goals—execute or get executed.
7.Fail so you can succeed.
8.Location doesn't matter. Success can take place anywhere.
9.Moor yourself to morals.
10.Say yes to sales.
11.Borrow from the best—and the worst.
12.Never retire.

Source here.

So, let's work on to get more and more capital, and when the right time come across, we shall not miss this chance to ride a rocket jet up the sky.


Friday, 16 September 2011

Mild Profit Taking or Loss Cutting Measure?

Mild profit-taking chipped some gains off the FBM KLCI at the mid-day break on Thursday, Sept 15 ahead of the extended weekend with the local market closed for the Malaysia Day holiday on Friday.

Sentiment at the regional markets was also wary despite Germany and France voicing their commitment to keeping debt-ladened Greece in the euro zone, with investors remaining skeptical over the measures to be adopted to find a more permanent solution to the euro zone debt crisis.

The FBM KLCI pared down its gains and was up a marginal 0.06% or 0.80 point to 1,438.41 at 12.30pm. The index had earlier risen to its intra-morning high of 1,443.51.

Quoted from The Edge Malaysia
Bone's comment: Sometimes, I start to wonder about the author of this article, whether they are trying to make the market sounded a little bit nice amidst the not very nice situation? Taking Profits? Don't you feel a little bit sarcastic here to take profits in this kind of market sentiment, and where KLCI had plunge to almost 1 year low level?

Yes, there are still chances of people taking profits if they had invested way back on 2008, and keeping them until now. But to me, this kind of people, I would assume most of them will continue to keep and keep and keep for the long run, and they are probably the group of people who will continue to hunt for a better bargain, continue to enlarge their portion of shares held in those blue chips.

For me, I am seeing the market is full of punters now. Once situation turns bad, it will undergo a cut loss situation, buying low and selling lower. Shares are taking a beat, but we have yet to see the severe beating yet. I am assuming that the bad show will begin soon in no time after some technicalities on rebound, and we will be seeing yet another good plunge, yet again.

In short conclusion, I think it should be change to "Loss Cutting Measures"

Top 20 Loser in Greece Default

The market lately had been in a strong significant bear game, which had almost hamper the return of the bulls.
As all of us know the bear game was sparked by some of the unresolved hot news, one of them is the much highlighted Greece default.

Why Greece had got itself into this kind of situation? Had you ever wonder about this question before? A government going into default of its loan. What message is being portrayed to the other country once this nation of Greece went defaulting its loan? Terrible mess right?

Greece, in fact, had been living beyond its means in this few recent years, and the rising level of its debt has positioned the country into a deadlock of looking for more borrowings to cover the initial borrowings. The Greek government had borrowed so heavily, and had been on a spending spree after Greece had adopted the use of Euro currency.

In return, public spending had seen flying in a jet mode, and the wages of the public servant had practically look at their salary going double at least. Well, looking at this in the beginning stage, it seems like Greece is heading for some economy booming with spending going up and purchasing power hitting all high.

So, by looking at all the positive side of the development of the country, why Greece can land itself into a mess? The reason is - Tax Consultants.

No doubts,  Tax Consultant are good in evading tax for mega earners. The Greek government had to face the hit back once government revenue is cutting deeper and deeper. With not much reserves, accompanied with global financial crisis, Greece had proven itself - ill-prepared for the worst.

While the first bail out had cost 110 billion euros to evade the crisis, the coming and current one needed another 109 billion euros.

Let's see which of the institution are the Top 20 highest exposure to the Greek Default.

Coming from 20th placing, we have Marfin Investment Group.

On 19th spot, Societe Generale

Sitting on 18th, Commerzbank

Standing at 17th, we are seeing Generali

On 16th, there is Hellenic Postbank

Queuing on 15th, Dexia

Hovering on 14th, here is Alpha Bank

Sitting on 13th placement, the ATE Bank

Next up on 12th, the famous BNP Paribas

On the 11th spot, Bank of Greece Legacy Loans

Now, sitting the 10th placing in the top 10, FMS
 The 9th placing, Eurobank EFG

On the 8th, Piraeus Bank

Standing tall at 7th, European Central Banks

Trailing on the 6th,The National Bank of Greece
Entering 5th placing, a no stranger, IMF

Hovering on the 4th placing, the funding from world's governments, G8

Now on the 3rd placing,the Citizen of Greece

And crowning on the 2nd spot, the European Union Loans

And finally, the Champion of the Game, the Eurosystem SMP

Source taken from here.

If you would like to calculate the portion of these Top 20 institution are holding, it is more than 50%. Terrific figure yet? And on the 50%, Euro is holding on to at least 23% of this junk loan.

So now you tell me, if Greece is going to go default, will the effect be larger than Lehman Brothers bankruptcy? Let's look at how the European nation is going to tackle on this problem.

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Thursday, 15 September 2011

E&O - Plunging despite of settlement, forcing SIME to acquire more for MGO triggering?

Today, E&O had continued to plunge despite SIME confirmed on the settlement for 30% stakes of E&O on Wednesday.

Refer to Bursa Announcement here.

Well, some of you people would be probably most puzzled on why is this happening. RM2.30, but the share price continue to drop.

As of 10.09am on 15 September 2011, E&O had got beaten down to RM1.49

Well, what could be the story behind this?

Well, in my own opinion, there might be some group of people that are trying to force the price of the share to a lower level so to force SIME to come in and interfere by acquiring more shares to support.

Could that be so? Since SIME already acquire 30%, it is just that little of 3% to trigger the MGO.
Remember OSK play method on DRB warrant? Sometimes, it just need some little sacrifice to see the bigger profit pictures.

If SIME doesn't support, be ready to see it's share going down and down until they come and support.

Well, this is just my 2 cents of opinion.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

KLSE - Bearing with the bear

It had been a harsh plunge in the local KLSE stock market yesterday and today. There are panic selling everywhere in the market.

While some of the people still feels that it is not red enough, there are a lot of people who are giving the long face, out of computer, taking a long break signs already.

So, where are we heading? Where can we see ourselves in the next couple of months? Here is some of my sharing on the market direction that could just repeat 3 years ago.

And the current market index, ending as of 13 September 2011.

So, could history just repeat again?
I had marked the red circle that had reflected almost the same signal on the plunge on January 2008, in which we fell almost the same, and coupled off which some technical rebound in sight, but might be continued with a even harder plunged that would be coming soon which is highlighted in green circle.

Looking at the current market sentiment, could this just repeat after just a short 3 years? We have a lot of issue here to look at. From the job employment statistic in the US, it is not very convincing enough. From the Europe debts crisis, featuring Greece and the latter next upcoming star - Italy, doesn't look good as well. It had turned into adding corrosive acid (HCl) into the current wound, creating a deeper hole, piercing deep into the flesh. Can you feel the intensity of the pain now by giving it an imaginary thought? Ouch!!!

Next off, we have France playing with Nuke. It is well known of how the Tsunami cum Nuke crisis had landed on Japan and hit the whole world. Egypt unrest, Libya ousting of Ghadaffi and so many so many more.

So after reading all this, are you negatively prepared? Are you ready to fight of negativity?

Well, it takes courage really to look at the current monitor screen, and look at how your shares bleed it through this crisis. But, one perseverance today will definitely be prosperous in the coming day (with the right execution of choices). Buck up, don't give up, and face the true color. This is just the starting only. If you are for the fight of the better of the future, face it like a man, and take negativity with an open mind. Most importantly, never give up!!!


I will update more on technical play style in the coming days.

E&O + SIME - The RM 766 million settlement

Later today will mark another historical moment of E&O + SIME on their RM766 million settlement for the purchase of 30% stakes from SIME to E&O.

Basically, there are 2 groups of people. The first group is the group that will be positive on the 30% stakes acquiring, while another group will be thinking of a busted scandal from SIME and E&O.

If you are asking about my opinion on the settlement, I would say that it will be a 85% chances that SIME will be settling this amount of RM766million for the 30% stakes in E&O. But, one thing I learn in the market, especially in KLSE is that no one is to confirm anything until unless the money had been seen, and paid.

Jelas Ulung is the best recent example for the take over bid on Plus. The story is engineered in a manner until people do fall into the trap. Pity those who had went after the fake bid from Jelas Ulung. With this in mind, I am afraid that SIME could in the very end minute, withdraw the purchase. Malaysia boleh? Remember.

At the mean time, SIME had put E&O in the limelight already, and the 2 casts show had went dramatic with a new 3rd party, Malton. Yea, no joke that Malton is seeking to put a leg into the game. Interesting triangle love play in the KLSE.

Taken out from a news portion, Malton has been linked to E&O amid market talk that the former's major shareholder Datuk Desmond Lim had expressed interest in E&O, which has been granted exclusive land reclamation rights in Penang

Speculation is rife that Lim, who owns 37.9% equity interest in Malton, may team up with a substantial shareholder of E&O to make a counter bid for the shares in E&O, in which Sime Darby Bhd is currently the single largest shareholder.

Besides the three major shareholders — Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah, E&O co-founder Datuk Terry Tham Ka Hon, who had sold part of their stake to Sime Darby, ECM Libra Financial Group Bhd is also a notable substantial shareholder holding a 6.25% stake in E&O.

E&O's share price gained five sen or 2.5% to RM1.65 against its closing price last Friday. The stock reached an intra-day high of RM1.69. It has gained 13.8% since Sime Darby announced its purchase of a 30% stake in the property firm on Aug 28 for RM766 million cash or RM2.30 per share.

I am anticipating that once the SIME is truly the paid up 30% shareholder for E&O, prices will surely be able to reflect upwards. There are just too many market players that would want to use this chance to push the prices upwards, and roll some good profit in a market like this. Since this will emerge as a solid news play, at RM2.30, there is an approximate 70 cents upwards margin for E&O to climb. Considering taking 50% into effect, which is 35 cents, we still can expect RM 1.95 to be reached.

Conclusion, if SIME paid up fully for the 30%, in my own opinion, E&O will get a good frying session.

But, if things happen otherwise, I am sorry to see the result.

Johnny English Reborn - Premiere Screening

Back in action, with some not related to stock reading first. :)

What about the upcoming Johnny English Reborn?

I had the privilege to attend the premiere screening of Johnny English - Reborn today at Mid Valley, 9pm.

Well, here is my frank review on this show. (From Bone)

If you are finding for some kind of Mr Bean laughs, who is portraying Johnny English in this movie, this should be the show that you are looking for, because there are some of the trademark Mr Bean behavior and laughter here. I went there with quite a high expectation from the show, but only to find that the show is just so so. If you are really looking for some kind of serious action based movie here, I am sorry, you will be definitely feeling sorry about it (That is what I am expecting, some cool action at least).

There are a lot of scene where you can guess what is going to happen next. Best example is the Chinese cleaner maid that is on the Bad Side. The car chasing wheelchair part is quite horrible (In my opinion). Come on, I am expecting some serious kind of crash and cars went air shot for some moment. Sigh..

And since this is some kind of "Mission impossible" kind of thing, I am expecting more gun firing (At least from Johnny English the so called MI7 agent!!!). And to count back, he fired 1 shot from the lipstick, and 1 RPG from the umbrella. Sigh.. Could there be more guns firing? At least more than 10 shots please. Fight scene is lousy (But if you are looking for funny side of it, alright, acceptable - Focuses on the balls as Johnny English's trained his balls in the temple in Tibet)

Overall. I don't want to spoil the whole story, but if I am to rate the movie with my expectation, I am rating 3 over 10. Reason is, no suspense at all, plot if lousy..

Anyway, for a good laugh, it will be worth (I hope so)


Monday, 12 September 2011

French testing to see Nuclear disaster could reach epic Level 7 after Japan

France's share benchmark CAC 40 extended its losses on Monday, down 5 percent after news of an explosion at the French nuclear site of Marcoule.
At 1208 GMT, the index was down 5.1 percent at 2,823.94 points, while the FTSEurofirst 300 index of top European shares was down 3.6 percent at 882.99 points.
France's ASN nuclear safety watchdog said there was an explosion at the French nuclear site of Marcoule, a nuclear waste management site that does not include any reactors. – Reuters

Source here.
Bone's opinion: Time to see another round of panic selling tomorrow as the fear of nuclear strike nations again. At the mean time, it will be a good time for good bargain hunting.

Prepare for the worst


Is This Malaysian Mentality ? Content Plagiarism

Hi all,

I must admit that I am quite disappointed while I am writing this. I am disappointed at the Malaysian mindset of people that would like to do content plagiarism, and treat them as their own research.

That is why Malaysian artist will never be appreciated, and foreign artist felt disgusted of the attitude and character of those people who take others work and duplicated, and selling them for their own benefits.

So, what had this pirated DVDs and VCDs had to do with me? Recently, a few of my friends had tipped me off that my content is being "abused" by some people in the internet, in a particular Facebook group especially.

As all of you know that my information here is provided Free of charge. I had spent countless hours in researching company and counter that will be traded in a good manner, only to find out that certain people would like to take this opportunity to abused all the benefits. What is worst, is charging people for something that is free here, and manipulating prices that would not sound very nice.

So, basically, here is the story. A person by the name of "Kah Soon" from Facebook had entered into a stock forum in Facebook. Here is the face look of him.
So, what he did in the stock forum where he joined is that he had posted on some buy calls on Malton, with a TP of RM 0.55 (Exactly from what I had posted in my blog)

Later after Malton, some people start to believe him that he is some kind of good stock analyst.

So, he started another round of information plagiarism on my TWS RM 12, and Bernas RM 5 call after I had highlighted on the food sector.
Well. I continue to tolerate and see what is his real intention.
So he went and set up a personal group of his own in Facebook by the name of KS BM Information, asking people to join him.

So to reconfirmed that he is going to repeat all my call, I had did a research again on E&O, and the price swing of RM 1.70 to RM 2.05.

On Sunday night, I had put E&O into my watch list, and purposely included TWS as well, and put a tag of RM 9.50 here.

So, my friend informed me again that this Kah Soon, again put TWS in his list of recommendation at RM 9.45 in the wee hour of the morning.
Fine.. That is alright. But, my tolerance went overboard when things started to get rampant.
He is asking RM10/week from the follower of his.

With this, I am very angry and furious. I had been giving all these good information for free. What i got is that my information is not appreciated, but abused in the end by personal agendas. Since you want to start your business, either I won't be covering any counters at all during this time, and I want to see how you will go and do your plagiarism business, or I will be giving a mandatory charge of RM30, RM50 or RM100 per month to get information.

For all the other readers, sorry for my action, but I am a quite angry and furious on how good things are abused. Want to blame, you can blame why Kah Soon want to do this in the first stage.

I got no regret in exposing this from top to bottom. And also is to remind all the other people out there who would be thinking into plagiarism of other people content.

Stock Watch for 12th September 2011

As the world commemorate the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, the day where no day light can be seen in the WTC. Filled with dust clouds, fire engines, fear, cries, shouting, mess, anxiety, deaths.... Now this history is 10 years back, and the human nature are working to rebuild back what is lost, and to move on with life. Sometimes, we just need to accept the fact that, things happen, and there will be no more 2nd chance again. Cherish your life with your loved ones when you are still alive, because we do not know what will happen to us in the next moment.

Friday, DJIA had been sold down heavily. In my opinion, it could be much affected by the negative sentiment on Sept 11. Yes, this is the day where terror had strike the world, sending the world into fear and tears. And this year is even tense out for the US as they had succeeded in taking off Osama bin Laden early in the middle of this year. Doesn't it sounds very tense, 10th anniversary, Osama bin Laden shot off in the year 2011.

I pray that my counterparts in America will have peace and serenity, no more terrorist attacks.

Later today, 12th September 2011, I will anticipate market to open in a mishap manner due to the heavy selling on Friday on the DJIA. But what is good is that, this is just another opportunity to grab some good counter. If there is no terror attack, I am expecting market to rebound off very fast.

In my opinion, KLCI trend should be opening in a very huge gap downwards, and buying up will be sighted. In such a time, I will stick to some of the defensive stocks that will see demand and perform well, and some stock with solid news that will definitely attract the interest of retailer in participating the trading.

1.) E&O - Anticipating this counter to be heavily traded. There could be a few possible trend on this counter tomorrow with SIME releasing the news of a settlement on Wednesday. Either the counter will open with a gap up, and heavy selling down, or, open with a little gap up (Due to overall negative sentiment), and riding upward then. But, this counter, i believe can be traded for at least 2 days, with the 2nd day opening higher than the closing price of the 1st day. So, it is all about where you plan your point of entry.

2.) TWS - After Bernas on the move. I believe, it should be the time where TWS will take on some good action. A lot of places had seen demand in food, not regional, but globally. Although it looks expensive now at RM 9.1x range, but do not be surprise if this continue to goes up breaking RM10 and heading up more. Trading at a fair PER of 6.xx, with increasing demand, in the long run, we should be able to see RM12.
Short term maintain at RM 9.50


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Understanding your financial, family and fitness

I had attended a talk just recently that focuses on the balance of 3Fs in a person life.
Family, Financial, Fitness

A personal evaluation for you to gauge to what degree are you in experiencing financial reproofs.
Answer only YES or NO. Each YES represent 1 point, which each NO represent 0 point.

1. Do you have any bills that are past due?

2. Have you overdrawn your checking accounts in the last six-months?

3. Do you lose sleep because of financial concerns?

4. Do you have any health problems that are related to financial pressures?

5. Have your business responsibilities robbed you of your own personal time (religion commitments, relax time)

6. Do you have any business ventures that are losing money?

7. Are people bitter toward you because of past business dealings with them?

8. Do you have possessions that you looked forward to owning but no longer enjoy?

9. Do you have expensive recreational possessions, which you do not have the time to use?

10. Have you become a slave to possessions, which demand constant upkeep and attention?

11. Do you spend money for personal habits, which you know, are wrong?

12. Have you gotten into situations which allows others to take advantage of you financially?

13. Are your financial goals putting sustained pressure on your wife and children?

14. Have you made purchases which have caused argument or hurt feelings within your family?

15. Do you have any items in your home which did not belong to you?

16. Have you told your wife or children that you are too busy to go with them to events that are special to them?

17. Do your children resent your attempts to lead them?

18. Do you envy other men who seem to be more capable and successful than you are?

Evaluation Score
10-18 - Critical Warning level (Do something, probably immediately)
5-9     - Mild level (Get to know your problem, and attend to it. Make a change before it is too late)
1-4     - Good (Continue to sustain, and probably improve 1% everyday to try to be perfect)

E&O + SIME - Saga to continue with a positive note

I understand that this had been a very very hot topic lately. No doubts, there are a lot of different views in the E&O and SIME saga. While some of the people are blatantly spreading lies that deal is off, there are people who are keeping finger crossed, but in a positive mode, because they understand how the MGO works.

Yes, a lot of the people out there might be thinking that SIME is over paying, doing some sort of stupid works out there by offering such a high price. But bear in mind, if E&O share holder, large scale punters, stock market watcher and private funds knew some big entity that are planning to hold 30% of their shares through public purchasing, do you think that SIME still can get it cheap at MYR 2.30 for 30%?

Seriously speaking, 30% of E&O shares is a serious huge chunk of amount that you would be shocked to see. If SIME is going to do that in open market, you will see E&O hitting the ceiling for a continuous few days, and KLSE Server might get data overloaded and explode because of the huge amount transacted. (This is a joke of course)

Why not before looking into triggering MGO, does everyone know how the MGO works? Guidelines is set out to be followed. Since it is 30%, IT WILL NOT TRIGGER MGO unless it is more than 33%.

For complete reading, check it out here.

And let's take a look at the historical event of MGO triggering.
MGO Triggered for GBH Bhd dated 2009 July

Now, I assume that everyone is clear on how MGO is being triggered. As long as SIME keep the level below 33%, there will be no MGO triggering.

So, what do we have to say about the deal. Is it imminent? Let's look at the latest development of the news.

SIME - Completion process for the proposed acquisition, and settlement on 14 September (Tuesday)

Looks cool now? Yea, of course this is gonna be cool. Monday, expect to see E&O on top trading volume with flashing green aura all around from the start.
Some serious pointer to be looked at when trading E&O shares on Monday :-

Q: Is the proposed acquisition a confirmed deal?
A: No. Anything will not be confirmed until the money is locked in for the settlement on 14 September 2011 (Wednesday). We need to learn from experience that anything can happen. If you are aware of the PLUS Berhad scandal from Jelas Ulung.

Q: Will E&O get fried up on Monday?
A: Definitely for sure.

Q: What will be the trading trend for E&O on Monday, and the target pricing as well?
A: As of current, market had been behaving in a negative mode. With DJIA and Europe all caught within their own tornadoes, KLSE will see bad shape on Monday. E&O will definitely open up more than the closing of RM 1.60 on Friday. Probably we can see RM 1.80 as an opening. Decision will be hard to make here as there could be a huge selling down ward, or either way, a huge upward spike and towards the touching of RM1.90 within minutes. I leave this portion for you to do the judgment.

Q: Can I buy and keep for a day?
A: In my opinion, you can definitely buy and keep for the second day as the deal will know its fate on Wednesday. I am expecting Tuesday will surge higher than Monday closing. So make sure you know when to unload.

Q: Will it hit RM 2.30
A: Less likely hitting RM 2.30 as the deal is not 100% secured. Unless you are the SIME director, otherwise, no one speak a word about it, including me.

And lastly,
Q: Are you someone in E&O or SIME, or connected? Prices seems to follow you on your short term buy call to RM1.75, and sell down after your selling call at RM 1.75 on the next day with negative news appearing in TV and papers.
A: Hahaha. What do you think about it? Then I should not be working already if that is true.

In conclusion
E&O - Trading Buy Call in a cautious manner.

Price swing expectation - (My opinions only)
1.70 - 1.95 (Monday)
1.80 - 2.05 (Tuesday)

Hunza Property Bhd to be poorer by MYR10 million

Hunza Properties Bhd will pay out RM10 million compensation to about 100 buyers of units at its Gurney Paragon condominium due to late delivery.

The project located in Gurney Drive in Penang has a gross development value (GDV) of RM480 million and is part of the 4ha Gurney Paragon, a mixed development project comprising a shopping mall and the condominium. It is built around the former St Joseph’s Novitiate which will be converted into St Jo’s, offering boutiques and restaurants.

The condo comprises 220 units in two blocks. The 100-odd buyers had signed the sales and purchase agreements in stages from June 2007 when the project was launched. Completion was supposed to have been by June 2010.

Datuk Khor Teng Tong, group executive chairman, said the completion was delayed due to reasons beyond Hunza’s control. A stop work order was issued by the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) when an access road next to the project caved in.

The certificate of occupation was finally obtained in June this year. At a recent press briefing to announce Hunza’s results for FY11 ending June 30, Khor said more than 70% of the 220 units have been taken up, half by foreigners mostly from Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Indonesia.

Khor said the first phase of the retail mall consisting of 111,000 sq ft, including the refurbished St Joseph’s Novitiate, will be completed by year-end. Phase 2, covering 600,000 sq ft, will be completed by end-2012.The mall has a GDV of RM450 million.

Khor said about 30% of the mall’s 700,000 sq ft net lettable area has been taken up and  includes established tenants who have operations in the Klang Valley. They include restaurants like TGI Friday’s, Italiannies Pasta, Pizza & Vino, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Pacific Coffee and Hokkaido Ichiba and TGV cinemas, multi-brand Valiram Group and a foreign department store  taking up 85,000 sq ft. Gurney Paragon will also have 1,800 parking bays.

Cheng Jih Min, Gurney Paragon chief operating officer (retail division), said the mall will complement the neighboring Gurney Plaza, a popular shopping haunt for Penangites and visitors alike. Cheng is hopeful plans by the authorities to turn Gurney Drive and Kelawai Road into one way roads will take off to ease the traffic congestion in the area, especially during weekends and public holidays.

The group recorded RM241.2 million in revenue and RM64 million in net profit for FY11 compared with RM248.2 million and RM50.9 million in 2010. Khor said the increase in net profit was mainly due to gains on a revaluation of investment properties.

Hunza has declared a special interim single-tier dividend of 2.5 sen per share and in addition the board is also proposing a final single-tier dividend of 5.6 sen per share.

Source here
That doesn't look very nice for Hunza Property Berhad here.
That RM10 million will add some salt to Hunza current beat down position by the negative market sentiment further.

RM10 million, with 194,419,650 shares issued, each shares will be poorer by 5.143 cents.
Or probably the proposal of 5.6 cents per share will not be pass? Who knows?

Although Hunza is developing a good area, but mismanagement is just costly always. Expect Hunza to inch down on Monday.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Tambun Indah on the verge of internal affairs?

Datuk Hong Yeam Wah disposed of his entire stake of 8.98% in Tambun Indah Land Bhd and ceased to be a substantial shareholder of the Penang-based property company.

A filing with Bursa Malaysia showed he disposed of the stake, comprising of 19.85 million shares, on Sept 7, Wednesday in an off-market deal. The price of the shares was not disclosed but it closed at 65 sen.

According to the latest annual report, Hong was the third largest shareholder in the company prior to the disposal of the shares. Siram Permai Sdn Bhd is the largest shareholder with 40.38% or 89.25 million shares while Amal Pintas Sdn Bhd owns 10.39% or 22.95 million shares.

He is also a director of Tah-Wah Sdn Bhd which was involved in the sale of a property development company Premcourt Development Sdn Bhd to Tambun Indah. On Aug 29, Tambun Indah announced it was acquiring Premcourt Development for RM5.5 million which is slated to undertake a project with gross development value (GDV) of RM180 million in Bandar Jelutong on Penang island.

Tambun Indah had signed a share purchase agreement with Messrs. Siram Permai Sdn Bhd and Tah-Wah Sdn Bhd to acquire Premcourt’s entire equity of 250,000 shares of RM1 each. Premcourt’s directors are Teh Kiak Seng, Hong and Teh Theng Theng (alternate to Teh Kiak Seng).

Before this, there are some deals with on Datuk Hong Yeam Wah own company (Tan-Wah Sdn Bhd) and Siram Permai on the selling on Premcourt to Tambun Indah.

What could be behind this? Share price had closed at 65 cents as of today.

Could there be some internal fights happening in between them? A company that is full of prospect to develop the land of Penang, should be attractive enough to keep it long term and see the fruits of the company.

Why would Datuk Hong agreed to dispose Premcourt, and in the latter stage, exited all his position in Tambun Indah? Funny ain't.

Will surely update if there are any development on Tambun Indah.

Long term play - Food theme

After a series of stunning frying session at E&O, Bernas and Malton.. Can I proposed that we take a rest first ? Or too addicted to such a fun game already?

Well, I am tipped off by some people into recommending long term counters at this time of time, since some of the people here are not for a fast in fast out session. Fair enough, I find this coverage quite interesting as well. Yes, we need to have something that is of long term, steady and can rely on. This is definitely the right way of investing, which is long term. Fast in fast out is not investing, is trading.

As the economy outlook still remain bleak, uncertainty looming, different kind of news that can gives different kind of wind and tornadoes as well. I would suggest that we should not look into anything related to financial sector at the moment, although quite a number of big financial conglomerate are consider as blue chips.

The reason is because when economy gives you a gloomy look, people will just throw and throw and throw their shares like nobody business. First to get hard hit will be financial sector of course. Since we are down on this sector, please let me recommend you something that is not an alien to you - Food sector.

No matter what happen, you must remember, everyone need to eat. 1 meal or 2 meals or 3 meals, you are still eating. When earthquake comes, what will people do? Stock up money or stock up food? When situation turns really bad, what do you stock up? Gold and cash? So that you can put some soya sauce and lick them clean?

With the increase of population, and the decrease of agricultural land for plantation, food, and the limited land as well (Land don't give birth to more land - You need to know this. They are limited) What will happen? Just imagine, when 100 acre of agricultural land use to feed 100,000 mouths 10 years ago, now they need to feed 150,000 mouth, with the same piece of land. (Figures used are example only)

So what do you have to say? In addition, I had been tipped off that prices of food will see another hike again later this year. Look at TWS, Bernas, Ajinomoto, MFlour, Mamee and etc. What kind of trend is this? If look back for 5 years, yes, they are having uptrend in a both slow and face manner.

If you are for long term, want to leave a legacy for your children, I advise you to go into Food sector. They will never be wrong. Unless mismanagement - brushing away mismanagement, under normal situation, this industry will never ever die off.

At this kind of economy, go in stages for TWS, Bernas, MFlour, Ajinomoto. They had proven with dividend, and improved from year to year. Put your sight further. Look for the coming 5 years.

TWS - expecting a RM12 for a long run (within 1 year)
Bernas - Maintaining RM5 (Within 1 year)
MFlour - RM9 (Within 1 year)
Ajinomoto - RM5 (Sub sector in food, so in 2 years time)

Cheers.. Happy investing
*Probably everyone use more Ajinomoto, we can reduce 1 year. Hahaha. Just joking

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Recommendation - SMS Alert Services


Recently, a few of my friends had prompted me to include SMS Alert on the stocks pick.

I am wondering if I should do this extra services. Of course, if I am telling that if this SMS Alert is free, I think there will be a lot of people who will be rushing to subscribe it. Free thing, why not?

Just a simple survey here to see if anyone will be interested for SMS Alerts to their handphone at a rate of RM30 per month, on a daily basis on stock picks that will be sent at night for the next day trading.

Content of SMS will include Counter with target price, and cut loss point.
Well, considering SMS costing an average of 30 cents (If 2 pages), I think RM30 will be considered good.

If you are interested, do drop me an email at

Please do state your :-
Name: (Real or nickname also can)
Phone number:

If there is demand in this service, I will provide them.



Stock Watch for 8th September 2011

Hi all,

It is a late late update here. Due to much intensive work that had to be finished and teaching new people how to play shares - For free (At the moment, if not I will be very not free)

DJ had been a well play until now, with futures at 200+ positive mode. Tomorrow, let's head for some goodies bag in our hand. Recently, goodies bag from Bernas and E&O is very good. I hope you people out there are having good goodies bag as well from this 2 counters.

Next up later at 9.00am action. Let's see what we have in our fingers.
1.) Malton 6181 - With an unaudited final year report for 2011, with EPS 20.83 cents, and PER at 2.85, this counter is definitely deeply undervalued. Sometimes, good news that are too good takes time to sink into the investor heart. Can this happen here? Yes! Definitely. I am telling you on my own experience. Expect some kind of special dividend soon. My short term TP will be at RM0.55

2.) MahSing 8583 - This beaten down counter from the S&P degrade and all kind of US debt crisis coupled off with the European debt crisis, it had went down under the sea. At RM 2.15 to RM 2.20, we can see some kind of support there, in which had been tested a few times. Today at RM 2.20 again, we saw 30k lots done. Brace yourself for a crazy hike for tomorrow. Cheers. TP at RM 2.35

3.) Alam 5115 - Interesting enough to catch my attention. Since it had been mentioned by one of my friend as well. Buying rate at 51%, ending high at 0.785. Should tomorrow did not open with a leap, we can expect price to continue its hike up to probably RM 0.82.

4.) BJCorp + BJLand - Very big lots done in the last minute at the closing price. Something fishy? Vincent Tan aligning his CDS account again for this time? Worth to be monitor because of very funny volume. Anyhow, BJCorp can be worth to be considered at RM1.00. Vincent Tan will not want to see his BJCorp goes below RM1.00 somehow

5.) Kretam - Rising high. At 15 cents single tier dividend, RM 2.34 means still have a 6.4% dividend yield. Convincing volume for today. 2 quarters earnings at 18.58 EPS, forecast final year at 37 to 38 cents EPS. Trading at PER x7 at forecast 38 cents EPS for 2011, this will interpret at RM 2.66 tag price.
Kretam will continue bullish good form as market sentiment regain composure for the time being. TP RM 2.45.

Cheers to all, have a nice day tossing your money around

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Takaso - Down to the deep ravine

When a counter raise unreasonably without any concrete supporting news, it will got UMA from the Bursa on the irregular trading activities.

Today, Takaso went down to the drain, and deep down into the ravine as well. Because of this hyper plunge, Bursa had issued a UMA to Takaso.

From the news, Takaso Resources Bhd was queried by Bursa Malaysia on the recent unusual market activity (UMA) of its stock. The counter plunged 35.2% or 12 sen yesterday to close at 22 sen — sharply below its recently completed rights issue of new shares that was priced at 35 sen each, and putting its market capitalisation at RM36.3 million.

Prior before this mega plunge, Takaso’s stock began rallying in July and hit its six-year high at 59.5 sen on Aug 10, from around 20 sen in July. However, since then, the stock had fallen 63.55% to its yesterday’s close. Its 52-week low was on March 2 this year when it closed at 16.2 sen.

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia yesterday, Takaso, which produces condoms and baby products, said it has been asked by the exchange to explain, among others, whether there are any corporate developments in its business, including those in the discussion and negotiation stage that were not previously announced, that could have resulted in the UMA.

The exchange also wanted the company to disclose any rumors or reports concerning its business and affairs and any other possible explanation that may have accounted for the UMA.

Takaso replied on the same day that it was not aware of any such developments that may have contributed to the UMA. “The company will make the necessary announcement to Bursa Securities of any material information in compliance with Main Listing Requirements,” it added.

On a jokingly manner. Could it be because of the lousy graded condoms that are puncture, causing share price to plunge? Hahaha.

Only the user will know if the quality is good. Anyone willing to share?