Friday, 30 December 2011

New Year Stock - List 1

Market had continue to put up much needed dressing, as stock rally, index inched higher, commodities like crude palm oil regain composure, and gold depressing into the flat level again. What signal could we have? Some would say bullish moment are here again, while some decided to stay sideline yet again to wait for an even clearer picture.

As for me, I believe that be it a window dressing or a true bull run to welcome the upcoming roaring 2012 Dragon, it could be a whole new mark, as the old will get rid off and the new will spring into fresh action.

I do believe in New Year Effect, do you? It had been my experience that on the 1st trading day of the year, stock will literally head to the northern pole, not all, but almost all. While some will not see an immediate action on the first day itself, some will get the effect on the 2nd or 3rd day, which is still considered good.

Here is a quick couple of shares that is part of my New Year Stock List.

1.) Mulpha - It had been remaining low and laggard after the peaking in the earlier January this year. However after that peak, things had never been in a good position with Mulpha, as more disaster reports had been giving negative effect to the performance and the majority outlook for the company.
On a quick technical outlook, the much heavy volume had indicated a series of signs to break already. 40 million of shares transacted, this could be the start of a new beginning.
Past Historical information on 1st January

So. what is your take after this?

2.) Plantation - Rsawit, IOI, Cepat
Rsawit, after heading for some consolidation on the month of November and December, it could be time for some good action now. Rsawit, a counter that had seen a repeated feat of the New Year effect could be poising for another good round of new year effect soon. Earlier this year, Rsawit had taken a great flight towards a legendary RM 2.50, can Rsawit perform a new one yet again during the opening of 2012 until RM 1.20? Let's monitor and see.

There will be more to come. Check out

Cheers, Happy Garden.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Do you believe in New Year Effect?

It is just a few days left for the end of the year 2011. Much had happened throughout this whole year, with much disaster following on from one nation to another nation from time to time, and wages of war happening from different parts of the world. However, as time passes by, things had come back to a calmer situation now.

It is just another 1 and a half day of trading days in the year 2011, and we will welcome 2012, 1st trading day on 3rd January 2012, which is a Tuesday.

Personally, through experience and studies, it had been a behavior that the 1st trading day of the year will see stock going higher, and prices hitting good spot. How true is this myth? Well, should you be interest to know about this so called "myth", you might want to check on to the historical data that are widely available in the internet. I can conclude that most of the stock, especially laggard ones, will be able to see this new year effect being applied to them. Exception for those that are overly speculated and fried from top to bottom, the rest are just a good potential for anything to happen now.

Take this remaining few day to really pick into your lucky strike as a welcoming gift to you and your family in the coming new year. I believe that the recent how counters that had been sidelining, just starting to hike, just came back from rebound will be able to undergo a good new year effect all over in the 1st trading day of 2012.

On a side note, I will try and work out on a list of counter that might see some good new year effect should I be able to prepare and analyze through it.

After all, happy trading and have a nice day

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Taking a day off - Happy Pumping

As the market had been marching forward with a better pace, we will be seeing more and more bullish moment to come through.

However, I will be taking a day off on the coverage today. Check out my live call for tomorrow on my lurking area, as well as blog should there be any good coverage.

Happy trading, and happy playing.

Cheers and take care.

Stock Watch for 28 Dec 2011

The market had finally decided to close at the deciding point of the bull moment, a psychological 1500. This mark had been a turning point for most of the investor/trader/speculator to see how the market will decide to flow.

As it had been tested a few time previously, we will see if the global market trend will continue to support this bullish momentum with better data release and good economic information. However, do remember that do not let loose on everything, as we might need to look for a stronger signal in the coming time to support this justification. However, those with a better risk appetite might consider to come out for some good fun at the moment to capture more profits, should the sentiment be a bullish one.

On a quick outlook, the total volume transacted today is 2.3 million away from 1 billion, with a market value at approx 743mil traded over the KLSE market. High time speculative counter - Proton, JCY, had once again continue on with some fairy tales saga, with the spotlight focus on Proton in an overall manner as the final hour spike had once again created superb speculation in the market.

Here is what I think we can consider on monitoring for the market later.
1.) Proton - As mentioned here, Proton might be able to soar higher due to it's second stage of speculation, which will normally be able to break up on the 1st target of the speculation (RM 5). With no doubt, I am quite convinced that there will be indeed some material announcement on Proton because of the unending activity and action that had been shown across the market. It will definitely worth a share to be monitored as the interest by the parties behind are strong. However, weak heart trader should avoid this as the risk exposure is high with battles of sharks all around.

2.) JCY - Another favorite counter in the KLSE lately. The recent side way trending for the past 2 days had been a cooling off period for JCY, as I will continue to believe that JCY will hit RM1.00 in time to come as there are solid participation from big gunners behind. With the upper hand position that JCY is having over it's competitor, the sky is just the limit for them. Can we see RM1.00 happening with "you" in the making, it is up to your own decision tomorrow. Maintain TP at RM1.00

3.) Affin - The time has come for this laggard banking stock to come back into the limelight soon. It had been featured for quite a number of time, however, failed to perform and choose to remain in it's own comfort zone. Tomorrow will be a deciding point to see if Affin would like to remain at RM3.00 zone. Should Affin rock the boat off RM3.00, be prepared to see strings of unending actions.
Bone's quick short term TP - RM 3.15.

Cheers and Happy Trading

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Proton - Resurrection

Proton had once again made an epic come back today, hitting a good note at RM4.79 as the share prices continue to see buying interest yet again after series of hit back from the media and the management team from different parties that had been eying on the latest series on the Proton buy out/take over.

As covered previously here at "Proton - Worth a punter choice", Proton had once again get fired back into the limelight as the upcoming rumor on the link of UMW and Proton after DRB exit. This had further spin a resurrection of the prices of the Proton share as we could be possibly looking into breaking up more than RM5 that had been a price that was predicted earlier.

A simple outlook on Proton share movement, it was truly a game of brave heart, and a game for those who really knew what is happening. There is literally no chance in hell that one could take this kind of ride right from the top and towards the bottom, and from the bottom right to the top. But, it will always be the trader favorite as the large swing equals to the large opportunity for a larger piece of profits that does not happen frequently.

A simple outlook on the Proton share price had seen that Proton is now poising for a further up breaking trend after the insider had shaken out most of the weak heart traders, especially in the call warrants, which is making killings from top to bottom.

How would be the game play for Proton tomorrow will be the major consideration for everyone here.
A simple outlook will tell us that from the past historical style, each bullish white candle will associate with a open up, selling down syndrome. Hence, should Proton will be repeating this by opening high up, it will be a moment for a profit taking session. However, should the price continue to rally with not a gap too big, we can expect a wheel of action to come as I think Proton can be breaking RM5 as speculation continue to grow.

Cheers and happy trading.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Stock Watch Special - Waterfall stocks

The market index had been seen battling in a certain zone at the moment, with KLCI featuring a 1450 to 1500 battle. As the index is still searching for a new direction to head forward to, stock had been searching for some new direction to head for as well, while some are taking flight, while there are quite a number of stocks and warrant especially, had been taking a harsh landing as well.

In my special stock watch today, I would like to feature 3 stock that had been in a waterfall mode for the past 4 to 5 days, which is considerable long. Technically looking at it, it could be the time for some retraction to come into pictures.

Sitting in my list are, Envair, Sumatec, and Sanichi.

I believe that Envair is still worth to be monitored as there might be upcoming material announcement in the coming days by looking at the way it had been traded.

In a waterfall mode for the past 5 days. How low can it goes? Or should it be a good time for some bouncing?

A recent hero for the past 1 month as it had surge madly into the 30 cents area from a lowly 5 cents, and what is worst is a PN17 status sticking to it's head. Under a restructuring scheme, this counter might not be finish so soon.

The above 3 counter bares almost the similar play style, getting fried at almost the same time, and giving waterfall trend at almost a similar pace. Should a rebound come into pace, I would think that these 3 musketeers will be worth a monitoring as it might give some chain effect to each other.

Cheers and happy trading.

Proton - Worth a punter choice?

Proton had been making millionaires in the market for the past couple of weeks from the crazy dramatic surges from the call warrants, which had seen an increase of more than 10 times in a short period of 1 month. All the call warrant, Proton-CG, Proton-CH and Proton-CI had been traded in a rather heavily manner as news and publication about the take over of Proton had spilled into the market and highlighted in the media with local giant like DRB-Hicom being in the limelight as well.

As for traders, this kind of news is just one of a kind that resemble a good opportunity for heavy speculation, that had seen Proton share prices driving up to the sky, where by at a point of time, Proton had nearly tested on the RM5.00 target, which was the target price for most of the investment bankers analysis.
Proton had continue in a much volatile manner, with the call warrant traded in great swings as any movement on the mother share will interpret great momentum towards the call warrants. As the mother share could be seen going into a series of consolidation, and the reduced of the swings together with the consolidation being seen in the volume, the RM 4.50 is liken to a magnetic core at the moment. However, as this had been a highly speculative share, being in the side way definitely will not suit into the play style of the speculative traders. I believe that RM 4.50 will not remain for a long time, as I expect some news to come out to support this soon, with another series of mega ride. At the moment, there had been news of take over being abandoned. Who knows what is the next serial killer?

On a side note, the call warrants of Proton had seen great decline, which I believe today had made serious killing most of the warrant holder. A quick look on 2 of the Proton warrant, CG and CH, had seen a deep solid candle, the steepest plunge in their life.
Could this be the end of the Proton dramatic series? The call warrant had slipped heavily, and currently is trading at a price which is slightly premium that what it is used to be in the previous week. Should the mother share had not really finished the show, we can anticipate another series of swing again.

I believe Proton call warrant will continue to be a focus in all the speculators' eye. After a sliding downfall, what could be of tomorrow? Let's continue to keep check on Proton development.

Cheers and happy trading.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Redtone - Intact for a vast array of swinging

Well, it had come to my attention over a hot counter - Redtone, that had went into silence recently after all the happenings and dramatic saga in the past couple of month. To recap back on its background, Redtone had recently announced over it's improved performance that had seen the revenue reaching a breakeven point. As the company continue to see more positive changes and news on the upcoming quarters, this counter will definitely be looking at a good juncture for a turning point.

It is no doubt that the environment is looking into "wireless" technology, and with more development being focused on wireless technology, company involves in this category will definitely benefit into the massive demand in the upcoming future. Of course, everything need to be justify together with how well the team or management is doing the operation.

As of today, Redtone had been in a slacking mode of consolidation, with price laying comfortably at the zone of RM 0.25 to RM 0.26. A quick outlook will be able to foresee that Redtone might be reaching a turning point for a breeze of action to come soon.

As the consolidation might be coming to an end, there are some spikes and action as of the trading today in the 1st session. Would this be a upcoming signal as time goes by?

In my opinion, Redtone will be definitely worth to be monitored as I anticipate a strings of action to happen in Redtone soon, with a 1st short term TP of RM 0.285, should the bullish signal get started and rolling in to show.

Cheers and happy tradings.

JCY - The final countdown

Any show, had a beginning, and ending. While some ending might mark a new beginning for the whole show itself, I think, JCY will be having an ending soon as life as a penny stock, while the show ends, we will welcome the new chapter of the whole drama, a repackaged RM1 stock - JCY.

Could this be a fairy tale too fast? Dreaming on winds and airs? Can JCY really make it true and penetrate into the RM1 zone which will end its drought and thirst for a good and handsomely looking RM1 figure. Tomorrow will definitely be a good time to see should JCY is working up on it.

Well, I do know that lately I am heavily on JCY, and had been in my feature for almost at least every week since the debut started from the Thailand flood that had did massive destruction to the competitor - ENG. This news is no stranger anymore, and I believe that people are coming to realize that JCY will be able to take this time as an opportunity to charge and surge forward. If you are not doing this, there are many other people who are doing it, as we can see it with our bare eyes on how JCY did it fropm 60 cents onwards until the current price.

It had been an interesting trade today, seeing the stock being sold off at a start before taking another flight to create a new high price after taken non stop slide since it's IPO debut. As volume continue to be huge, and price continue to show positive signal altogether, the outlook of the stock still remain in a good composure for a further surging upwards, however, we could not erase off the fact that the risk increases with the increase of the price as well. But, with proper planning on capitalizing this risk, the price and reward is just handsome and rewarding.

On the technical side of it, let's have a quick look on JCY.

A quick look using the Bollinger Band, the surge had been keeping above the Bollinger Band, which indicates more and more show to come up as the weakness had not been in a significant manner yet. Technically looking cool, opportunity wise will be looking handsomely good, volume wise reflects great and superb interest and participation from the market, and broad market looking for a handsome turn up swing tomorrow as well.

A quick analysis, anticipating the hike to maintain this good composure and strength, we will be able to see JCY poaching on the TP of RM1.00 in a short term soon.

Cheers and happy trading.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Stock Watch for 20 December 2011

It had been quite some time since my last coverage on some stock watch. Recently, there had been much happening in the stock market as the volume resumes back with more participation from the retailers, as well as the foreign fund as well. To add on to this, with the heavy anticipation that the GE will be around the corner, and with the ending of the year 2011, and welcoming the 2012 - Dragon Year, trends are forming and buying interest can be seen throughout the market.

In a quick outlook, the broad market are still playing a Red and Green zebra stripes game play, while the troublesome Europe seems to be not a big problem - At the moment. Bulls are released back into the market for some rampaging surge with some panic buy sighted. Events like talks of merger and take over offer had been spiking the market as well, where I had witness millionaire being made from Proton and Wijaya, not to forget DRB-Hicom, QSR, KFC and Kulim. While the biggest harvester still remained, there had been alot of other good harvester such as SYF, Versatile, Sumatech and such.

I am going to anticipate more and more action to come forward in the market, before the market turn to another ugly bear. Here might be some cards that are good enough to get it monitored:-

1.) JCY - As written here, JCY had been in a good position with convincing volume sighted. There should be more upcoming show as money will rain from sky.

2.) Cybert - Interesting enough to see it becoming just another high flyer like how it's other relative did in the ACE market. Good enough to see accumulation and pushing, and low enough to avoid more attention to finish the game too fast. However, it should be the ripe moment to see more happening here. TP Rm 0.20.

3.) Sersol - After a series of a 3 days plunge, the 4th day might be able to see some light for the holders soon. Let's see how Sersol with weather the fight tomorrow.

4.) MBF - This stock will be worth monitoring until the end of the year because of it's current troubled position from the Bursa in wanting the Director to have the stock of this counter to comply to the regulation of the listing requirements before 31 December 2011. As time passes by, pressure is high and tension is peaking out. Any dramatic movement will easily spark off with pathetic movement and surges.

5.) Keuro - There should be no stranger that Keuro is related with Trinity *Former Talam Corp*. Keuro, with some handy projects on some road building might be one interesting button to press forward to. As retrieved and informed by trusted sources, a highway road deal is secured, and I would believe that it could just be a matter of time. Since today had saw spikes going out, hence, it should be a good time to see more action coming up soon.

Cheers and happy trading to all. Remember to trade in an informed manner. All information provided will just be another source of referencing material.

Have a good day.

JCY - Bring me the show

Sorry for being a die hard fans for JCY. Well, as long the money keep pouring in, as long as the volume keep it coming, as long as the prices keep it moving into higher ground, i believe JCY will be anyone fans.

Lately, there are just too many dramas, from high prolific dramas to lowly unknown lousy and failed dramas, each of the dramas play a good and important role in entertaining the KLSE market. Without them, the market will be so bored and no interaction. As of current, I think JCY is just no stranger anymore, and is able to take up a title challenge for the KLSE Superstar.

As posted and covered earlier on JCY's saga, and the end of its life as a penny stock, JCY had continued to defy gravity means, and the strong rally can be seen with more breakthrough from time to time. As today had successfully tested on the psychological 90 cents barrier, it just went off with a bit of challenge that had seen much convincing and heavier lots that had been secured during the open market trading hours.

As the accumulation had been in a much heavier and significant manner, institute and bosses are still taking a good time to accumulate which inching it higher day by day. Swings are there to shake away weak hearts, while the strong hearts will definitely know what is happening here. Looking at the convincing manner on how those shares are being traded, JCY will just end up more than RM1 in no time as the pressure is huge, and focus is tense here.

The show had just started, what about you? Expecting JCY to reach RM 0.95 in a short term period.

Cheers and happy trading.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

JCY - Towards the end of life as a penny stock

JCY had taken all the trader with a blasting surprise with a perfectly turbo boosted hike which had saw its price breaking into the 80 cents range, and further extended its gain towards the 85 cents foothold, and touching 86 cents. JCY last seen lingering at 85 cents is at the beginning of this year, however the prices had been sliding out the rail as the poor performance and dismal financial result.

As JCY had taken toll to catch this golden opportunity, which saw the local competitor - ENG, slumping into serious trouble after being given a royal flush by the mother nature. Indeed, damage had been severe as operation need to be hauled, and machines damage had further prolonged the recovery stage.

JCY, consider itself a lucky star, and with the sudden shortage of the hard disk due to the disabled competitor, JCY had suddenly found itself in some sort of a monopoly market for at least a 6 month windows period as they are gaining control over product prices, and customer must turn to JCY for orders. What a win win and win situation for JCY because of a crippled competitor, thanks to the mother nature.

As I had shared earlier on JCY saga to be continued here, the 80 cents psychological barrier is liken to a twig today, with not much effort needed to break this as volume had been huge and astounding great. No doubt that we should continue to see more action from JCY as they take this golden time to make and rake the profit out of the customer.

On a quick outlook basis for JCY movement, we could basically predict how JCY would behave on the next occasion after series of historical movement on the share prices.
The green candles marked those high and strong spike, which followed by a series of open gap higher and selling down syndrome.

As of such, what would be tomorrow? In a short outlook, I would believe that institutional trader and "sharks" had fully left the trade, where in return would possibly trigger another spike tomorrow for another good batch of french fries. However, should the share price do gap up in the opening, do be extra cautious on you entry trades, as I would recommend strict measure on cut loss. However, on the side note, should JCY opened in a not highly gap up manner, I think another good show will be up.

A short term TP outlook of RM 0.95 will be feasible in a week or two.

Cheers and happy trading

13th GE - On the verge of lurking into the play

As time flies and moment passes by each second, soon it will be the time where each responsible Malaysian will be taking themselves to the polling center soon. In fact, there had been a lot of preparation being made, both direct and indirectly, by the political parties in securing a better image, a better response, a better result when the real moment come to test.

The 13th Malaysia General Election, according to the law, must held before or on the year 2013 as the constitutional parliamentary term in Malaysia is 5 years. Looking back at the previous General Election, the highlights of the whole 12th General Election that had haunt, and continue to haunt the ruling party, Barisan Nasional, is the shocking result which saw BN losing is grip of a 2/3 majority, which is required to pass amendments to the Federal Constitution.

A lot of political happenings took place, including some that had turn into bad and sour. Some are framed up while some got defamatory remarks, set ups, back stabbing. The most popular act of bribing should not be left out in this, while interesting new strategy including the injecting of "moles" into opponent party, which had brighten up the dramatic happening of the great Malaysia's politics.

In the share market, we had witness upon how share prices that are well linked got fired up, how crazy and mind blowing dividends are being given out, how projects are getting injected, in which the highlights remained on how company got "Harvested" big time as well. Other signs including the popular "Re-tar of roads" comes to the picture as well. All these are good supporting events that are showing how near the upcoming 13th General Election is.

As of now, the latest development is that I am seeing is the mass media advertisement, which is sending a direct message to everyone. Here is a catch of the online media advertisement from a local advertiser - Nuffnang.

I hope everyone, Malaysian, will do their part and to vote for the better of the nation. For the better future, for the future generation, and for the nation.


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Taking a day off - Happy Trading

Will be taking a day off on trading for tomorrow as it had been crazy trading lately as the market swing in a volatile mode.

It will be a nice Wednesday for a good rest, as resting will be meant for a better and further run in the coming days.

Here is some drums cover by one of my favorite drummer, popular in the Youtube arena for his amazing covers and amazing god like skills in drumming - Cobus Potieter

The god like play style in "My heart will suck without you - Kelly Clarkson"

Good make shift of the drum cover on "The Great Escape - Boys like Girls"

Hope you enjoy those.

Cheers and happy trading.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Stock Watch for 13 December 2011

It had been quite sometime since I last did a stock watch, which is back at 6th December. Lately had been much busy for me as I had been adjusting my time with some other sort of investment - Real Estate Properties. It is a whole new fun and challenge for me, as my time will be fully occupied for trading during the days, and evening for some properties dealings.

There had been much action in the penny world market, which had saw counters like Sanichi, SYF, Versatile, Emico, Sersol, Sycal (Hope I doesn't miss out any fried chicken) marching into top volume pages in a turn to turn basis. Penny stock had storm back into action after a series of heavy trend on the heavier cap counter. However, Proton had continue to amaze more and more people with it's highly volatile share price.

A quick look at tomorrow, even though the current outlook at the US market is not in anyhow convincing enough to grant the bull out for a hill run. As of my seeing now, DJIA is having a negative 220. I am expecting some counters to see some panic selling in the beginning should the sentiment continue to be in this manner. However, there might be some quick cards with us that could be seeing some action.

1.) Sanichi - This counter is closely watched by a lot of punters. With the latest development of the secured projects, and the dramatic suspension of the counter for trading for the last few days of the past week, it is somehow quite noticeable that the main player behind is doing this to shake off the heavy contra player and putting them into a force selling more. As today had been in an accumulation mode, probably we might be see Sanichi open high and sell down. Who knows? It will be worth monitoring with some action packed prices.

2.) Biosis - Inching up slowly in a rather low profile mode, but it will soon get some real attention soon probably? It had came to my knowledge that Biosis had some stakes being bought up by a foreigner from China as part of the whole new restructuring plan for Biosis. Who knows what will be happening to Biosis in time to come?

3.) MBF - A highly speculative stock, especially on the warrants. This stock will continue to be featured in my watch list as long as the direct and indirect interest of the Datuk Dr Ninian remains at a high level. For more readings, refer here.

4.) Others
i) Sersol - Hiking up madly. Can UMA stop it?
ii) Flonic - Standing strong at 0.25 zone. What's up in the coming days. Hmm
iii) SYF, Sycal, Versatile, Wijaya, Glomac, LFECorp (Monitor on movement)

Cheers and happy trading.

Monday, 12 December 2011

MBF - Time Crisis Chapter

MBF had been actively trading ever since news and rumors about MBF Berhad is on the verge for a take over from a bigger financial institution. As the share had been actively trading near the end of September, a surge from 50 cents range to 70 cents had raise the focus and concentration of the markets towards MBF share movement. Since then, it had been a feat for Major Shareholder Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Ninian Morgan Lourdenadin in acquiring back its share, even at a staggering high price of RM 1.08.

As of the latest notice given, Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Ninian Morgan Lordenandin had further injected 1,860,600 MBF mother shares into his profile, at an average of RM 1.095. Holding 87% of the total shares issued, left around 12-13% floating in the market, with a huge NTA standing non lower than RM1.76, what could be left except for some northern rock blasting show?

Bursa had been in the chase for MBF to comply in its public shareholding spread, and rejected an application for MBF to extend until 31 December 2011. As the time frame is just too tight for any issuance of new shares, and with Tan Sri Datuk Dr Ninian still in the spree of buying more and more shares, what more could happen?

Looking at the time frame, it is just getting tighter and tighter day by day, and it had been in an increasing pressure for Dr Ninian Morgan, either to continue to eat them up, or issue some GO for the remaining amount of shares, or continue to eat them up through public (And we can continue to see more actions coming in).

At a quick outlook, I would advise trader to trade mother share for a better security, as the warrant had been trading in a 35% premium. Any GO below RM 1.35 will definitely send warrant holders to hell. To support this, shareholder had been disposing warrants in open market in the recent days, it might be a reflection of how the game play will going to be. However, with the interest NTA standing at RM1.76, I could not erase the chances of MBF heading towards RM1.50, which will be another story for the warrant holder together. However, a safer play would be for the mother share.

A quick outlook on MBF share price.
Down on weak volume. I see it as a game play by Datuk Dr Ninian to reduce his upcoming buying price by not participating in the previous 3 days to punish contra taker. However, his plan might go busted should there be new comer to take up those share, and it will put even more pressure for him, as Datuk Dr Ninian is racing against time now. Around 2 more weeks, it is a game of mind and strategy, of holding power and perseverance - Who will reveal the ACE card first, Datuk Dr Ninian or the Public (Us)?

MBF will continue to be one of my favorite counter to be monitored at, and I will anticipate high actions, stuns and dramas. It will be better than Hollywood, since I am part of the actor. Do you want to be a part of the actor as well?

Cheers and happy trading

Digistar - Soon to deliver a whole new packaging

Digistar had finally come to the final stage of its game. With the never ending tickling clock that is ripping off second by second, now we are near to the end of the year 2011.

As per informed by my sources, I am being informed that Digistar will unveil its real game at the end of the year, which is just 2 weeks to go. I am quite convinced that should Digistar be able to maintain it's current outlook, it couldn't be a problem for Digistar to continue in breaking into new heights.

With the already on-going expectation that Digistar will be heading for a Main Board listing on early next year, it could be a bright outlook for Digistar altogether as the recent news and reports had been in favor for Digistar to put a good run ahead. The most recent project secured amounting to approximately RM24 million for the design, supply and integration of HD base band broadcast system, security system, extra low voltage system and hospital communication system had put Digistar in some limelight, as the projects they start to take on a foothold on the main market. I am quite convinced that Digistar will continue to secure lucrative projects for hospitals and other government infrastructure and service center.

Back on to the prospectus on the main board listing, I believe this would certainly be an interested upwards spinning opportunity.

On a quick outlook for Digistar
Digistar had been hit down to a low of RM 0.44, but on a low volume mode, signalling the holding power of the majority. A quick look is seeing Digistar being tested on a very short term support line, and which might still remain in a good composure for a hike in the coming days forward.

In short, Digistar will be a good stock to see it reaching RM 0.50 in a short period of time in the month of December.

Cheers and happy trading.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Wijaya - Too good to be true, but be careful on your trades

Wijaya - As per informed from my sources that it will be taking a toll to got into some mergers/take over program soon in the coming day. Well, it had finally come into light that Wijaya got a take over offer from owners of Maxcorp group of company, at a staggering price of RM1.10.

Well, as this is just a news to show interest on the dealing (I believe that the rumors had been spreading hard), we should take into consideration on some of the pointers of this take over - should it really happen.

As we had seen some tragedy from Hiro-WA, on how the lowly offered price had send Hiro-WA deep down into 8 cents, while it can be seen crawling back in a slow manner, we should be extra cautious on the what could lay ahead of Wijaya-WA as well.

Looking at the offering price of RM1.10, and the exercise price from Wijaya-WA, which is at RM1.25, this is not in anyway, look good for those who are thinking that with RM1.10 offered, the warrant will shoot sky high, but to turn in upside down, should the deal is confirmed with announcement made, you could be crying to see Wijaya-WA down to lower than 10 cents, which will be a total kill off.

As this news had been released, I had been seeing irregular movement from Wijaya-WA, in which the warrant just get over active than the mother share, and the fluctuation of the prices can go x2 of the mother share movement. Could this be insider making the warrant active for disposal to be done? It could be possible, as these are the visible symptoms that we can see through the volume traded, and the price movement of the warrant.

Because of this, for those high risk trader who see that this is just such a good opportunity to make some quick bucks, probably I would suggest that one would not opt to keep the warrant overnight, as any announcement that will be released be sending a stone cold stunner easily. However, it could be a nice bet on the mother share if the take over did go through.

Cheers and all the best.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Pavillion Reit - A vehicle to be considered?

Later today will be the much awaited moment for those Pavillion craze maniacs, well it could be some hardcore shoppers, buying some PavReits to earn some money in an indirect manner from their spending in Pavillion. As for REITs lover, this will be another defining moment for them again as they finally find joy in the market as PavReit is finally something that they are awaiting for and suits their appetite.

In a short, I wonder what would my friend (cherroy), a hardcore REIT lover which I knew in a forum, will think about PavReit? Won't be surprise as he will add in some to see a portfolio with some varieties. Hehe.

Let's have some gorgeous pictures of Pavillion Shopping Mall and some Pavillion Residences.

Pavillion Shopping Mall

 Pavillion Residences

Frankly speaking, Pavillion will be in a high time spot light when the clock strikes 8.30am, and panic buying will be anticipated at 9.00am sharp.

In my opinion, I would say Pavillion Reit will somehow be a good REIT to ride along for the coming next 5 to 7 years, which I anticipate the value to continue to increase. As a matter of fact, the price per square feet for most of the property in the golden triangle, if compared to main city center from our neighbors like Bangkok and Singapore, the space and prospect for growth are in fact, plenty to come. When we are talking about RM800 to RM1000 per square feet, other nation will be talking about RM2000 per square feet. What say you?

With more development taking into action, transportation system like the MRT which is anticipate to channel more and more traffic into the already busy city, cash pour out to churn and spin the economy, I would only see Pavillion as a place that will continue to see it's price rising from time to time. You might find out some rentals in Sungai Wang Plaza, only to know that the rental is crazily high, and keep on increasing on value. Don't be surprise in seeing rentals reaching RM60k to RM70k in Sungai Wang. So what can we expect about Pavillion, which is less "lala", more high class.

As a growing country, we will somehow go through what had been went through by advanced and developed countries, example - Japan. We cannot deny the fact that, Kuala Lumpur will be a dead city. It will only see some slow down, however, any properties in the golden triangle will be resilient enough to bounce back to its value in no time. Unless, you are anticipating a nuclear blast, or meteorite hitting Kuala Lumpur.

PavReit will definitely be a good long term holding REITs which had growth prospect far better than some of the other REITs. It will be a good bargain at any price below 90 cents (Which I know I could be dreaming)

Cheers and happy collecting.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Stock Watch for 6 December 2011

It had been a bullish moment recently, with warrants dominating the most active page of the KLSE. Today had been an epic day which saw 2.329 billion shares traded across the market, valuing at RM1.334billion.

As Proton had made up as the spot light of the KLSE, taking over the crown from Harvest, there are some other significant hikes which includes SYF, rebounding back from a low retracement level, and MBF-WA who had been trending higher and higher as day goes by. It had been a hot topic for anything that is in relation with General Election, Government Linked and taker over/merger/buy out issues.

On a short note, heavyweight long term holdings like Dlady had been inching in a very boring manner, slowly into hitting RM25 soon, while TWS is struggling a little to maintain at above RM10, Carlsberg did better than GAB by continuing its hike upwards.

It is no stranger that the latest trend being played out in the market involves mother and son. Last week, the play is about heavyweight liners, featuring heavyweights in the KLCI. Before that, there are Ace market money losing stock in play, especially on those who are having a big time on losing money performance. Lately, it had been a trend for those with mother and son, to have a series of fun.

Some examples are the likes of SYF, DPS, Utopia (Tejari), Proton, DRB, MBF, JCY, Hibiscus, Malton, Glomac and Wijaya, just to name a few. I do believe in trends, and I am assuming that those shares with warrant which had yet to experienced some good session might be a good pick to have a hot look at it.

Well, here are some of the list of counter that we could anticipate on some big movement and great actions up and down. A quick look:-

1.) Sanichi - Highly speculative counter here, with literally no solid reason behind the craze today. Previous rumor that it had something related to Germans, but it had been a period of time since then. On a quick outlook, the buying interest is very strong at 20 cents closing, which might be a good indication for tomorrow to position itself into higher grounds should it be supported by the foreign DJIA closing today. Speculative stocks return are hard to predict, ranges from 10% to more than 100% return, but I think Sanichi could be in anyhow ready for testing at RM 0.235 to 0.25 should the force continue to be strong.

2.) HWGB - Another highly speculative stock that could just suit into the current theme play. With the previous accumulation and stabilizing of the price being sighted, a convincing break out in the candle and volume today might just show a new play here at HWGB.
Let's see if HWGB will test some 40 cents here. TP RM 0.40.

3.) Glomac - Had been terribly accumulated by the company through buy backs at RM 0.83. I guess the company knew that they might not be able to purchase again after the bullish sentiment hit across the border? Since the company is buying back in a big time, who knows where could this lead to the prices of the shares now. It could be a good deal to monitor on the movement tomorrow.

4.) Envair - Stakes had been high here with accumulation sighted. I had been observing this counter for quite sometime, including how it is being bought, sold, accumulated. It had been a tricky one as the big shark behind do not want things to happen too fast until it is gone wild without them having the quantity that they are comfortable at. At 0.315, it could be positioning for some futures attacks into the RM 37.5 cents.

5.) Others - Perisai, Malton, MBF, SCN, Redtone.

Cheers and happy trading

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Oil Speculation - Will it happen?

It had been some time again before the Crude Oil issue is taking to the stage again. Yea, I agree, Crude Oil had been laying in a low mode at the past few months, but recently, I would believe that some big Crude Oil players are bored in seeing less action in the Crude Oil price.

As of the latest development, Iraq informed that the prices of crude oil per barrel will shoot to a historical sky high price of USD 250 a barrel, should the west imposed an embargo towards the Iraqi oil export. For more reading, you might want to refer here.

Well, personally thinking, this would be nothing but just another ploy from the controlling fund to manipulate the market once again - Anyhow, they had been doing this since Day 1 when the market is there. At a time like this, probably players are bored with Equities, Index Futures and Gold price, now is the "Oil" season once again.

Who knows what would happen next, as this kind of sensitive comments are always "leaked" out during the weekends, so that the globe can have 2 days to think about it, either to play this drama together, or get played by them.

In a short, I am anticipating that it will somehow create some heist towards the O&G market globally, who knows how far and how big is the effect of this comment, and the action of the West? A game like this is always a game of guessing and probability of it happening. It might somehow create some kind of buying forces towards the O&G sector, but I believe that the intention is to keep the big ball rolling.

As of this, should we anticipate some strings of action in the local O&G sector? JCY got Thailand flood, O&G sector got Western stupid decision to impose embargo on Iraq oil exports.

A quick look in my list:-

1.) Perisai - It had been trying to break up into the 70 cents zone, but had failed after testing 70 cents for 2 time in the previous month. However, the composure of Perisai still remain strong as there are formation of uptrend signs with accumulation sighted. As Perisai remains as the cheapest yet high action packed, I would expect strings of action here should the news start to kick the effect into the market. TP RM 0.70.

2.) KNM - A deeply underdog counter in the O&G sector at the moment. With the recent quarterly, KNM had been a hit down, until it went below RM 1.00. However, with their order book in line, and a long term hit down price, I do not erase of the chances that this might be a hot spot for some deep frying activities as they amplify the issue. Who knows what could happen?

3.) Hibiscus - This special purpose vehicle is on the verge on making its own spot light soon. I believe with the already current hot interest happening in Hibiscus which is supported heavily on it's volume, it might be up to something which might blow your heads off on some superb deals. TP RM 0.805.

4.) Kencana + SapCres - Had some signs on showing that Kencana might go up to RM 2.90 again, and SapCres towards RM 4.50. Who knows? Time will tell. A good combo counter to watch at all time.

5.) Others - Petronas related, Dialog.

Have a good oily dreams tonight.


Thursday, 1 December 2011

JCY - Saga to be continued?

The flooding saga had yet to come to a rest in Thailand, and that could continue to be a major spark for JCY to continue its fairy tale way up the sky. As factory had been massively hit down and disturbed by the massive damage from the flood waters, it had altogether been a major turnkey for JCY, for any reason to continue to take advantage on this situation.

In another reading, some locals are expecting a full recovery on tourist on next year February onwards after seeing flood waters hitting capital like Bangkok and clamping down some of the major roads and transportation.

On a quick outlook, JCY had retraced for a little after being put into test on the psychological 80 cents barrier. After a 4 days of pull back with convincing volume being spotted from the bargain, should it be a time where JCY will continue it's saga once again after taking a 4 day rest?

On a quick outlook basis for the daily movement of the stock prices.
The volume had been heavy for the past few weeks, or for the past month as well, and moving in a seemingly triangular shape, followed by a spike after a consolidation, supported with the hike of the price.

As we understand that the major factor behind this spike, volume is all about the flood condition and situation, hence it is more to betting with the movement of the mother nature.  As there might be rain coming in from time to time, we could not erase off any possibilities that the flood waters might be back to increase the already worse damage from the previous flash, who knows what will happen? At the current outlook, the chances that the flood water to get rid of the nation of Thailand before January is still quite bleak as to say.
A quick look at the damage done to Honda factory at Thailand. What a waste.

An aerial view on some suburbs area affected by the flood waters.

Hence, should this flood continue to be a worrying factor, I think JCY will continue get a joy ride on this rough water.

In a short term outlook, JCY could be positioning on attacking 80 cents again in time to come soon.

Cheers and Happy Trading.