Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Food for the soul - Entering a new chapter

Recently, I had been approach by a few followers, as well as friend on recommending some less heart attacking stock in the market to invest, as they think that it will suit their style better as they just really cannot take it from all the heart attack moment, even though they are making handsome profits from heart attacks stock. Well, I believe those ride are far better than what they can experience in Genting Highland roller coaster.

Consider Genting Highland roller coaster can give the same kind of heart beat to a participant (with RM100 as a round figure), banging on tens of thousand in the penny counter that moves a few stages up or down can give at least 10 times the return of excitement, with the consequences of either you pay few thousand for that ride, or you gain few thousand from that ride. What do you think about this kind of ride? I hope their pants are not wet yet.

Food for the soul - to heal some weak hearts. I believe that in the coming days, food will continue to be a major worrying factor for a lot of nation as population increases, lifespan increases due to advance medication, while agricultural land decreases to build more infrastructure and building. In fact, some nations are facing shortages of food supply already, and had been under the aid from other countries, example - Africa. However, don't think food shortages is not contagious, you would not know you will somehow one day end up eating bugs as a replacement for food.

I believe that "Good things never comes Cheap, Cheap things seldom comes Good." Company that had been proven for their good track of record like Nestle, Dlady will continue to be do better in the coming days. Hence, by looking at the global demand, local demand, and the coming up trend that can be predicted, it will be rather safe to put a considerable bet on any performing and well managed food counter, that would provide consistent dividend that will grow, and a fairly good and strong growth on the capital gain as well.

Since Nestle had been a good benchmark for the food counter, this will provide a fairly good and huge margin for all the coming up food related counter.

1.) TWS - This is one of the gold medalist counter for the year 2011, which had saw TWS pacing up with its gain and growth. As TWS had just started off on its break out debut, there are still some parties that would doubt on whether TWS can maintain its performance, and being consistent enough. Yes, good stock are good because they had proven themselves as able to maintain its previous performance, while able to give a comparable consistent growth that will resemble a magnetic force for investor to hug onto it. Take a look at Nestle, trading at PER x31.1, but no doubt, there will still be people who will buy into it because of the already proven consistency.

On TWS, after reaching new heights in touching RM11, it had been tested as investor starts to doubt on whether performance is able to sustain. True enough to watch TWS is resilient enough to come back from a lowly RM7.50 after a hit back, and touch RM10 today.

Should TWS be able to maintain its performance and be consistent, I can just tell you that trading at a current level of PER x6 is a really a jokingly low level to be. Should TWS upgrade its status after gaining more investor confidence, you could be looking at a future RM15 TWS soon.

2.) Dlady - Another fundamentally strong company that is on the verge of following Nestle. Currently trading at PER 24 using FYE 2010 EPS. But should I be putting a forward earning for Dlady, assuming 2011 EPS at 160 cents, RM 24 will be trading at PER x15, which is comparatively fair for a good dividend paying company. Even though on a short term outlook, there might not be a huge space for price to increase, but on a long term wise looking, I do not erase off the chances of better figures being displayed out, that could be the pushing factor for Dlady to move forward.

3.) Bernas - A monopolized rice counter which had been recently taking itself into some limelight. Still searching on ways and method to prove itself and to convince investor, however outlook for Bernas could be bright. On a long term long term outlook from the chart trend back to 2010, it had been increasing slowly, with some surge in between which send the stock into another high. Should Bernas able to maintain at RM 3.00 to RM 3.20, the next surge would probably see Bernas reaching RM3.5 to 3.70. In a longer term outlook,  this stock is good with bright prospect as the space for growth is plenty.

4.) Others - Some other considerable F&B good dividend stock like GAB, Carlsberg will be good for dividend. MSM will be good whenever sugar make an issue (Price hike).

Of course, these are just some selected and preferred stock for me at least. It will still be up to an individual to select should the counter suits your taste and style.

Cheers and happy bargaining in the market.

Affin - Spinning for a resurgent

Let me bring to you about on Affin Bank this time around, a banking stock that had been laying in the unknown despite of all the huge happening events that had been taking place in the KLSE. The recent bullish charge had been in a way convincing enough to see the index could be on the verge on testing 1500 in the coming trading days. The bet are on the bullish side of the game that it will be favorable for a touch on the 1500 spot within a week time, assuming that the sentiment will continue to spur more and more retailers in the market in participating into the bullish run up.

However, despite the local and the broad market bullish sentiment, with local banking institute that had gone into action, banks like CIMB, Maybank, AFG, HLBank, AMBank, PBBank had been doing great in leading the finance stock charge. However, Affin, a rather bank similar in size if compared to AFG, had been in a low mode.

On a side note, could this low mode now, resemble a chance for any new break out in the coming day soon, supported by the latest show that had been happening around the global index lately.

On a quick outlook on the trading, it can be seen that Affin had taken around 2 months to consolidate from its rebound during the mega slide that happened back at early September. At the moment, hovering at the zone of RM2.9x is just a price too tempting to anticipate some sudden breaking upwards.

Supported by the already bullish sentiments, with the bullishness from the bigger players like CIMB and Maybank, I think Affin would be on a good position to take back some glory from itself after playing in a lowly manner.

Let's look out for a break out charge from Affin.


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Stock Watch for 29 November 2011

As gold price had been moving in the similar trend with the leading global equities trend, it had been a much easy to predict market trend by just looking at the movement of the gold futures. At my current posting, gold price is hovering at USD 1716.69 per ounce, which had saw a rebound from a lowly 16xx from the previous week.

Could this be the mark of the return of the bull? DJIA had been in a convincing charge as of now with a superb above +320 points, which might be effective enough to lead the overall equity in the world for another charge for the green field.

As the world realized that the European problem is a problem too big to be let alone to die, plans and counter measures are being set up to curb anything bad to migrate into a worse territory. Amongst the effort being pump into the plan, we will be expecting to see more funds to be injected into the financial system that could stimulate the economy once again, at least for another 1/2 year cycle should the remedy prove effective.

On a quick flash, here are some of the counter that I would expect some action and happenings.

1.) Malton - There had been some strings of action in Malton. Friday had seen some heavy accumulation and heavy disposal altogether. With a expected green market to happen tomorrow, I am anticipating some strings of action at Malton. After all, with their recent and current financial performance, I am expecting more good show from Malton as a ride with the bull.
TP RM 0.725

2.) Fastrak - As of my previous posting on the research on Fastrak here, it could be another counter to be worth being monitored at with short term TP at RM 0.125.

3.) YunKong - Warrant had been traded in a rather heavy manner recently, supported with a rising volume from the mother share. What could be at the back of the counter which gave the pushing factor behind? Could be a counter worth to be monitored for some actions.

4.) Biosis - A game to fast to declared game over. Amongst the fulfilling criteria which are
i) Consumer Products
ii) Heavy Loss Making Company
iii) 105million shares issued - Low shares issued
iv) Unusual activity

I believe that the sharks are still here. No doubts, the recent few days had been scary for those weak heart punters, but I am still expecting more actions to come should my prediction is not wrong.

5.) Others counter like JCY, Sumatech, Emico + Dataprep, Tcubes, Sridge, MBF could be worth a look.

Cheers and happy trading.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Fastrak - Shifted to the Fast Track?

Fastrak - 0066, could be another big hit in the ACE market penny stock list in the coming days.
I believe GPRO and Flonic had been significant enough to make some impact to the trader of their existence, however I had to admit that there are quite a number of trader which did not felt the powerful impact from them until they had been fried upwards and breaking into the 20 cents zone.

GPRO and Flonic, both had been giving a similar chart trend, which is part of the main driving force on why I am assuming the same play style on Fastrak as well.

Let's take a look on the historical chart movement on GPRO and Flonic before the real spike come forward.



GPRO and Flonic had been trading in a very low volume manner, and keeping a low profile for quite period of time before some unusual activity had been sighted, especially on Flonic chart.

As I had been able to notice GPRO and Flonic unusual activity in some of my earlier post coverage at 22nd September and 26th September, I am expecting a strings of action to be happening at Fastrak too, as they bear the similar traits and criteria as well.

Fulfilling the criteria here is.
1. ACE Market
2. Penny Stock
3. Small amount of shares issued (Approx or less than 200million shares)
4. Loss Making company
5. Not heavily traded in the past
6. Not significant spike in the past

Let's have a quick look on Fastrak.

Fastrak had been trading in a rather low manner at a rather low price. If we were to compare Fastrak with the already happened events from GPRO and Flonic, we could be looking at a rather convince TP, which is easily above 20 cents. And as a matter of fact, should the history repeats itself, then we will have good news that this counter is just at its fresh pace, where they will be more anticipated action to be happened in the coming days.

This counter will be definitely not a counter to invest, but this will just be another counter to be traded at. As a short with accumulation being sighted on Friday trading, I am expecting Fastrak to be trading in the range of RM 0.12 to RM 0.14 in the coming days.

Short Term TP: RM 0.125

Cheers and happy trading.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Stock Watch for 25 Nov 2011

Lately, KLSE had been behaving in a quite different manner, as in riding on its own without much of the other influence, especially from the Europe and US. I believe this kind of situation will make retail investor having an even harder time to make decision on their investment, but while retail investor are in a state of confusion, the institutional investor are well informed and well aware of what will be the next happening stage as lesser retailer participate in the trading, counters are easily controlled, while some will still need to take on some attracted attention as accumulation had been sighted.

It had been a long while on my last coverage on stock watch, I can't really remember when is the last day I had did a stock watch recently. What do you think that our market will react towards this kind of sentiment? Will KLSE response towards the down side in a positive or negative manner? Frankly speaking, I might be expecting opening high and selling down low, or open up at a super low stage where buyer subsequently come in to buy as well.

A few stock that had been traded heavily today, and that had caught my attention on the following attempt to surge into a new level. These stocks include,

1.) JCY - As more and more rains are coming down from the sky, couple off with the already covered with flood situation, this might continue to be a good news to JCY, as long as the situation sees no repair, then JCY will see much repairs. With a buy rate at 64%, ending at RM0.75, there might be more action to come for JCY. Fishes will always get to be happy when the aquarium is full of water.

2.) Malton - Another quite similar case of JCY. Strong accumulation sighted. At a 65% ending buy rate, with 11.8million stock exchanging hands, might brace for another hit.

3.) MBF - Strong ending at RM1.12 which is quite good as a matter of fact. Do you think MBF have got what it takes to take it up to they sky? Let's watch the MBF show.

4.) Emico - Another stock that had been a hit down after the suddenly strong spike. Today spike might had started up yet another spike for the coming day, who knows?

Kindly be noted that the counter posted here are not for investment decision purposes.  Do note that it is not advisable to chase a counter that open high up, as selling down might easily happen.

Cheers and happy trading.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Embrace the Dragon's Fangs

The year of Rabbit had been a reflection of what a rabbit does indeed. Jumping up and down, doesn't this sound like what we are encountering in the stock market? Red and Green stripes - Like a rabbit jumping up and down in the ground. Just that we do not know where will the rabbit land. Should the rabbit continue to jump on the green grassland, we should be able to see some greenish zone in the market more often, but however, what if the rabbit had jumped to the busy road? Hmm.. That would be a bloody mess. With around 1 month and a bit left for this rabbit to jump around, we will see where will the rabbit land eventually.

However, what is having us waiting is the much anticipated - The Dragon Year (2012).
Pardon me for a dragon like this, because I believe a Red Angry Dragon will resemble a killing dragon that will leave the market with blood. Somehow, this dragon is green in nature and friendly, the reason he got chosen, though he looks stupid.

Well, to be honest, I am not an avid believer of all this lunar calendar effects, however, I will take into concern the happenings that will take place in a majority manner, that will be strong enough to put a kick into certain segments of the market as a result of such strong push.

Now, let me bring you some Dragon Fangs - Things that will move quite closely with this Dragon effect.

1.) New Born
As the welcoming of the Dragon will be expected to be huge and happening, I believe that quite a huge portion of the Chinese will take this golden opportunity that happen on once in 12 years, to get a dragon child, best if they can get a dragon son. As a matter of fact, I had tried asking on some restaurants/hotels along KL, I have to tell you the fact that almost 90% of them are just gonna tell you that they are fully book until next year end, some even to next next year. As I am going to expect a lot of couples that will give all they can to get at least one, some are planning for doubles in fact, new born babies are going to take a splash in the market, thus resulting in a huge demand on anything related to new born.

On my list will be:
Heavyweight line up : Nestle
Middleweight line up : DutchLady
Lightweight line up: PWRoot (Who knows they will need it?)
Featherlight weight line up : Takaso (Might be a huge turnaround) Check them out here.

2.) Celebrations
Happiness always comes with celebration, don't you agree? When celebration hits the floor, there will be a lot of feasting that comes with beer toast, champagne pops, and wine flow. These are just the basic fundamental of things that will happen. Unnatural things will be feasting for 3 days and 3 night which is less likely to happen though. With heavy celebration expected, supported with the quantities, expect a string of strong demands in the following list:

Heavyweight : Carlsberg, GAB (Beer Toast)
Middleweight : N/A
Lightweight : Poh Kong, Tomei (Golds)
Featherlight weight : N/A

3.) Others
There are still a lot of other counter that might take some chain effect to welcome the new Dragon Year.
- New Year New Furniture - HomeRiz, PoHuat, LCheong
- Raising food demands - Bernas, TWS

4.) Negative Effects
As good things always doesn't just comes with good things. There might be some negative things that carries together with the good things, but not shown upfront. Stress level will be high as money are splashed out to buy a lot of things, new born, new house, new furniture, new clothes, literally everything is going to go new. As majority will handle stress with - Smoking and drinking, that would put a few "sin" stock into the limelight as well like JTinter, BAT, Carlsberg, GAB.

Well, in fact there are a lot of things to write in this, but that will be taking ages to finish them. As long as we will brace for a good year, be happy.

In a short summary, my primary Dragon's Fang list for next year will be - DutchLady, Bernas, TWS, Carlsberg, GAB, and proven underdog - Takaso.

Cheers and happy trading. More beers please.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Sridge - Don't cry if you miss me

I had been featuring Sridge (Silver Ridge - 0129) in my coverage lately as I believe that this company is one of the hidden gem for the year 2011.

Sridge, had started to it's major turnaround on 1st quarter result for FYE 2011 announcement on June this year, with a break out EPS of 1.86 cents, a shocking 9300% increase in EPS, which could hardly be accepted by the public at all in the initial stage, because of the jaw dropping result.

As this company is just making its debut, there are doubt arising towards the company, especially on its consistency in performing the similar result out to the shareholders, which is one of the main concern for most of the shareholders.

The 2nd quarterly result did not make a big let down, an Sridge is resilient enough to come back from a low 16 cents during the hit down period, and back into action at 25 cents zone again. Today closing saw new peak, firm closing with a 88% buying rate at RM 0.275.

I always like to compare Sridge with the next door brother, MMode, which had been going off with flying colors on its quarterly and share price as well. Beside that, we also have examples of big brothers like Digistar, which had also laid a similar run up.

Digistar and MMode had made it, and if you had really missed those 2, I would recommend the next up, Sridge for you to experience what is it to be like in holding such a strong potential breaking up stock.

On a quick outlook on Sridge
Circled on the green is what we called volume, and real spike. However, we had yet to encounter such a spike for quite some time, which I strongly believe that strong accumulation had been in the progress with more and more shares are being taken up by private funds or even buying backs by directors as the company enrouting for a better year and year to come.

Today proposal on 10% private placement will be going to add another edge for Sridge. Remember what happened to Digistar with 10% private placement? Saw how MMode goes with a 10% private placement? Examples are laid, what about Sridge now?

With the highly awaited Q3 that will be just around the corner, latest at 30 November 2011 (Next Wed), I anticipate that Sridge will be anytime bursting towards 30 cents in just no time to come. Short Term TP RM 0.315.

For more readings on previous coverage on Sridge, do check them here.

Cheers and happy trading.

Harvest - The game of Death

I believe the name "Harvest" had became a "household" name in the KLSE share market. There is no doubt that this counter had caught a lot of attention, be it online market or offline market, the focus is crazy.

Harvest had even erased off one of the legend in Malaysian history - Repco Holdings, on the gaining increase in percentage wise. Calculating from 8 cents to RM2.14, it is a 2675% increase, in just a mere 1.5 months, or 20 trading days. On an average basis, it is a 10.3 cents per day increase for 20 days non stop, which is truly a crazy stock indeed.

However, this game which had been so beautiful in the start, giving on high hopes for many, creating newer height almost everyday had actually been what I would label - A Game of Death. The intensity of the wickedness in this counter is so huge, that so many people, especially public, got into this death game in an invited manner, uninvited or accidentally self invited manner as well.

On a short recap, here is the strings of event that had happened in Harvest.

On a side note, how can things happen just so coincidentally? Or they are just really so coincident? If you are talking about other country that had more transparency, less corruption, I would still give some hope about "coincident", but with the fact that Malaysia is already a country well known with it's underhanded political handling of matters and dirty play style, there is just no chance for "coincident" to stand out in all this happening.

I believe, everything that happen in Malaysia, especially political linked, does not comes just like this. There are more than what had been fed in the surface, especially in this designated securities - Harvest.

The presence of Nazifuddin and Raymond Chan into Harvest, with the already high tension GE talks in the air, with roads being tarred up, highly government linked stock shooting high up, what could be there except for a planed up show here?

I believe with the current media which is much updated with forums, internet news, blogs and other online sources, the days are not like the old days already. This act of designating the counter could be because of the way public had been snatching up the share, pushing the price upwards before they could take a hold on it thus, resorting up the underhanded technique like designating the counter. Bursa could had do this earlier, why should Bursa need to wait until RM2 to execute this order? And on the other hand, a director had been disposing shares before the designation of the counter as well, although it was made in a closed deal the day before the announcement of the designation.

While the counter start to get back attention after contra traders are being put into force selling position, it had saw Harvest price going to another limit up again as trader believes that there are still more action to come in the future as the game will not be ending so soon. Another small hike on the next day and that is where the 2nd wave of crash came about in a very timely manner, 4 trading days after the resume of trading on Wednesday last week (16 Nov 2011), the resignation of Naziffudin hit the news. Read more here from The Star. There goes to "Holland" all those who had purchase the share at RM0.8x to RM1.5x during the last few days.

Wow. I am thinking in my heart, they must be so pissed off with the public for snatching up their part of shares that they want to purchase until they need to resort to this kind of techniques? Or they had finished toying around with the public, raking up the money from the public and put them in a real bad shape? Why doesn't UEMLand got the same from 30 cents to RM2+? Scomi?

I believe the reason will be - Who are the majority holders behind the shares that matters. It could probably not happen in this manner should they be the one buying up and holding more and selling in the later part. Probably I am wrong? But I am just giving a guess.

Anyhow, I am hard enough to believe that Harvest is not finish yet. But, this counter will not be advisable to be looked, touched or even enter at all by the way the people are playing and toying with it. It is just all dirty tactics.

To summarize my long story short, You will never win against them.

Once bitten, twice shy. Twice bitten, I don't want to try. Thrice Bitten I want to die

We are on our own perils way again in the stock market. To be honest, I had not been monitoring the Monday market much, except for the first hour of the market opening. But curiosity did had me peeked a bit on the market during the afternoon and evening closing, which is none other than yet another bloody mess in the mass market.

There had been a lot of call for price slashes in the market, while stocks are going cheap after the Chinese and Europe declared an early Christmas Sales. Shouldn't this be the time to pick up some rewarding present for Christmas? What do you think about it?

As the saying goes, once bitten twice shy. And I would continue on with, Twice bitten I don't want to try, Thrice bitten I want to die.

Are you facing some similar situation here? Are you bitten on the first, second or third time?

It is a fact that could never run away that trading equities is never once risk-less, even in a volatile or not volatile or stagnant market. Once your money is out, your money is then exposed to countless of risk. Inflation risk, market sentiment risk, stock/company performance risk, disaster risk, economical risk, political risk, and not to erase off risk of sharks' play as well.

The stock market is in this manner that there will be winner, and there will be a loser. To be a winner, you must know the very mistake that a loser did to lose, so that you will never repeat something that a loser did, as that will affect you to lose as well.

Frankly speaking, I am anticipating a much more volatile ride now, probably favoring the down side with a little upside in between the down. I believe everyone that had stay on in the market from July onwards will learn something during the downgrade of the US sovereign debts which had been a fire starter to start the trend rolling down hills, slashing tons of billions out of the market.

It is not too late to ponder upon what mistake that you had made. Make sure you list them down and do not repeat those mistake again. If not, you will be going to - Thrice bitten, I want to die.

All the best in your decision making.

Congratulations to Malaysian Tiger yet another time - Gold Medalist for Sea Games 2011

This time around, the Malaysian Tigers had put the effort together again to prove their existence in the South East Asia. After winning the Suzuki Cup Final somewhere around last year, the Malaysian Tigers had put up a brave match in front of the hard core supporters of Indonesia, and put the speculation to a stop with a penalty shoot out that ended Malaysia 4 - 3 Indonesia.

Though this match comes with joy, but to some, it is a sad event to happen. There are reported injuries, which had claimed 2 lives. It is a shame to see such things happen in the stadium.

For more interesting reading, do visit the Asean Football site for more information.

I hope the Malaysian Tigers will keep up their pace, and will put a leg in the World Cup in the coming days ahead.

All the best Malaysian Tigers.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Thursday, 17 November 2011

SAPIND - Anticipating a blasting Q3 with high interims

As the year 2011 starts to come to a conclusion in another 1.5 months to go, much had happened over the year. From the CNY sell down then to Egypt, Japan, Libya, Saudi, US, Greece, Italy, Europe and China, we are so near into entering year 2012 now.

For this, I would like to believe that at times, good things are definitely saved up for the last, especially for company like Sapura Industrial Bhd (SAPIND).

An interesting company that had been performing fairly good starting from year 2010, this company had saw profits soaring at incredible pace, and what is more important is the dividends that had been announced in the past history is just a steal for all the investor for SAPIND.

As of FYE 2011, which ended at 31 Jan 2011 early this year, SAPIND had distributed a superb 27.80 cents of dividend. If I am to take into account that the average price is around RM1.30, the yield on dividend  had blasted off easily with 21% return for the year only. You must be asking me, am I kidding you?

As i am convinced with the continuous performance by the team, I would be anticipating a good result for the upcoming Q3 for FYE 2012.

Let's take a look at the Q3 for FYE 2011 that was announced at 1st December 2010.
Hovering on a EPS of 18.74 (From 1st to 3rd Quarter), the company paid out huge dividends of 14 cents per share.

Why do I anticipate that this time around, dividend could be much more higher than the previous (Assuming that we take into account SAPIND will declare almost the similar ratio on the EPS)

Let's take a look for Q2 FYE 2012.
At Q2 alone, accumulated EPS is already peaking up at 17.10 cents, which is just 1.64 cents lesser compared to the combined 1-3Q of FYE 2011.

Should I continue to believe that SAPIND, which is a motor parts supplier, will perform again this Q3 which another striking EPS, a skeptical 8 cents, that will easily make up 25 cents in EPS, which would just give no reason for a higher dividend.

With tighter demands for motor parts as global calamities had been hitting out in Japan and Thailand, I believe SAPIND will continue to nab this opportunity for a greater heights.

I will be anticipating Q3 for FYE 2012 to be announced in the early December, or late November. Trading at a PER of 4.95 with huge dividend payout is really unreasonable to say, and a stealing to have it at low.

Cheers and have a nice day.

Harvest - Exit Plan updates

After seeing such a panic on Harvest, I believe this game might be just too much for some individuals to take it up after seeing very heavy losses. I am not surprised if Harvest alone can result to a few or many bankruptcy cases in the stock market - Just because of this kind of intervention from Bursa.

As of today Harvest queue remained at this level.
I believe not only those that made purchases on Monday will get a hot stint on this, even those that had been purchasing earlier are feeling this hot stint as they are literally no buyer beside a few takers, which might be from the insider who would make purchases, so that the limit down price will head downwards on the next day as it's reference price drop at another 30% slash.

There is a very high possibility that this share will go down towards the 50 cents area as the selling force continue to be this huge.

Why huge? Reason is for those who had taken up the shares at a price above RM 0.70 will be afraid to hold as huge lots are coming down to drag the price lower, resulting them to join in this chain reaction in throwing down deeper into the already red sea.

As long as the counter is still under designated securities ruling, there will be no sight of huge force big enough to push the counter back up, which will hamper any chances of a rebound as well. The already amplified wound had just been poured with more salt water, and rubbed with sands and stone.

Well, as I had tagged this post as Exit Plan, many of the people believe that Harvest is not a game over show. It is just a method to force everyone to sell the shares back to them, in a very harsh manner.

Imagine all contra takers are to force sell their shares, and all who are holding are being dragged along because of the huge force selling, I am to believe that this share will definitely be eaten up at a very cheap rate in the coming days. Probably you are to question why they want to do this, well that is because probably the public had taken up too much of it's share already until the insider are unhappy about it as they could not collect more.

I came to know about huge player in contra position, and they are literally getting ready to face bankruptcy because of this as it just amount into multi millions. After all, they are not planning to pay up because of the way too big amount.

For those in trapped position and would like some ideas on exit plans, I had been told that they will be using another CDS of another person to take up the shares using cash and purchase it back at real cheap price until the game start again. At least, not all the shares will fall back into the cronies after all as force selling shares are not in their control anymore.

I had no comment on Bursa regarding to this, but it's action in this is just too much. If they would to do this, they could had do it when Harvest is RM1.00 area. Why until RM2.14? I think Najib will really need to get ready to lose more votes in the upcoming GE.

If you think you are trapped in the position, and would want to know more about the exit plan, or would want some other solutions, do email me at

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

TCubes - After Najib's son, here comes Najib's brother

There is no reason for those who are stuck in Harvest for not getting angry over Bursa Malaysia decision to tag Harvest as designated securities.

Today, Harvest had saw dropped dead, not even a free fall, it is dead at open, at the price of RM1.50, before another accidental of 50 lots at RM1.49.
Frankly speaking, this is really a killing for those who had been still holding on the securities.

But at the mean time, when Harvest is a dead lock counter, its so called "highly related" counter began to move in some kind of similar directions, which is none other than Tricubes.

Tcubes, another highly in political linkage, was rumored earlier as Najib's brother counter. After the son is suspended, and flat dead, now the brother? This must be a series of "Najib's Trend" so to called in the KLSE market now.

On a jokingly manner, I start to guess what is Najib's wife counter, Najib's daughter counter, Najib's son in law counter as well. If anyone had any idea where are those, do give me some inputs so that we can look on it further, if there are any. Hahaha.

Let's get back to look at Tcubes. On a daily charting manner, why would I say that there will be a very high possibility of Tcubes heading for the sky again on tomorrow.
As high speculation are being place to bet, Tcubes yet again surged into peaks at no time in the morning, but as it seems to be hopeless after the peak, 2nd session had sparked a new drama altogether with the first red circle that represent the ongoing interest by some parties in accumulating Tcubes shares, and followed by 4pm volume surge with price on a pick up of the shares yet again for the 2nd time in session 2.

As of the ending, Tcubes ended at 26 cents with 59% of buying interest, which is convincing enough for me to look out for another wave of surge on the next day.

However, I would strictly informed all trader about the risk of trading this counter. You know what had happened to Harvest, it really caught those who are trapped at a "no underwear" situation. However, I would understand how those that are caught would like to go for another round for a killing to ease of their painful wound. It is just a do or die for them. Rather than dying, just do it.

As a summary, I am anticipating much action to happen here at Tcubes, while I do not erase off the chances of any untoward situation, etc opening higher and selling down like waterfall. Enter solely at the discretion of your own risk.

Cheers and happy trading carefully.

Can we anticipate strings of Properties Trend soon ?

Market had been flying from zero to hero, and hero back to zero. All kind of verdict are in the market, with the most talked about Harvest Trend. This had been a household name for nearly all the traders in the market - Harvest.

Because of Harvest alone, the market had saw all kind of penny stock trying their best to deep fry at all direction. Harvest had made the leap ahead to reach even 2.14, while other performers that are not bad includes SYF, DPS, Symphony, SCN, Flonic, and many many more which I could not finish listing them.

I believe the previous mega hot trend is frying stock that are:
1.) Penny stock
2.) Low numbers of shares issued
3.) Money losing counter (Mostly)

The craze is just pathetic to see, as today we had saw the trend coming to an end, those that are traps will mourn, while those walking away in a handsome manner will be happy.

After a series of Money losing counter on Consumer Products, Technology and Industrial Products, could the trend play continue on by coming back to Properties sector once again? Properties sector had been remaining in a silent manner recently, but just started to make some noise recently.

Some significant movement includes Malton, UEMLand, Equine, Menang, Sunway, Asiapac that are the eye captivating. Subsequent smaller movement includes UOADev, E&O, Dijacor, Farlim, CHHB, Glomac.

In my opinion, I think below are the several few Properties counter that would be worth looking into.

1.) E&O - Had started to test on the down trend resistant on a higher volume basis. Recently been in a slumping mode, and did not join the fun of the market. Should be time to prove itself again.

2.) Menang - This is just another obvious play of signaling a frying session for tomorrow. Going up on small lots eating manner, ending at 0.24 firm. Low volume enough to go unnoticed. Let's look at tomorrow show.

3.) Farlim - Another popular counter on for frying purposes. Accumulation sighted at the ending. Giving out some fox tail signal here?

4.) Dijacor - Testing the RM1.45 on a small volume basis. Let's see what can happen here later.

5.) Malton - End at a convincing note at 0.7, with out breaking volume and 61% buy rate. Action might not end here yet.

Cheers and happy trading, and happy properties trending.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lame people are best in lame craps - Old Fart Sam

In this world, I had to admit that there are indeed some lame people around which are real good entertainers, without them, probably the market had something lesser to talk about.

Out of the sudden, today I had decided to drop a visit to Alex Lu opponent - Uncle Sam. As of my earlier understanding, there had been much a hot war between Alex Lu and Uncle Sam, which I do not really know who did spark the fire on the war. But based on my quick judgment, I am 100% sure that it is none other than the old Uncle Sam.

First visitation on his site already saw him posting on something bad about people again, and not only that, accusing of yet another blogger, Dali, of hiding inside his private blog for a nice source pick - Coastal.
As seeing this, I am thinking, this guy must be pathetic enough to just criticize just anything that he can criticize about.

I wonder what is wrong with Alex Lu asking those in Harvest to take profit? After all, all those followers who had followed Alex advices will ring at his doorstep and just thank him for anything because of the recent suspension that had been issued by Bursa to curb speculation on Harvest. Don't feel mad because Alex Lu will become Harvest superhero for asking people to take profit. By the way, Alex Lu called for take profit on Tuesday, not Monday. Get your facts right before posting, Old Fart Sam! Don't spread pathetic stupid lies for people!

And as for Dali focus on Coastal, what is wrong with this? He thought that Coastal is his father's company and no people can do a research coverage on it? I don't think Dali would want to spend time in lurking around his lame private blog that cover a few little rats for the whole year. Lurking there probably will made Dali incurred opportunity loss because he could had done more fantastic researches that would motivate the market, rather than this old Uncle Sam own stingy research that is shared between a few mice.

So I had taken up the initial effort to write a message to Uncle Sam.
As of his reply, I know this person is not a simple headed old Sam, but an arrogant old fart that thinks fundamental analysis is the best, and technical analysis is a joke, and make a proclamation that he will continue to hammer all technical analyzer.

So he continued with some of his methodology and preaching, while I replied him with yet another post which had started the somehow - fire.

Old fart Sam began to launch attacks on me already after I had triggered the live wire on him, thinking that this chap must be out of his head to challenge the so called self proclaimed "God" of Fundamental - Old Fart Sam.

So since he had been arrogant, I had informed him that these (Crazy Monday) are my recent calls in a very popular forum where I linger around everyday. But, I got to know now that there are no transparency in Old Fart Sam blog, because he will just edit the content, erase all the good content, put in others people bad stuffs, and amplify them with a big magnifying glass. He doesn't even dare to put up my link that I had sent to him - Probably he just do not want his follower to know another source in making more money?
What is more ridiculous, he is saying that my call for Perisai, SYF, DPS and DBE gone up only put in the blog for people to see while I am had made those call on the forum in a "live" manner.

So after correcting him that those are post at "live", Old Fart Sam had started to realize his mistake and start to twist the game around by saying he doesn't look at forum. Well, fair enough if he does not go to forum to lurk around, I will not argue on that. So, he had put up a further challenge on asking me to prove my calls with my blog, and stated that after hand calls are not counted.
Since these are the things that I am being asked about, I had no other choices but to give him some of the very recent links.

I had provided Old Fart Sam with 2 most recent post from my blog which are NOT AFTER HAND calls. After all, I don't remember I do after hands call, because none of them.
1. MMode
2. JCY

And as expected again, he did not dare to put those links up after I had provided the Old Fart. So after seeing this, Old Fart Sam again twist his story about with the following reply. He is saying my pick is successful because of fundamentals there.
I start to wonder what kind of fundamental does JCY have? What kind of strong fundamental does MMode have? JCY, superb money losing company, fundamental? MMode, just a rising star recently, fundamental? Oh, come on. If these are the fundamentals counter, why is this kind of stock not in the watch of Old Fart Sam?

So I had challenge Old Fart Sam to put my link up to prove to his own reader on all your claim and basis, but sadly to say, all my post are edited to the peak, and what I got is just this.
Well, to be frank enough, he did do a ransacking check on my blog on my post. The following that I do admit for the error calls are on Bertam, Kurasia, E&O and Magna, which are the significant ones, which had been the beating point for Old Fart Sam on me. But, I would say that I admit my error and mistake, on Magna and Bertam especially, that are the news from sources. After all, who does not make mistake, which fund manager in the world had a winning streak of 100%? But do keep in mind that Old Fart Sam claim that out of 10 calls, 8 wins, 1 breakeven, 1 loss. How true? I don't know. After all, his so called "private blog" is so private.

Who know out of the 2 thousands followers that he is claiming, 1.9 thousand is his own account? There are no transparency in his blog. Everything is edited to the peak for his own good - It sounded just so like - government? Edit edit and edit to the peak, for his own good.

In the end note, Old Fart Sam gives me his own last words.
After a series of talk, I got this very golden words from the Old Fart.

Even 1% of TA will kill you (Old Fart Sam - November 2011)

From me to Old Fart Sam - Learn to respect others, so that you will gain the rightful respect as well. 

Cheers and happy reading.

Harvest - What is the next saga?

Hi, I believe that most of the people here who are in Harvest would want to know what would be of Harvest in the coming days, especially after today.

As of 14th November 2011, Bursa Malaysia had issued a notice on Harvest as a designated securities.
As of the notice, any dealings in accordance to Harvest will be in the form of cash on tomorrow onwards.

For those holders who had fully paid up for the Harvest securities, they are allowed to dispose off the securities only when they had fully paid up for the share, or after T+3, which will be a force selling, where investor will need to pay for the differences.

For those who had bought in at Monday, they will be allowed to either sell at Thursday, or hold the securities by paying up the securities. For those who would want to purchase the securities, they will be required to deal with the securities with the amount of cash they had in their CDS account.

I believe this will surely spark a series of craziness in waterfall sales and plunging ravine without a base to be seen.

However, by looking at the whole situation again, if there are no buyer - as cash is required upfront to buy, who is there to sell?

Probably we might sight some buyer at very deep low level, the question is for those who had paid up, do you want to sell at those level? At a very such deep lost? Since you had paid them up, continue holding? For those on contras that could not take up that amount, probably will end up having force selling.

What about limit down cases here? How to sell at limit down cases? Selling below the limit?

Most probably, the scenarios for tomorrow will just end up in bloody shed scenarios, but how bloody will it be will be a question mark.

In a high intensity, high tension environment, where only cash is applicable, I am wondering will there be any hero that will be going out to take up the shares. On a fairy tales note, probably if the market will co-operate by not selling/buying, tomorrow limit down will be technically at RM1.50. If there are no takers at 1.50, the following next day will continue to limit down at RM1.50. On thinking why would people buy at RM1.50 when knowing such huge force are coming down, unless people inside just want to put deep slaughtering, which I anticipate will happen, the day after tomorrow (Thursday) will go limit down at RM1.05.

From there onwards, probably there might be some good bargaining now, but finger still crossed as it might head for a 3rd straight dip eying 0.735 should it add salt to the already amplified wound now.

On a fairy tale situation, I would say, there are just no fairy tales for Harvest now.

For those in Harvest - Bursa Malaysia is wicked sick.
For those not in Harvest - Now you only know Harvest is a trap.

Anyhow, my condolences for all Harvester. Bursa Malaysia definitely had wreck the crap out of all the things now.

Not Enough of Fries? Wanna a French Fries?

Market had been lashing out greatly recent with penny stocks gaining ground, hitting out crazily at the market, jammed up servers, clogged up lines, and making remisier life harder like anything before with countless unending call from morning to evening. I myself am engaged on the cell phone, on call with sources and friends for more than 2 hours which made my ears reaching an almost burned out stage on Monday.

I believe as the market had been in the real enjoyable mode of frying literally anything from the ground to the sky, there should be more to come upwards in the coming few days. Somehow I believe, each director of their own company would like their shares to get fried at times too, don't you agree?

Here are just some of my collection that had yet to go through deep deep hot frying session from the market as of now, yet look promising enough to get sparked by any fire to kick the whole stuffs rolling up.

1.) Marco - Volume got fried on 11 Nov 2011 (Friday), but price yet to really get fried up. There are indications of Marco heading for a deep fry should the fire spark correctly.

2.) Symphony - This highly linked stock, also had not went through deep frying session. Just some normal rebounds from the hit down on the recent sell down, but could it just end here? No fries will end up no frills. I guess this is on a good outlook.

3.) MClean - This is a heck lousy stock, but that is the whole point of a heck lousy stock. Bad enough to scare you off, good enough to see it fry. Technically looking, I don't think the position is laid there for no action.

4.) Smartag - I believe this counter, with a super boring side way for about 4 months and counting, will not stay for the 5th months? Who knows? Poising to break 30 cents would be dangerous as it might lash another hit.

5.) Amedia - Stock like Flonic, Gpro, Connect had brushed you away 5miles. If you don't fry up to catch up, get ready for another 5 miles apart.

Cheers. This is just some counters to watch about for the time being, who knows what will happen next? Have a nice day trading.

Harvest - From Euphoria to Euphoria

Welcome to the much highlighted stock, probably stock of the year, or probably decade as I would to say. I believe this stock is no more a stranger to anybody else in the market after crazy hikes after hikes and breaking all kind of rules and fundamental and technical - Sounded kinda like a fairy tale, but in fact happening right in front of our eyes.

No joke, I believe that this stock had been cursed down to hell for those who had missed it and yet to enter, and also had been embraced like angels for those who had been hugging, and had been also giving out One Night Stand for those contra takers.

A picture to describe Harvest.

Well, no doubt, this stock had just been sparked off politically, and it's engine is just too strong to be turn off, I assume the engine is just too hot to be shut down at the moment. It had went from euphoria to euphoria, and I believe there will be only euphoria to be continue as the stock continue to open higher day after day, defying the existence of Newton in the world, defying Greece, Italy, and merely the whole universe happening at the moment.

Let's take a quick snapshot on the share price movement.

What level of craziness can you see in this kind of chart? Other than euphoria over the next euphoria, there is nothing left. As the Euphoria mode continue to march on all kind of rocks and winds, I believe this kind of euphoria would not get hit down so fast. But once hit down, tada.. It will be a euphoria mode heading to the south, which we do not have any indication about this happening at the current moment.

It had earlier reached my TP RM1.60 on the first day, TP RM2.00 on the second trading day, and now reaching a 1 cent less limit up situation. Holy cow!!!

What could be riding tomorrow? Could it be hitting the so called TP RM2.30 set by some other people. I really do not know how far it can go, but looking at how Badawi - Scomi correlation, I assume Najib - Harvest wouldn't be too bad either.

Remember, trade at own high risk. Cheers and all the best.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Crazy Monday - A very memorable event

Today is indeed a crazy Monday for me in the market. Thanks to all the supporting funds and especially FMs on this crazy fun day which I would really cannot forget.

First of all, I would like to inform that this post is just for my own recording of historical events that had happened, which is solely for reference and fun reading in the future.

It all happened during the 2nd half of the market on 14 Nov 2011, where a lot of eyes are watching closely in the market for any movement, ready to fire up on anything, since Harvest had started this crazy game in the beginning.

This rolling game started from Perisai, which I had made an expected run up to 70 cents in a forum
Right after the post, Perisai had its engine started and rallied upwards towards to 70 cents stage by stage already.

Well, right after this, I had noticed that SYF had started it's new leg again, breaking on new heights again and again. Probably inherited some Harvest DNA. As I had posted,
 The share price again started to show some movement, convincing enough for me to lash out a good amount of quantity for the ride.
At 3.15pm, SYF started to see strong volume with pathetic surge which had in the latter part broke into the 90 cents range in the later story.

Well, I believe the story had just started. As I had sighted that the trend at the moment is all about money losing company that are in the consumer products range, DPS just met the criteria for all this.
But because of DPS yet to see some firing, the sparked ignited the fire into a real wild one. So I had assumed that Sumatech, SYF and next will be DPS.
At the very point of time, 3.28pm, the moment of truth where much people had been waiting had came about.
DPS, right after the post, had burst into uncontrollable flames that is spreading wildly without control. It is crazy that this spark had break new limits and there are just literally no resistant that can be saw.

As DPS remained the momentum, DBE, another money losing company, which also falls into the category of consumer products, when into rampaging after triggered at 3.46pm.

Soon enough to see, DBE got it's craze volume all hype up right at 3.46pm.

But the strength could not maintained as DBE had a at least x3 times share issued which saw a lot of 0.5 cents profit takers, managed to take flight to RM 0.11.

Unlike DBE, DPS craze had went overboard, until it had nearly reached the limit up point with SYF, which I would say had inherited a part of the Harvest style play in this kind of market.

This is a really epic day to be remembered in this trading world.

Thanks to FMs and big funds who really did help in pushing rocks into rolling balls altogether.

From Perisai to SYF, to DPS and DBE, this must be a 4 Aces in a poker game.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Astino - On the verge on driving an Aston Martin

Let me introduce to you a counter cold enough to give you some cold laugh - Astino Bhd 7162. Well, probably some of you will think that this company could had been assembling some Aston Martin? Hahaha..

Astino, a company supplying metal roofing for factory, PVC doors is trying to creep off without letting any of you knowing it's existence.

Yes, indeed this is a very cold counter, and I would bet most of the people do not even know about this company because of it's low action and profile in the market. However, it's recent action had somehow ricocheted my views again on him.

Amongst the very events that had been catching my eyes is the almost unending purchase back to treasury since last year, where the latest record is 8,014,604 shares held in treasury now, which represent around 5% of the total shares issued.

To add on the spices that had been dancing on the hot pan, 3 directors had informed the market of their intention to deal with the company securities due to the upcoming quarterly result.
1. Ng Hung Weng
2. Ng Hung Seh
3. Ng Back Teng

I guess this message is somehow straight forward?

Now let's look into the company recent performance.
EPS of 26.38 cents for the FYE 2011. Doesn't that sound nasty nice for your eyes to see and ears to hear? Just trading at a mere x3 PER. Doesn't it smells good for your saliva to drip now?

In a summary, based on all these convincingly good news:
1.) 3 shareholders dealings on company securities based on upcoming quarterly.
2.) Booming result from quarter to quarter.
3.) Next quarterly result in 1 month time

And the great suspense in the market:
1.) Superb result, but no dividend announcement yet, but shareholder buying back
2.) Could it be another political linked company? Opcom and CIHoldings had good shows on dividend surprises.

Personally thinking, I would say Astino will be on the good high advantage side on a winning bet. Be prepared for some good action in Astino, it could end you up driving an Aston Martin probably in the coming days. Who knows?

Cheers and have a nice day trading

Digistar - Embracing a new charge

It should be the time where Digistar would not remain silent anymore after a series of low action from a peak of 50 cents range play.

As a promising company with projects rolling in, heavy government linkage, good and fit outlook with bright future prospectus, coupled by the upcoming 4th and last quarterly result that will be announced soon with another booming result, what can I deny from not talking about this Digistar? It had met almost all my criteria in looking at this bright prospect in front of me, not to mention with the high anticipation of the main board listing in time ahead, which I got tipped off as it is just around the corner. But, no promise towards this, probably another couple of month for this main board listing.

But a few strong points that could give us more confidence is
1. Upcoming bursting result, was informed yet another more than 500% increase. Wohoo?
2. Politically linked - You saw Harvest, Opcom, CIH, Kbunai and many many more example.
3. Broke the stubborn 45 cents resistance marking a new run forward.
4. Main board listing - As usual, anticipated on a high mode frying.
Technically looking, the past 5 days had been a convincing white candle, which saw the volume supporting its hike after breaking past 45 cents. It had taken a toll to end at 46 cents, which had definitely marked a new trend awaiting.

As tipped of from my friend here, one of my friend suggest me to holding onto this counter until the end of the year for more fun ahead, which I assume must be a good ride of fun to say.

As a short and quick outlook for Digistar, I will anticipate it to break 50 cents in the coming days soon, with a very short term TP of RM 0.485

As the old saying - Save the best for the last. I think 4th Quarter, which will also sum up the whole FYE 2011, will be astonishingly and terrifyingly terrorizing.

Cheers and happy trading.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Stock Watch for 11 Nov 2011

As the is still floating in the midst of uncertainty, Europe continue to flame the charcoals by highlighting more and more bad news after a series of bad news. Actually, this kind of news had been floating for the market for weeks, months, and not to say, years as well. It is never ending, but it is just a play to recruit the trader to either joining the bull camp or bear camp.

The recent few couples of months had seen a lot of traders hopping from bull to bear, and bear to bull, and now undecided. Yes, it is volatile moment which much hopping happening around, especially those who are controlling big funds. As the bear is attacking again after the bull seems to be saturated, it will poise another series of red green stripes day until 1 dominant party win the game to strike an uptrend or downtrend.

At the mean time, since bull had taken flight, it could be favorable to the bears in a general manner, meaning it could be a red, green, red, green day, or double to triple red, one green. Since red will be favorable, it could favor FKLI in shorting as percentage to go lower is higher.

At the mean time, I am expecting our market later will be more to opening high and sell down. A few cards here that we could be monitoring might include:-

1.) Harvest - As posted here, I am not surprised on more action to come. There will be big swings. Catch the wrong swing, then you will be caught pants down.

2.) Emico + Dataprep - High percentage of co-relation as they are sharing similar movement lately. In a volatile moment like this, with high volumes and unknown statuses, it is the best spot for sharks to linger at for a game.

3.) JCY - As the Thailand knife continue to cut deeper into affected company, JCY continues to pour in more and more salt into their wound to cover the gap. That much be a hell ya of an effort. Expecting more salt to be poured into opponents wound, while JCY steal the limelight in this water lodged saga in Thailand. Looks like JCY swims faster when there are water, a fish stock. As today ended on a strong note at 0.695, JCY had yet to test 0.70. Tomorrow will be the time to prove 0.70 is just a twig.
TP 0.735.

4.) All the pinky and penny counter with notable volume recently will be worth to take a watch.

Cheers and happy trading. All the best

Harvest - Just a replay of history

You guys must be thinking I am out of mind of put Harvest into coverage. Before I am to start anything here, I would like to hereby informed that this is strictly not a recommendation for any buy/sell call for this counter. I am just here to share my views and thoughts, which you can select if you want to use them as reference, it is at your own risk.

Before I would like to start anything in Harvest, I would like to bring forth Scomi groups into the pictures.

Generally, let's take a look at Scomi historical movement.
What you are seeing here, is from Jun 2003 to May 2004. Now let's look at the price of Scomi, 20 cents to RM2. Spectacular. but that is 8 years ago.

For Scomien and Scomimr, do check them out at your own. They are colorful.

So let's see what is so related to Scomi.

Bio profile taken from Wikipedia. Probably after seeing this, that sums it all together already, and I do not need to explain much.

Scomi, lead by Khairy, which is the son of then PM, Ahmad Badawi, had make it's debut high, soaring into the skies.

Now, lets take a look at Harvest.
Same situation, son is in the high management, and this kind of thing happen, but just taking a much more express train in reaching that kind of heights in just a week, while Scomi took around 6 mths.
But turn around to say, if the slope of the hike repeats like Scomi, that might be a crazy one in the coming 6 months, RM 3? Wow, it is scary to even think of that.

As I had feeling that this share will break RM1 when it is still in its 60-70 cents range, it happened faster than what I had expected, in which what I would describe Harvest as a vehicle without brakes, defying gravity.

So, Scomi group have 3 companies in total, all 3 took crazy hikes. Harvest only 1, and it is still fresh.
What do you think? Hahaha. Frankly speaking, if you are asking me whether Harvest will go RM2, I would like to be honest and say, YES and High percentage for it as well. This counter will not trade with technical look, it is about craziness, euphoria, heavy political linkage, greed and guts. I won't be surprise to see Harvest hitting RM1.60 too as it is very near to it already, and breaking RM2.00.

If you think Najib will be more "powerful" then Badawi, do you think Harvest will reflect the same? Hahaha. If Harvest cannot reach RM2, Najib's son lose to Khairy. For fame purpose, I think it will not be ending so fast.

So after all, if you want to see another such action should you miss the ride, make sure a new PM takes place, and the son will do miracle to your wealth again, no doubt, no joke, just believe. For youngster, remember this in your head because you still have a lot of chances for new PM!!!

End note, do remember, if you want to trade Harvest, expect the worst before expecting the best. If you cannot take the worst, don't trade at all. For those punters, hardcore gambler, happy trading, you know what you are punting.


Thursday, 10 November 2011

E&O - Reaching a deciding point

E&O, a superstar and highlight of the KLSE stock market in the past 2 months, had shred its limelight, losing out to penny market performers, especially Harvest.

After the 30% acquiring from SIME, E&O euphoria had ended up with a seemingly bad ending to the minority. As it had sink into the forgotten lands for about 2 months, E&O, technically looking, had reach a next deciding point now.

Looking at the formation, both the volume of the shares traded and the prices of the share are giving a same trend for about 2.5 months (Highlighted in red for share price, and yellow for the volume), while on a mid term looking, it is being tested on a mid term support price range of RM 1.35 to RM 1.40.

After all the hoo-hah in the market, E&O had been remaining silent, keeping a low profile despite the surge in the general market. You could easily identify that E&O had a different trend if compared together with the KLCI index.

As the next few trading days will be liken to determine E&O new trend, either a break out and firing upwards, or a down trend. However, side way trending will the consider good as chances of hiking could be larger.

On a short brief on E&O current status, with main projects at Penang, and with nearly 1k acre reclaimed land, I believe E&O will not be defeated so easily, as Penang continue to lead in Malaysia as the best preferred state for FDI, I will be expecting more action in Penang related counter, especially on properties and construction.

For high risk taker, this could be a risky point, but high risk high return. For those that would want signs and signal, we could possibly know in a couples of days.

Cheers and happy trading

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Taking a day off - Happy shorting

As market brace for a reddish moment for the next couple of days, I believe we can witness how gold price will be going to test USD 1800 soon.

I will be taking a day off probably in the market tomorrow as have to attend to some personal matters, hence no coverage for tomorrow's action.

Here, sharing some sleek movement that these daredevils can do about. How good it is if we can trade share like how they do their stunts and acts. It is time to learn from them. At the mean time, happy shorting on the market.


Have a nice time watching and trading the market. Cheers and all the best

Stock Watch for 9 Nov 2011

It had been a busy day for me lately, well, as usual, our days are always busy, and it is only through this kind of business that is keeping our life with a thrill, with excitement, full of anxiety, unknowns, challenges. These are part of the factors that keep on motivating me to explore myself deeper, research better, perform better.

Well, market had been starting with a fire starter booming in the 1st session, which seen Harvest, the most talked about stock in the recent investor and trader lips after its sensational hike from less than 8 cents to more than RM1, which can nearly match up to Repco's record on return on capital gains percentage. That is a stunning 14.75 times. However, Harvest-WA had broken Repco holding, by staging a 33.33 times return based on 3 cents at low, and peak at RM1. Well, this crazy stock had made me loss my bet that if Harvest is able to touch RM1, I will quit trading (Saying so, Harvest is still at 60 cents range). Lesson learnt - Never bet with heavy GE related counter, especially when Najib's son is the CEO - Apa pun boleh.

Here is a quick look on what cards do we have for tomorrow strike, anticipating a bullish run to continue here.

1.) Sridge - I believe the momentum should be here by now soon. After seeing MMode crazily reaching out for a new record of 40 cents, Sridge will not lose out as it share an almost similar EPS compared to MMode. Touching 25.5 cents, ending at 25 cents, this counter will poise it position heading into the 30 cents range at no time soon. TP 30 cents in a short term out look.

2.) Digista - Reached 0.43, primary TP in my earlier post, and also resemble a resistance. It's course in the coming day will be very crucial on whether it can run it through and making a new break up with a convincing attack later on. Digista will also be announcing it's quarterly report soon, for the 3Q of 2011. It should be a good time to give an accumulative buy and hold as we anticipate a fruitful result on the 3Q of 2011, fueled by more projects and the urge to upgrade to main board soon.

3.) Timecom - An up trending counter after reaching lows during the hit backs from the bear attack. Suitable for a mid term play, as this is a good infra counter, which also suits into the criteria of the coming GE play as well. TP 0.655.

4.)  JCY - Been a shiny star amidst the Thailand disastrous flood. Each bad news for Thailand is each good news for JCY. Should you anticipate more torrential rain to fall in Thailand, flood become worsen, then you can have all the reason to buy into this counter. Anticipated a strong force later, TP 70 cents (Situational)

5.) BJCorp - A sleeping dinosaur recently. It had been lying almost motionless while letting the food digest in the stomach. As RM 1 to RM 1.05 resemble a buying back point to the treasury, and also the injection point for Credit Suisse Group, let's ride with the soon to come tide. Accumulate, and wait for the surge to happen at any time soon during this 2 months. Quick out look, will be lingering at RM 1.05 to RM 1.10 in the coming days.

Others on the watch - Bertam, Malton, Perisai, and all the pink color ACE counter.

Cheers and have a nice day trading.

JCY - Riding on bad news, breaking on new heights

Today JCY had again breaking into new heights as Thailand flood condition had been reported in a worsening state, as the nation continue to see more and more flood water coming into the country, submerging goods and stocks, animals, and even lives.

No joke, Thailand is in a very bad state at the moment, as the monsoon season had yet to poise its unfinished wrath on Thailand. It had been much worrying at Thailand as economy had been literally been clamp down due to flood waters, food ration are running out, and it had been hard time living in Thailand. Some info on the flood here.

As for JCY, this counter had created some sort of automatic reaction on strong buying whenever Thailand flood got worse, or had any bad news on it. Thailand flood bad - JCY price up. Thailand flood improving - JCY price down. Interesting.

Technically looking, JCY had poised for a volatile trend in the coming days (Thanks to the volatile market outlook + Thailand flood) Double dose always provide x2 of fun and sadness though, just make sure that you are on the ride boat, and you will have x2 the fun then.

As JCY continues its journey with Thailand "yet to be able to see a bright light ending", we can continue to see JCY breaking into new heights in the coming days, and testing a psychological 70 cents.

End note, make sure you know what you are trading. JCY, will no doubt, a volatile play. Ensure entering and exit strategy are in force.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Gold Rush - Testing USD 1800 per ounce anytime soon

It had been some time since my last coverage on gold. Today, gold had continued with its spectacular run upwards amidst the volatile season of the market, which do make sense when investor starts to hug into something that could be solid, lesser fluctuation and steady result.

Yes, it had been one of the most common rules during a volatile season of the market, is where gold price will hike as investor level of confidence in gold grow. Well, at the same time, equity should not be forgotten as well, as the more volatile the market is, the better the return. High risk, high return.

Gold had been taking a steady upwards flight after breaking into the USD 1700 per ounce range, while it had break the USD 1750 in a quick manner last week, but had slide off to USD 1700 range. But this had not stop gold from proving itself from going higher, and we are now seeing gold to test the USD 1800 soon. As of my writing now, the price of gold is standing at USD 1791.97, which is poising some threat to the 1800 level.

Should this be a good strategy to continue in hugging some golds to hedge some of our investment during a volatile season like this? Well, my answer would be definitely a yes. It will be a good hedge against season like this, but comes with quite a hefty price.

Personally thinking, I am quite sure to see gold reaching the 1900 mark soon like how it happen during the recent month. Happy investing.

Friday, 4 November 2011

KNM - Enrouting a potential mad charge ahead

Yea, it is KNM, yet again. This time I think that they will be some high tension trading coming forward in the coming trading days, with a potential mad charge ahead.

Why so?

KNM had taken a bad slide since the end of May 2011, and had only continue to slide further downwards into the drains until the share see some side way trading recently.
The red line represent the downward trend line, while the green line represent a new trend after taking a 4 month slide, reach new lows. Personally thinking, this stock had hit some real bottom, and it should be time to take a turn on this. While some initial effort had been seen in trying to push the stock higher, I think in the coming days, there will be more testing coming in.

But upon all, my reason in covering it is because of the expiry of the warrants - KNM-CI.
KNM-CI, issued by OSK, expiry at 21 November 2011, could had catch some private equity attention in this play. It had been a quite popular play for warrants that are heading for expiry.

If you had remembered how Affin-CD had shoot up from RM 0.005 to RM 0.04 cents when Affin took a huge surge upwards, will it happen to KNM here? From RM 0.005 to RM 0.04, although it is small in difference, but in percentage wise, this is a 800% increase already. At huge volume, that would really interpret into some big figures altogether.

Of course, through my experience, most of the call warrant that are heading for expiry, usually those that had been hit down, will go through the pre-expiry frying syndrome. There are ample of examples in the market, and I am not taking out chances that KNM-CI will repeat such act.

In my opinion, KNM will be really worth a monitoring as there are a lot of other call warrants that had taken serious slide as KNM had slided out from it's peak point. At the price of RM 1.35 as of today closing, KNM will be worth a stock to hold for the coming few weeks.

However, do remember that this kind of play style will definitely exposed oneself to great risk that are lurking just at your doorstep. Anyone taking up the warrant should be aware on how much and how great a risk that he/his is willing to take up. Be ready to lose up everything should things go busted.

All the best, and happy trading.