Friday, 28 October 2011

Stock Watch for 28 Oct 2011

I had to admit that the market is really a confusing one at the current moment. Why I am saying that? I believe quite a number of you people that are reading will know that I am kinda of a little bearish, and expecting some windfall dropping at any time soon. Yes, I am not shy to tell you that, I am indeed a little bit more bearish than bullish. The reason for being so is because of the prolonged issues on the Europe, that seems to get delay and delay again and again, while the market is just playing without direction.

That is why we can see bulls and bear are battling in and out at the DJIA index. But recently, it seems that the bull had won the fight with the bear, breaking out the battle zone for a moment.

Now what is even confusing is, despite the surge in equity, gold had went crazy, and took part in this surge as well. To me, I was like.. What !!? This must be some kind of mutated market, and behavior are changing from time to time.

As of my posting now, Gold is now at USD 1742.45 per ounce (1.13am +8GMT), while DJIA is somewhere over +300 points. Yes this is really crazy crazy. With those issues being delayed, and the outcome unknown, while Europe leaders are playing some volleyball passing game, the market is definitely, running without a head for now - And equity and gold and other commodities had decided to go bullish together.

In my opinion, I think in this headless, without direction, no definite signal, I guess cash rich investor are just too rich to bang into both - Equity and Gold. Why? Since this is the initial start of the game, heading into both at the same time might be a good hedging strategy for their portfolio altogether. If the news are good, they got equity to continue, if the news are bad, they got gold to hedge against it.
So in the end, win win? Probably... But I believe time will reveal the true trend. Bull or Bear? Let's sit and watch while we play our cards.

Well, here are some of the good play cards that we might have for 28th Oct.

1.) KNM - As mentioned in the earlier post here, KNM had broke the long term resistance trend. I guess this should be the beginning of a new 4th Quarter start for them. Counting on their projects at hand, KNM will still be able to catch the interest once again. Short Term TP of RM 1.53.

2.) Bertam - Had tested on the resistant line today. Will it mark a new breakthrough later today, as a part of riding together with the bullish market sentiment. Expecting Bertam to meet with the pre - global market hit down support line, RM 0.70. As the volume start to increase gradually, expecting it to create interesting charts in the coming days ahead, coupled off with some good news in the company new direction as well. TP RM 0.685.

3.) Digista - Impatient signs can be seen here as people are waiting to poach upon it soon as things are starting to turn around. It is definitely worth a counter to monitor at as it had been resilient during the very bullish moment. I believe the fire burning in it is intense, the urge to break upwards is just a nick of time, probably withheld by a strand of thin string. As consolidation can be seen, it should be most probably the time to see a break soon after a string of accumulation process. Highlighted in the green circle will be the defining moment to witness should Digista give the try.

Others - Perisai, UEMLand, MRCB, UOADev, MBSB, HWGB.

Cheers and all the best. Have fun tossing $$$ around.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

KNM - A new fresh start for 4th Quater

Yes, it is the once upon a time legendary O&G counter - KNM, flying on the limelight again. Today KNM had displayed out a very good show, especially on the ending queue at 4.50pm, with more than 10k lots traded at the closing mark.

This should mark the return of KNM after it's 4 months long downtrend, sparked by the bad earnings of the 2nd quarter. The first red circle marked the start of the downtrend, by triggering panic selling with high volume. A second attempt to break the trend had been seen at the end of July, but effort had been smashed by the volatile sentiments floating in the market.

Today, KNM had mark a fresh start for 4th quarter, marking it's return of the bullish play, backed by the broad market bullish sentiment, and the convincing break out on the downward trend.

As the market is bracing for a strong bull, I am expecting KNM to march forward this time around.

Bone's short Term TP : RM 1.53

Forward Mid Term TP RM 1.75

Cheers and happy trading.

The Gold Rush - Resurrection

It had been quite sometime where the gold price had subsided back from reaching a peak of 1900s, plunging downwards into 15xx, before clinging onto 16xx for sometime.

Today, gold had taken off from 165x, and spear headed into the 171x zone as a start of the weaken market confidence towards equity once again.

The surge of gold had been increasing at a wild level at the moment. I view it as the start of the market in the losing of the confidence towards the financial solution for the Europe debt crisis. As the Europe had yet to take a solid step into addressing the time bomb - Greece, the market had been trading in a very much volatile manner, with red and green stripes crossing the days. No doubt, Europe is not anytime in a good shape, nor will they be in a good shape in the coming few days to months, probably would be taking another year or so)

Personally thinking, I would view the surge of the gold prices as an indicator for a next highly possible slumps, that could be ugly in a manner that this could be the last big wave going down the valley. On the previous coverage here, my expectation of another final wave is based on the historical events that had happened in the past, and might just repeat this time around. Should we be able to see a real low KLCI this time around? Time will only tell.

Above are just my opinions and views on the market movement.
Cheers and all the best.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Premiere Screening - Shark Night 3D (Post Review)

Well, I had the opportunity once again to attend another premiere screening, this time around is entitled Shark Night 3D. Special thanks to Nuffnang once again.

Actually, the title it of the movie sound interesting, especially where some of the "Final Destination" producers are involved, I, definitely will be anticipating something that is of above standard quality.

There are a lot of surprises on this movie, and those surprises is able to freak you up at times (But they doesn't make sense at all). If you would like to see some shark doing a Dolphin jump, jumping up the sea and eating some "fishes", then this is the show that you would probably want to watch.

I am not quite impressed by the storyline, which I think is quite stupid, and it just doesn't make sense (At least for me). In this show, sharks are equipped with some more than natural abilities. They swim faster than speed boat, attacking speedboat at high speed, flying out from the water to eat "fishes". Alright, that is enough for the shark part, would not tell a full detail so that it won't spoil your movie.

I would rate the storyline 3/10. It is quite poor and lousy. Is about a group who went to an island for some weekend vacation, which met up with shark attacks. After some time, they got to know that there are a few crazy fellas who are taking care of the sharks, and are taking video of sharks attacking victim to make a profit out of it. And the story goes on, and how they kill those victim one by one by feeding them to big and small sharks.

There are a few part which I felt the acting is kinda stupid though. (I understand this is a movie though). If you already know of that group which kill people by feeding into sharks, would you still hesitate to open fire when you got a gun in your hand and kill them off? I think I will just do it right away without thinking, because there is nothing to be negotiated after all. But here, you will see stupid scenario, where you will definitely curse the actor out who did not take the opportunity.

Overall rating, 3.5/10 for this show. But, if you are for some shark stunts and acting, a few surprise attack to pump up your heartbeat, then this show might be able to entertain you a little. Storyline wise, don't put up too much a hope. On the acting wise, it is just average.

All the best.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Happy Deepavali - Best wishes to all Deepavalian, and happy holidays to all

Dear all mates, wishing everyone of you a Happy Deepavali.

Wishing all of you good health and safe journey back for all those who celebrate Deepavali.

For the other, a happy holiday.

Cheers and take care

Stock Watch for 25 Oct 2011

As the market continues to rally on a rather bullish manner, the market is still cautious of the upcoming meeting that will be held on the coming Wednesday to decide on the fate of the Europe.
Frankly speaking, if you are to ask me what is my prediction on the meeting outcome, I would be telling you that I am not going to predict anything about the outcome of the meeting. 1st reason is because I am not the committee, and do not have any control on the meeting, so why waste the brain juice to predict it?

I believe what could be a better way to highlight it is the investment decision that will be taken by the investor on the out come of the result. Times like this are high on tension, no doubt. Any wrong move will only spark panic calls easily. Stakes are definitely high on the discussion and outcome of the meeting.

As of now, DJIA is still having some good party above 100 points. Should this be able to continue, we can continue to experience some good show tomorrow.

A quick outlook that what we can play later today.
1.) MMode - Rising on a firm note, ending at RM 0.28 with a buying rate of 65%. As of the previous coverage, MMode, can be considered an upcoming gems in the midst of the ACE. It's prospectus continue to be bright as there are still rooms for mobile services to grow in Malaysia, and Asean.
Expecting a good result run up by MMode for the 3rd quarter. On a short term basis outloook, TP RM 0.30 sounds interesting.

2.) Sridge - Another counter that I would not missed out - Sridge. I always look at Sridge and MMode as brothers, or close siblings. Why? The reason is because MMode and Sridge took a huge turn in their revenues and earning at the same time together in FYE 2011. Their hike are almost reflective to each other. Though at times Sridge is more favorable, now, MMode seems to had stole the limelight from Sridge. But, I believe, Sridge will not be lacking too much, as it had a seemingly good result for the past 2 quarters for FYE 2011. Should 3rd quarter reflect a consistent EPS, be ready for some firing.
A short term basis outlook, TP RM 0.25.

3.) Perisai - A taken down counter during the fall. The recent change of shareholding might sound interesting. Today had rallied up 3 cents from reference price, 2 cents from opening price, closing firmer at RM 0.625, backed by 65% buying rate. Technically looking, there are urge of bursting upwards by a few tries previously. Should the sentiment able to back this, we could see Perisai trading at RM 0.65 at a short term basis in no time.

Others to monitor includes, MBSB, L&G, TMS, Malton.
Cheers and happy trading.

Monday, 24 October 2011

MMode - Clinging on a consistent EPS for FYE 2011

MMode - 0059, another counter that had yet to receive some real attention, but despite all these, had been doing quite well.

Before the break out surge back in some where May 2011, MMode had been lingering around RM 0.13 through the past couple of years, with the highest reaching RM 0.155 on 2nd March 2011 this year. I would like to say that the year of Rabbit had been a leaping year for MMode as they had seen their revenue coming in folds, an EPS shooting up in folds as well, as this company continue to grow under good management.

Despite its cheap priced stock value, MMode had been considered generous in giving back to it's shareholder. On a quick outlook on the company history in dividend declaration, a tax exempt dividend of 4.0% for the financial year ended 31 December 2010, backed by an Interim dividend of  3.5% in year 2009. I do consider that this is a real good effort, considering it's status as a real cheap penny stock, and ACE market status, it means the management does value their shareholder.

On a quick outlook on the 2nd half result of MMode

Cumulative EPS for 1H 2011 is standing at 4.32 cents.

A short comparison with Digistar, which is just 0.3 cents lesser comparative to the same period, 1H 2011.

MMode had not been able to catch the limelight, could be due to it's smaller share market capitalization. But as they are working through expanding and enlarging their share market cap, I believe that MMode will be a good company to be invested into under the continuous good management team.

Now, on a short outlook on MMode chart trend.

There is an interval of 3 months for the next hike, highlighted in red circled (1 quarter interval - mainly fueled by the good an outstanding quarterly result). As I am going to expect the same good result of around 2.3 cents EPS from MMode, I think this counter will definitely lit it's way to some limelight in the KLSE soon as institutional coverage starts to pour in.

I would personally think that it will be a good time to accumulate as I anticipate another good quarterly result on 3rd quarter, which will be somewhere around early of November.

Should Digistar be able to go to more than 40 cents based on 2.3x EPS per quarter, what about MMode, who can also perform the almost the similar.

Cheers and happy trading

Saturday, 22 October 2011

UOADev - Breaking the cursed spell is just another show

A recent hugely hit down IPO, UOADev, where much anticipation had been put in it that this stock will be a more performing IPO compared to the rest of the ACE listing had recently made a dramatic come back as big institutional investor (EPF) had come in to lead the charge.


Just a very quick outlook on UOADev, it is very obvious that the strong support had been in the RM1.20 stage, and any grabs during that price would be a much rewarding one, consider an almost 50 cents up leg within a month, if compared to Thursday (20th Oct 2011) closing.

As EPF had been taking part in this rally recently, in which 3,274,000 shares being purchase at 13 Oct, bringing the shares to meet the RM 1.50 resistant (an approx 20 cents increased), though EPF had disposed the acquiring after 1 day, Thursday (20 Oct) had repeated an almost similar feat, where the shares had been brought up 20 cents from around RM1.50 to RM1.70. I am giving a heavy anticipation that the Thursday purchases would be part of the EPF acquiring again as there are yet to have any announcement on this.

Should this be true on the acquiring by EPF on Thursday, that would be some dirt work behind.
EPF acquired 3,274,000 shares on 13 Oct, and disposed off all 3,274,000 shares on 14 Oct.

14 Oct - T+0 (EPF disposes 3,274,000 shares, but price did not plunge, and maintained)
17 Oct - T+1
18 Oct - T+2
19 Oct - T+3
20 Oct - T+4 (Break RM 1.70)

That is almost coming to RM 4.9 million. The question is who could be the person behind taking up all the disposal from EPF? Which CDS account took that amount of shares? I am definitely sure that should Thursday is EPF who buy again, that must be some dirt job in using the citizen money to benefit the some particular people only.

Let's see if EPF job is done here in UOADev, it might sounded like a rebound show, but behind the rebound show is just full of dirty tactics.

21 Oct 2011 - Memorable day for KLSE

Today KLSE had created some memorable moments in the market by taking a near 70 points instant shot down at the market.

Circled in orange is the moment where the KLSE had created a big stunning show as most investor are puzzled if there is something wrong with their screen. As for me myself using a few platform to trade, I had refreshed a couple of time on my screen before realizing that they had been some dramas in the market.

The attack came at 4:40:24pm to 4:40:28pm, flushing counter like Digi (RM30.00), HLFG (RM10.02), MISC (RM4.90), PetDag (RM15.98), PPB (RM15.80), SIME (RM7.00), Tenaga (RM5.39), and the most epic of all, KLK (RM15.30).

As of the news report, the 70 points plunge is caused by error made by brokers. According to The Edge, an official from Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd in an e-mailed statement confirmed that the drop of the index at 4.41pm on Friday was due to trades keyed in by the said broker.

I am starting to wonder, can broker made such kind of error? This kind of error is purely ridiculous as this mistake just cannot be justified, moreover when we are talking about skilled broker here. Last time, we have DRB giving some same type of plunge due to call warrant expiry, now, due to what? Internal side betting? So abused the system to win it big? Or wanna start to roll a bear ball with the flash crash on the market.

FKLI did saw some panic when the crash happened, but subsequently saw buys back.

This year had been a year full of exciting and surprises in the market. From the earthquake, war, S&P downgrade on US sovereign bond, Osama dead, Ghadafi follow on at the global happening to our locally topic like DRB flash plunge and KLCI downward spiral.

Around 2.5 months and we are off to 2012. How many more memorable events can we have in 2012? Let's continue to keep strong, and go through good and deep challenge.

Cheers to all, and happy trading

Friday, 21 October 2011

Fryday - Rest day for me

Not doing any coverage for Fryday trading.

Hope everyone out there can have a good time frying stocks. Have a good day, as I would want to take some time off to take a rest and rejuvenate a fresh mind for a better tomorrow.

Resting is to run further in the future.

Check out for more terror stocks in the coming day.

Cheers and happy trading.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Stock Watch for 20th October 2011

As the market continues it's uncertain run forward, with US indices currently at side lining position, it is the hardest moment for analyst to analyze the market and make a forward prediction. Uncertainty win the game.

Despite uncertainty, there are still some "abnormal" counters that are willing to do the abnormal dances.
Here, let's look at what wild care do we have in hand.

1.) JCY - Rising hardly upwards without brakes in the afternoon. Closing 0.58 did indicate that there are still strong interest in buying in this. As covered earlier, TP 0.635. Capturing market share that are suppose to be at ENG.

2.) Takaso - Showing some considerable interest today. Should there be another round of hike? According to my sources, this counter is not finished yet, but need some time to get things setter. Expecting it to be able to penetrate into the 20 cents range in time to come.

3.) Tiger 7079 - Heavy disposal from shareholder. However, a good reversal formed lately, which might indicate further for a good play soon. Possible to touch back to its previous price before the slump - RM 0.125. GPRO also went up with director disposal. Let see how much can it goes later today.

4.) Bursa 1818 - Rising up based on stronger earnings for the 3rd quarter. This counter had been a hit down lately prior to the global crisis. In my opinion, this counter might be highly possible, staging for a come back anytime soon with a short term TP of RM 6.95.first. Be careful of tomorrow as possible sell down with high openings.

All the best, and happy hunting on stocks.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Don't Teach Me How to Trade and Make Coverage

Ever since I had stepped into this investment world, I believe that knowledge and also connection is part of the critical factor in determining success. With no knowledge, you are putting up an upfront handicapped match to the other opponent who had more knowledge than you. But at times, connection and news are important for success as well.

But at times, people just couldn't be much more co-operative, and would just want to go head on against the flow, rather than flowing with it. Sad to know, but in the long run, "you" will see who will win.

This is my own personal blog, and it is my own property. My ability to dig critical information on the underlying counter/company is my own ability, and my strength in doing it. Like it or not, I will not stop doing it. If "you" are to come and tell me that I am disclosing sensitive information, then blame "yourself" for not able to protect "your" own company sensitive information, until outsider like me are able to dig it out. Maybe that tells a lot on how incompetent are you in keeping company secrets. Now coming back to bite me with legal action and accusing me of disclosing sensitive information without rights? Probably go back and see which part you did is wrong until information like that got leaked out.

By the way, may I highlight this for you on the top of my blog title :-

Disclaimer: This is my personal blog log that reflects my own personal views and opinion. All information provided here, including recommendations should be treated for informational purposes only. The author should not be held liable for any informational errors, incompleteness, or delays, or for any actions taken in reliance on information contained herein.

So, care what I write here? Probably, go and take care of "your" own company first before coming to tell me how to trade in the market. If I want to make coverage on "your" company, that is none of your business. I want to cover left right top bottom, how detail, how good, how bad, it is my right to do so as well, and it is the best interest of the public to know what is happening behind a company.

All the best, and no, I am not intimidated, and I am telling everyone especially you that I will not stop doing it!!!

JCY - Rubbing Salt to ENG wounds

Today JCY had did a tremendous run up from a stagnant price range of RM 0.4x, touching 60 cents. This is seriously an eye and wound sore for ENG holders, as they just can look at how their opponent rake up market share in the coming orders while they are suffering from operational losses and all the other challenges that they had to face. What is worst, to see their share price plunging down while JCY took this opportunity to rub more salt to their existing wound by frying upwards.

But on a side note, probably ENG shareholder are part of the participants in the JCY frying session, so that they can recover some of their share losses? Hahaha.. It could be that way.

JCY started is frying debut today at approximately 11.30am, and reaching at peak of RM 0.56 before the rest session strike in.

As quick outlook on the JCY, I made a possible 60 target for the day at 2.26pm in a forum.

At the opening, JCY fired up at 0.59 as opening price, and touch 60 cents in 31 seconds from the opening. That must be crazy.

Well, all the above are history already, and what is more important is the coming days ahead, which is - Tomorrow.

As one of the critical success in trading, it is most important to understand who are the traders behind the counter, and who are the player which had the most controlling power behind. And, I believe that the job is not finished in JCY yet.

Based the movement, there are still urge to soar higher as today is the first day of the stock to make its soaring debut after a long session of down trend and side way trading. Time to unleashed some steam out.

In a very short term basis, JCY could be heading its way for RM 0.635 with more strong buying interest coming in from the uncle and aunt market.

Cheers and happy trading.

Stock Watch for 19th October 2011

It had been one of the most difficult period in my trading life, covering stock despite an unknown situation at the DJIA. Frankly speaking, this market is crazy, and it is totally not for the weak hearted people to trade in this kind of volatile market. It requires 101% of focus in each and every decision and action that we made in this kind of market. One moment we can be bullishly upwards, another moment, we will be bleeding profusely without stopping.

As of the current situation, DJIA had been giving a sideline performance, lingering just within the +50 to +70 range. Market had been still in its worrying stage as the issue in Europe had been looked as "yet to be resolved". Confused, but what I can tell is that these market had been in constant manipulation from the big giants.

Beware very careful of tomorrow trading, as a lot of the stock might go on opening gap high from today closing should DJIA be able to present a considerable good show. Sentiments are still weak as the Europe sentiment looks barely negative.

I am not doing any individual counter coverage today. But there might be some few stock that are definitely worth going through for monitoring probably.

1. Harvest - rising sharply in the recent days. Ending strong with 60% buying interest. Should tomorrow not open high and gap down, expect more transaction to come and support.

2. SCN - Volume had been picking up lately. After Flonic and GPRO run, SCN next one? Still had a buying interest at 67%. Today trading reached nearly 35 million shares traded.

3. Redtone - Still no news about the recent hike. Expecting a UMA to be filed to Redtone sooner or later if they continues this kind of activities.

Others include property counters and financial services counter like MBSB. Worth looking at.

Cheers and happy trading.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Stock Watch for 18th October 2011

It had been a while since the last coverage on stock watch. Tomorrow might be a hard game for most of the investor here as we had witness a blood hit Europe market, and a high probability to be blood hit in the US market as well.

But one thing that we must remember is that, Malaysian market always do wonders that others will not be able to imitate. Aren't you proud of being a Malaysian after all, especially our beloved KLSE.

A quick look on the running of the stocks today, I think big caps counter will have big time cashing out as seen today, while much of the other counter had seen cashing out to secure the profit amidst the bullish strength, contributed massively by the US counterpart for their bullish Fryday.

Let's look at what frying card do we have for tomorrow.
1.) SAAG - An interesting counter for its history. Today, breaking the 40millions share traded after more than 4 months, with a 67% buy rate and ending at 7 cents, it could signal another run, yet again. SAAG, a popular frying counter, can it do wonders later like how it did on January, earlier this year? Finger crossed, but play at own risk.

2.) RedTone - Had been in a mad hike lately, especially the shooting up today. It had break the 30 cents mark and put its foot on 32 cents as a stop first today. At a good buying rate of 67% and with no substantial solid news circulating in the market, I am expecting that this counter should be able to give some good swings up and down in the 30 cents range. Ride amidst uncertainty, be good in catching a good entry point so to enjoy the swings. Once news are out, I believe, it will be ripe to sell then.

3.) HWGB - One of the popular frying stock that had yet to give a good show lately during the bullish rebound. Today had mark some action by giving a steep climb to 38 cents. At a buying rate of 70% accompanied by good amount of volume, expecting some interesting action in this counter later on today. Make sure that you are not caught in a gap up opening situation as things might get ugly should our market goes doomed and selling downwards.TP RM 0.405 in a short term basis.

4.) Tanco - Back into business soon? This is an interesting counter that had been tipped off to received the trade receivables from the legendary bankrupt US company - Lehman Brothers. Lately, I had been tipped off by some sources that had indicated that the trade receivables might be coming in soon - around the end of the year. How true can this be? Today Tanco had ended at 0.235 in a strong note, with a convincing 67% buy rate, am assuming more to come later on today. TP RM 0.265 in a short term basis.

Tired and feeling groggy after writing this. Time to get a rest and ready for a good battle later today. Cheers and good nite all.

Where are we heading now? Yet to be confused, or already out of mind?

It had been a very hectic weekend for me recently, until I had literally no time to keep it up with the latest development of the market activities because of some personal things. Monday is really a good day, but will Tuesday resound the same as Monday? Looking at the current market situation for DJIA, it looks unlikely for a strong day for KLSE later on.

Well, I had to agree that quite a lot of us are confused over the development of the current market. A lot of us had been in a bearish mode before the reversal came in a literally give the bears a good toast at the ass. Nice play by the Bulls by displaying a strong play lately, and this strong play had literally turned the Bears into fun riding Bulls, charging madly and without direction, hitting literally everything that lay in their path. Jack pot are easy during the initial stage of the rebound, but what about when the Bulls rebound start to get saturated?

Let's see what we had rode though in the past year from 2007 to end of 2008.

After that 2nd plunge, highlighted in the red circle, KLCI had saw some kind of reversal which is highlighted in green circle. That reversal had saw market rebounding more than 100 points. And right after that, that is the 3rd plunge downward that had made a memorable year for the year to call it a crisis as KLCI had went down touching the 800s mark.

Let's see what is our current movement
Rebounded slightly more than 100 points from the valley on 26th September 2011. To date, KLCI soared to 1465 with a +22.92 ending on Monday.

With gold giving some of the signal once again, it might be an alarm for another downward wave in the coming days. Gold had took a serious plunge from USD 1900 per ounce, while we witness global equity moving on the reverse direction. Don't forget, this sentiment is very fragile, and requires fast moving. I got a feeling here that gold is ready to go pass USD 1700 per ounce this couple of day soon as the global equity market take a shaking soon.

Above are purely just my opinion on the direction of the market with the indicators that i around me.
Here is a previous coverage from me on the market.

In my opinion, I think it will be a good time once again to hug some gold again to hedge some of your portfolio in case you had yet to dispose some of your holding during this bullish rebound.

Cheers and happy trading.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

OSK & RHB - The merging saga continues

The recent hot and heart pumping merging talks of financial heavyweight are in the limelight once again, putting much interest from the public in the next up coming hot development from all those merger talks - OSK & RHB.

Well, I had earlier covered on these 2 on their initial merger plan where it had pop out on 30 Sep 2011, where we had saw that OSK had been the favorable candidate to get its share price in a deep frying session in this whole merger talk.

On Friday 30 Sep 2011, OSK hit a high of RM 1.75, before plunging back to close at RM1.56. Well, initially, by looking at the trend of the current talks, it looks like another drama from Maybank + CIMB for RHB. These are no strangers dramas, as they happen always. Even lousy drama from Ulicorp had toast so many people left and right side, hoping the subsidiary could be sold off, and a compensation to be made to the shareholder.

But, what had caught my attention is that the share movement in OSK lately, before news are announced again in The Edge on the nod from BNM for the merger talks. Refer here for more information.

Before Friday nod, OSK share price had been quite suspicious.
On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday had recorded a hiking in volume and also the price as well, which very well reflect on the happening behind the scene. Friday volume had been spectacular, where volume tripled up on the previous day.

Could this be a real show?

In my opinion, this is a wild game here, but this wild game could be worth the risk to be taken as the rewards could be very fruitful and delicious. Should the merger not materialized, OSK will still be a good holding stock in a long run as the investment banking field in Malaysia had yet to reach its saturated level.

Should this be real, I could expect insider to continue pushing the price upwards, to reflect the underlying interest. TP RM 1.85 as a short term basis. Beware of opening high and selling down traps. Remember, buying this is a 50-50 risk to bear. Make it or fail it. By the way, don't forget about RHB as well.

Cheers and happy trading.

SP Setia - Another goner soon by PNB take over

SP Setia will be the next goner soon after PNB shareholding in the company had breached more than 33%, which is the level needed to trigger a legal take over of the company.

In a news report by The Edge, the Securities Commission has approved Permodalan Nasional Bhd’s (PNB) takeover offer for S P Setia Bhd.

The property developer said on Friday, Oct 14, it had received the notice from Maybank Investment Bank Bhd, which is acting on behalf of PNB, that the SC “has approved the offer under the equity requirement for public companies vide its letter dated Oct 13”.

For more reading, refer here.

SP Setia had been a great company which develop good quality homes to the people. Considered as one of the successful listed property company in the KLSE, there is nothing to fret about as PNB is using this chance to take over SP Setia at a real good bargaining price in fact.

On the other side, it is quite sad to see good company are getting take over, but that is the usual practice in the market. Bigger shark will continue to eat and eat and eat fishes that are smaller than them with full of potential.

As there are still tussle among share holder to reject the take over, I am assuming that PNB will win this time around. Let's see what will happen to this saga. Will PNB increase offer? Who knows? The end result will reveal..

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

YTLP - Repeating the history again?

YTLP had been taking a slow plunge lately, entering into 1.6x zone.

Personally thinking, I would say YTLP would be a good hunting bargain at the moment. Looking at its good fundamental outlook for it's industry, and the current demand for energy in the market, expecting market demand for the energy to rise gradually as population increases, and with the massive building of housing estate which will further fuel the demand, I am having a good outlook for YTLP.

Looking at the chart, might see something nice here, will history repeat again?

At year 2008, YTLP took a plunge for around 6 months, before going back for a rebound. The rebound took off until end of 2010 / beginning of 2011 before the share price take another plunge as a cycle.

Now that the price is same as what we have around middle of 2008. Will history repeat itself again? I believe YTLP will move in cycle. Price range near 1.6x will be definitely a good bargain for a good energy stock like this.

I am expecting the share to linger at 1.6x to 1.7x before taking a significant reversal soon.

Short term outlook - RM 1.75
Mid Term outlook - RM 1.9
Long Term outlook - RM 2.20.

One of the best 3 worded phrase in the world - You are fired

Words - A very powerful invisible weapon that everyone have since birth. They are very amazing, and do amazing things such as:-

- Can make your day, or spoil your day;
- Can motivate you, or demotivate you;
- Can give you light, or give you darkness;
- Can give you happiness, or give you grief;
- Can give you success, or give you failure;
- Can give you friends, or give you enemies.

Aren't "words" amazing enough to play a part in a person life?

Usually, when a person randomly asked you about your favorite 3 worded phrase, it could be easily be, "I love you", "I miss you", "You are great", "You are wonderful", "I trust you", "I understand you", "Just do it" and the list goes on. But, what about this - "You are fired".

Wow.. I am wondering, who had this privilege to got his face with "You are fired" ? In fact, not many people will get this word out right from the bosses. Well, I am not talking to those who are slackers at work, and slackers really deserved to get that because they are slacking and getting feed for no contribution. I am addressing to those people who had pissed off their bosses because they are simply special, simply unique,  does the abnormal, extra ordinary, unacceptable, where there is no benchmark for it to be compared, and defiant because they believe.

Now tell me, out of 10 peoples, who will like to go against bosses? Do you have the guts to do it?

In fact, it is not easy at all to get "You are fired" from your boss. First, you must be real nasty, keep doing and repeating, and continue to be defiant, and pissed your boss again and again until they erupt like a volcano, telling you face to face - You are fired.

Yes! These are the very defining moment in life. Wonder what do you feel when you get your boss to spill "You are fired" from their mouth. If you are fired because of your strong defiant views and opinion, that, very much indicate that you are a next big potential to be successful.

JK Rowling got fired for daydreaming - But now her ex-boss is paying to read her books and movie now. Madonna got fired on day 1 of work for squirting jelly on customer - Now people are craving for her entertainment. Mark Cuban, founder of MicroSolutions, got fired for failing to open the computer retail shop, now have a wealth of more than US 2.4billion.

For me, I like being fired at, while the more I got fired, I would want to prove to them (bosses) that they are actually wrong. Best is to get me fired forever. Bosses, at times are too egoistic, and thinks that every words and order that came out from their mouth are 100% perfect, but I am just so gonna say - Bullshit to this!!! This is also part of the reason I am disgusted with bosses attitude where they think they are the best. I am no doggie here, but only to come back and employ them in the future.

One of my favorite quote
Anna Wintour - "I recommend that you all get fired"

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Stock Watch for 11th Oct 2011

While I am writing this, DJIA is at a very strong positive note of +279.73, fully impressive technical bullishness here. Should DJIA continue this kind of momentum, we could be able to see a better KLSE later today. If DJIA is going to end in a very greenish manner, I am expecting a strong rebound on all the KLCI counter.

Now, let's look at what I got here for our game card tomorrow (though I prefer covering them on the real time basis, as it will be even accurate.)

1.) Financial heavyweight (Maybank, CIMB, RHB, AMBank) - Expecting a greenish outlook for the KLSE market. Financial heavyweight such as those might be able to lead the pursuit for the bullish run on the KLCI.

2.) Bernas - Bernas on 2nd round running again now. As stated in the past, food sector will never be wrong at this time around. As we might continue to see more demand on the food sector, it will be another round of a good hike for Bernas. TP RM 3.35 as a short term running.

3.) RedTone - Supported by strong interest, hiking without solid news (Similar trend on GPRO). Volume had been convincing enough to give a penetration towards RM 0.265 soon, considering the flight is still fresh.

4.) Focus - Hiking at a considerable pace with good supports on volume. Had been doing great day by day. Looking forward in penetrating RM 0.10 zone soon. TP RM 0.10, short term basis.

5.) YTLPower - Maintaining a good composure at 1.6x area, gaining 2 cents to end at 1.68. Might be a signal for a change of trend soon, could it be true? Convincing amount of volume traded, and is one of the counter that had yet to received the bullishness in the market. Fair buy rate at 50%.
TP RM 1.75 for a short term. Ride on a bullish attack later today.

Cheers.. Actually, there are just too too many counter in my head, and I could hardly make up my mind to put up a comprehensive coverage. Above are just the selected few of them. Do check out on my lurking place for more update real time buy calls.

Have fun

Monday, 10 October 2011

Stock Watch for 10th Oct 2011

Today mark the first trading day of the week after the Budget 2012 announcement on last Friday. Technically looking at it, I am assuming that Monday will see some profit taking activities after much rally from the 1350 support. KLSE had seen a continuous 3 days gain from last Wednesday onwards (5th Oct 2011), and put an ending note at 1400.05 on Friday, spectacular if I would to comment about the performance. Well, we will have to acknowledge that the big gunners in the West are too doing a part in contributing to this result.

On a short note, I wonder did BN pay those big financial houses to run up such a good performance for the Budget 2012 announcement. Hahaha, who knows? Well, probably this is just a good coincident.

I am much skeptical that tomorrow will likely to continue the bullishness that we had enjoyed on the past 3 trading days. Do remember that all those problem had yet to come to an end, and we still have a big load from the Greece problem. Frankly speaking, this Greece financial default had been a sore to the world financial outlook, and having it lingering around is tearing the flesh inch by inch, wicked and painful. Yes, we might have the same thoughts as in, why can't Greece just once and for all, get lost? Default - Just default it once and for all. But the fact is just the opposite.

I am expecting that tomorrow will be most likely opening high and selling down for most of the counters as Friday itself had seen how the bull subsided throughout the whole day. Be careful on picking up shares for trading as tomorrow might be the 1st day of a reversal, which might put your self in a deep trap should the market sentiment turn sour again. However, there are still chances of the bullishness to be continue on Monday, though it will be very very bleak in my opinion.

For tomorrow, some of the counters that might be worth a good look might includes.
1.) YTLPower - Strong volume seen on 1.6x area, with more than 10million shares exchanging hands. 1.6x resembled the price back then at 2008. Trading at PER 9.16 is considerably fair outlook for YTLPower as the fundamental are intact. Recent down trend might be a result of disposal from EPF in reducing its stakes. EPF had reduce to below 10% holdings in YTLPower as of recent. Should 1.6x able to stand up, we might be able to see a short term rebound to RM 1.8x zone.

2.) Flonic - Staging a 2nd return? RM 0.115 range seems to be a support there, tested a few times and able to stage a rebound. The public still had yet to have any news on this counter despite the vigorous movement of the shares and share prices. I am anticipating a good show to erupt here once the deadline get nearer. At the mean time, before the news are out, if could be a good time to ride amidst the uncertainty. Monitor for share price movement. In my opinion, could be possible for it to break up above RM 0.18 should the 2nd round be a good and successful one.

Others counter that could worth a monitor for dramas and show could be - Dialog, MAA, MBSB, Tenaga.

Well, not much to cover as I am anticipating the majority counter to open up, selling down syndrome in the Monday Market.

All the best, and have fun trading.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Highlights of Budget 2012

7 Oct 2011 is the day where Budget 2012 had been announced. Following are some of the key highlights from the budget:-

Expenditure: RM232.8 billion to implement all Government development plans, which include the projects and programmes. Of the amount, RM181.6 billion is for operating expenditure and RM51.2 billion for development expenditure.

Federal Government revenue expected to increase 1.9% to RM186.9 billion in 2012 compared with RM183.4 billion in 2011. Ddeficit in 2012 is expected to improve to 4.7% of GDP compared with 5.4% in 2011.

Stimulus package: RM6 billion for Special Stimulus Package through Private Financing Initiative to undertake several public projects. Projects include upgrading and maintenance of schools, including construction of new blocks, upgrading hospitals, flood mitigation programme, upgrading basic rural infrastructure.

RM978 million to accelerate the development in five regional corridors, including building Johor Bahru-Nusa Jaya coastal highway in Iskandar, Johor; heritage tourism development in Taiping in the Northern Corridor; agropolitan scheme in Besut in the East Coast Economic Region; palm oil industrial cluster project in Lahad Datu in Sabah Development Corridor; and Samalaju water supply in the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy.

FELDA: FELDA Global Ventures Holding to be listed on Bursa Malaysia by mid-2012 to raise funds for the company to be a global conglomerate. Listing will create another blue chip plantation company besides attracting international investors to Bursa Malaysia.

SMEs: Government  to provide RM100 million for the SME Revitalisation Fund. This scheme offers soft loans up to a maximum of RM1 million for entrepreneurs to revive their businesses. To help SMEs to commercialise research products, government to set up shariah-compliant Commercialisation Innovation Fund totalling RM500 million with an attractive profit margin.

Hybrid cars: Full exemption of import duty and excise duty on hybrid cars and electric cars will continue to be given to franchise holders. Tax exemption extended until Dec 31, 2013.

Tourism: Langkawi Five Year Tourism Development Master Plan will be launched with an allocation of RM420 million.

Property: Government proposes review of real property gains tax (RPGT) as current rate of 5% not effective in curbing real estate speculative activities. Government proposes RPGT rate be reviewed. For properties  held and disposed within 2 years, the RPGT rate is 10%. For properties held and disposed within a period exceeding 2 years and up to 5 years, the rate is 5%. Properties held and disposed after 5 years are not subject to RPGT.

Schools: RM1 billion for the construction, improvement and maintenance of schools, particularly to cater for the immediate needs of schools.

Civil service, bonus: Government proposes new Civil Service Remuneration Scheme or SBPA which includes an exit policy for underperforming civil servants and for those who opt to leave the service.
Annual increment of civil servants increased between RM80 and RM320 according to the grade. Also civil servants who accept SBPA will receive an annual increment between 7% and 13%.

Compulsory retirement age increased from 58 to 60 years old to optimise civil servants’ contribution.
Additional bonus of half-month salary with a minimum payment of RM500 and an assistance of RM500 to government pensioners to be paid together with the December salary this year.

For 2011, this totals to one month pay with a minimum payment of RM1,000 for civil servants and RM1,000 for Government pensioners. This will benefit 1.3 million civil servants as well as 618,000 Government pensioners. The total bonus and assistance payments for this year accounts for RM4 billion.

Homes: Under My First Home Scheme for those earning below RM3,000, government to increase the limit of house prices from a maximum of RM220,000 to RM400,000.

Government will introduce Skim Amanah Rakyat 1Malaysia for households with income below RM3,000 per month, to benefit 100,000 households. Participants can apply for a RM5,000 loan with a repayment period of 5 years.

Entrepreneurs: Government will allocate RM200 million to develop Bumiputera entrepreneurs and contractors through the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development.

Venture capital: Government will establish MyCreative Venture Capital with an initial fund of RM200 million.

EPF: Tax relief up to RM6,000 for EPF and life insurance to be extended to the Private Pension Fund now known as Private Retirement Scheme. Employers’ contribution be increased from 12% to 13% for contributors who earn RM5,000 and below, benefit 5.3 million EPF contributors.

For more detailed reading, here

Well, this budget is very straight forward, that will address to the country next upcoming general election. Quite a number of the issue address might be good for some individuals, example for those who had yet to purchase their new houses. The My First Home Scheme, government had increased the limit from RM 220k (Finally they come to their senses) to RM 400k. But, with below RM3k as requirement, an ass ripping plan here? Hmm..

But as for the RPGT of 10% for the first 2 years, I would personally think that it is too little to justify. If the government would want to curb speculation of prices in the property, they should increase it in a more significant manner, what is 10%. Make it 25% if they are serious about curbing the speculation of the prices.

On the other hand, the listing of Felda GVH as a blue chip plantation company, a much controversial company after issues hit it when EPF had borrowed RM 6 billion to them, without much details given out.
For more details, refer here, and  refer here for their potential mismanagement in the company. So, did you see how our money in the EPF is being abused? Those money that is supposed to be put into better use, is abused, and given back with pathetic returns back to the EPF contributor.

Side note, EPF contribution increased to 13% minimum. Another game play to fill up the cronies pocket through share market? It is sickening to see how the government is misusing the people's money in the market.

Well, election should be around the corner. I would urge everyone to get registered, and vote for a better Malaysia.

Tribute to Steve Jobs - The man wants to make the world a better world

It had been a busy week for me, and I would like to take this opportunity here to dedicate this post, though delayed, but rather than nothing, a tribute to one man who had wanted to make the world a better world for each and everyone here to stay.

Steve Jobs, best known as the founder of Apple Inc, had succumbed to his critical illness, pancreatic cancer, and laid rest on Wednesday, at the age of 56 (1955 - 2011).

I believe that Steve had run a good race during his life. Though the past 5-6 years of his life had been struck with critical illness, his consistency and persistent, passion and extraordinary vision had always been an inspiration for me. An inspirational leader that never give up, he had drive Apple Inc into global recognition through its innovative and creativity, the passion to improve the people's life. No doubt, there are a lot of people who are enjoying using Apple's product - From the smallest I-pod, I-phone, I-pad and even to MacBook, it is just unique.

Although Steve is not with us physically in this world, but he a great legacy for each an everyone in the world.
He had been the main driving force for Apple Inc, one of the greatest company in the world.
He had been a great father for this family.
He had been a great mentor and friend for all his counterparts and colleagues.

And most importantly, he had sent out a message that he did everything, it is not about the money, but it is about improving lives of the peoples, changing for a better world.

“I was worth over $1,000,000 when I was 23, and over $10,000,000 when I was 24, and over $100,000,000 when I was 25, and it wasn’t that important because I never did it for the money.” - Steve Jobs

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Stock Watch for 6th Oct 2011

As the KLSE continue to rally up with the upcoming Budget announcement during this coming Friday, EPF had been out in the market big time, cashing in stock and providing support to maintain the composure of the market that had been much volatile in the couple of months. Sentiment are still bleak as participation are lesser, except for punters, traders, value seeker, foreign funds and some accidental investor.

No doubt, it is just so hard to trade in this kind of market sentiment. Anything can happen in just a fortnight. I had find it even harder to trade in the KLSE market, reason is because of the clash of 2 titans. 1st titan is the bleak economy outlook in the globe, as Greece, Europe and US issued are the on going concerned that had been slicing more than trillions out of the global market. The 2nd titan, a rather small titan, but comparatively big for Malaysia looking at its impact, is the upcoming budget announcement this Friday. It is just so hard to decide whether to short or long the Futures in this kind of hamburger situation. Tell me, if DJIA drop more than 500 points in Thursday, will KLCI gain and rally in green on Friday opening due to budget announcement? Who is bigger here? DJIA 500 points drop of 2012 budget announcement? Which will you choose to side? I am confused as well, to be honest.

Now, let's see what do we have here in my hand that could be of a potential target later today.
1.) FRB 9008 - Formis Resources Bhd, an interesting counter for the day. Just right on the time around 4.23pm, transaction started up with good amount of buying, and spike all the way up from RM 0.755 to RM 0.83. Buying rate stands at 90%, and ending at a high note.
Daily chart, volume is not spectacular, but the price is somehow, quite spectacular to be able to catch my little attention here.
Weird timing for shares to run up this manner. But looking at that kind of hike, and since FRB is doing bank support, where contract are not small either, might be after some meeting, and contract got awarded, and therefore the hike of the price. Maybe some fat contracts from the banks, or something to do with budget, or just plain frying session. Either way, it is worth to take a look, aiming at TP 0.90.

2.) Focus - After Flonic and Gpro, this might be another counter to continue their run up. Quite an interesting hike up from a long side way trending of RM 0.065. Standing at RM 0.085 at the moment with good amount of volume and 81% buying rate, I am anticipating more upside for this counter. TP RM 0.10 (Short Term).

3.) UOADev - Caught some limelight in the middle of the day. Quite an interesting counter to be covered, with more and more shares buy back from the own company (Direct and indirect manner). Should this penetration upwards be a breaking point for the triangular shape resistant line? With a good amount of volume and ending show above RM 1.30, personally thinking, there could be more run up as this counter lack bullish run up since the listing of IPO. TP RM 1.42.

4.) Others watchable list - UEMLand, MRCB, Mudajaya, Gamuda, PChem. Heavily politically related counters. Good and potential counter that could be fueled by the upcoming budget announcement. Amongst them, 3 of them is construction counter which had dominated top 20 gainer page.

Cheers and happy trading

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Are we going to have a series of trend play now ? Tech Trend soon?

Today, we had seen a mighty trend play - Rubber counters.

All rubber counter had surge drastically, with Supermax leading the whole Rubber group doing a day high of RM 3.40, which is a crazy 63 cents from the closing price on 3rd October.

Others making into the headline includes TopGlove, Latexx, Adventa, Kossan, Rubberex, Hartalega, IRCB and ace counter Careplus. Yea, it is no doubt that trend play is one of the favorite play style for quite a number of people here. The other remarkable trend play that I can remember this year is when Japan was hit by the deadly tsunami that had wreck a lot of houses and accommodation. Almost after that hit, all counter that deal with Woods just surge crazily. The remarkable ones include Ta Ann that went rampaging from RM5 to a tip top RM7 at that point of time. Others include Mieco, Seal, Lingui, all having big time surging up.

That is the power of trend - Where everyone moves in the same direction, pushing the ball rolling, and became a bigger ball initially.

So, now what are the possible leftover trend that we had yet to witness? My friend had been asking me whether there is any possible upcoming trend after this rubber play. Well, looking back, we had got a few round of property run, food run, oil and gas, financial sector, but I think we had yet to see some strong Technology Trend run.

Probably, it is about time that we should keep our eyes on the technology counter for a break out. Maybe I-Phone 5 will contribute a little on the technology run? Hahaha.. finger crossed, and let's see.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

IE 0003 - Brewing on a low steam?

I understand that you guys must think that I am crazy to put such a counter into coverage. Yes, by looking it at a surface manner, it is totally not worth a coverage, even crappy counter like MEGB, JCY is worth more of a coverage than this counter that had no volume, GN3 status, empty shell company, doing losses after losses.

Yes, I might be out of my head to put this into coverage, but what interested me is that because I got to know that the management had secured more than RM 150 million loan for the furtherance of the business. Well, what do you think about this, RM 150 million? It is big enough to eat up some smaller companies that is of its own size.

On what he will do with the loan, I don't know as well, but of course in a good will and business on going concern, we will assume that the amount of loan will be put into good practice and run the company up again.

Well, let's factor in the date of the loan secured, with the company share price chart.

27 Sept - 60,100 shares, ending at RM 0.045
30 Sept - 120,200 shares, ending at RM 0.04
3 Oct - 145,900 shares, ending at RM 0.045
4 Oct - No volume recorded.

Very interesting here, don't you think so? Price and volume is talking for itself already, although it is on a very very low manner.

Well, I am not recommending anyone to "invest" into this counter, but I am just informing that I am anticipating some action to come by in the coming days should my expectation goes accordingly. Who knows what will happen in the coming days?

Technically seeing, should there be volume and bargains, I am expecting this counter to run up to previous recent high of 7 cents.

Let's see for it tomorrow.

Stock Watch for 4th Oct 2011

Market had turn to a bearish mode after a couple of days on the technical rebound last week. We had saw KLCI regaining a little bit of composure from the low of 1310 and touching back 1400, all in one week - last week.

Recently had been a hectic week for me as there are a lot of things coming up. Miss out on a few exciting counters last week. But never mind as there are always opportunity in the market all the time.

I had went through some of the counters today that might be going good to monitor at on their movement of shares and volume lately.

1. Takaso - This is an interesting counter. Selling condoms and some babies products, it had went hitting a high of RM 0.70 on the 5th August 2011. Since then, things had never been nice after the news about ordinary rights came out. Prices really take a severe beating by plunging deep into a ravine, hitting a super year low of RM 0.115 on 26th September 2011, before taking a come back slowly. Recently, it had started to hike back a little by little again. Should there be more action in the coming days? Let's see.
TP RM 0.185 in a short trading term.

2. MBFHLDG - This fantastic counter, one of my missed out due to hectic schedule with work. Game play similar with GPRO, volume spike with a price hike that is very drastic. Only on the 5th day of this spike, price hit RM 0.79. Buying rate of 70% today, I don't think this counter is finish yet as there should be more to come, at least until RM 0.85 should the sentiment support it's hike. Be careful of trap, opening high sell downs, as well as other little traps.

Cheers and happy hunting.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Smartag - Why Smartag could not get moving despite of some good news

I believe quite a number of people are banging heavily on Smartag - based on the potential and prospectus of this company in the coming future.

The very recent announcement from Smartag to the Bursa is as per here.
Extracted readings:-

Pursuant to the announcement dated 12 May 2011 on the Memorandum of Understanding between Smartag and the Royal Malaysian Customs (or “Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia” or “JKDM”) for the Security and Trade Facilitation System (or the “System”) using Radio Frequency Identification (“RFID”), Smartag Solutions Berhad (“Smartag” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the successful completion of the pilot trial run of the RFID-based System at the JKDM checkpoints in Malaysia. Under the pilot trial run, participants achieved increased efficiency and reduction in time taken for customs clearance.

Upon completion of the trial, Smartag will begin commercialisation of the project and with the usage of the System, the users will be able to automatically identify the containers’ movement electronically via the RFID seal to the RFID readers that will be set up in stages by Smartag at the various Customs checkpoints across the country.

Smartag, total shares issued of 227 million, is now sitting at RM 0.255 as today closing price. Volume had been weak and poor, as cut loss measures had been seen taken by stuck investor.

 The last remarkable ride that I had with Smartag is on the 4th August 2011, with a TP of RM 0.325.
Refer here for more info.

Since then, Smartag had been in a stuck mode, lingering from 0.25 to 0.285 despite some good press release.

Well, I am staying my neutral view on this counter, but I am very much interested to know why Smartag could not move at all. So, I had done research and talked to my friends about it, while asking my experienced sources and friends as well.

As a short, Smartag will hardly see any big upside, majorly due to large amount of shares are held by the public. Because of this, the private fund anticipate that big amount of shares will be released by the public at 28 to 30 cents range in a psychological thinking manner, as more and more investor are very keen in releasing this share back into the market for it's laggard movement.

I called it a dead lock game between the public and big funds in this counter. In my opinion, both are quite good in waiting patiently, but the fund can always ride elsewhere while waiting.

But at a side note, there could be breakthrough once the insider starts to ramp at the counter due to internal good news, but again, this had also have to do off with - Chances and Luck.

As long as insiders are not buying to push, public is holding and ready to dispose off, fund managers are waiting for more volume as a sign of changing hands more often, in this kind of sentiment, we will be expecting the counter to continue to be laggard, side way trending at 0.24 to 0.285.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

When emotions starts to kick in on a bearish market - Hopeless and dejected

I had a good time browsing through blogs, forums and sites during my free time, and there is this very particular site that had captured my interest in looking more.

There isn't much solid content in that site, but it is enough to tell a lot during different market sentiment, especially the bear trend market where equity market goes the other direction.

This site, a collection of different emotion and facial expression, especially hands on head or face. Kudos and bravo to one of my fellow net friend.

Here are some of the catch that I would like to share.

This must be badly burned here.. ? Double hands on face, elbow resting on table, no mood to look at screen as screen only going 1 way downward.. Down down down!!

Oh my gosh.. There goes my bonus this time around.. Should had got that cut earlier..

This is example of busted beyond recognition. Both hands on face, head tilted high towards ceiling. Terribly helpless.. Overdoing it might even see the chair breaking off apart and have him dropping to ground. Red war.. Must be seriously injured. Sigh..

A break through facial emotions - Both hands clasping the mouth. No more eating oyster now, eat fingers to endure this period..

For more "Hands on face, head and mouth" pictures, do visit

*** This is not a post to demotivate you from trading. Remember, quitters never win the game in the end. Winner will stay on to the fight. Challenges will only make us stronger, and hardship will only shape us to be a better person in the future.

Cheers and happy trading.

Facebook - A good and easier platform to sue and get sued over small matters

GEORGE TOWN: A retiree has been ordered by a High Court here to pay a total of RM100,000 in damages and costs to a private automotive technology training centre where his son had studied over three defamatory postings on Facebook.

Justice Varghese George Varughese ordered Leong Yook Kong (pic), 64, to pay DeSpark Auto (Penang) Sdn Bhd RM60,000 in general damages, RM15,000 in aggravated damages and RM25,000 in costs.
He also granted the centre an injunction restraining Leong from further publishing, or causing to be published, any material in the nature of the three defamatory postings, or of similar purport or effect, in any media or howsoever.

The centre had sued Leong for defamation over three comments that the latter posted on the social networking website in November and December last year, accusing the centre of criminal and inappropriate activities.

For more reading, refer here.
After reading this news, I had different opinions. Partly agreed, partly disagree. Mixed and confused after all. Just because of 3 little posting, this poor man got himself RM100k poorer, just because of 3 silly posting. Well, this is the hard cruel world. Everything we do, we will need to bear the consequences. Yes, probably the old man is wrong on this, but what if he is right? We don't know either.

I had seen people using Facebook to put up all kind of individual defamation (especially in the world of politics), and corporate defamation as well because of their "unproven" irresponsible act. Maybe those company that got defamed really is irresponsible? Or maybe they are being framed up on it? I don't know. But, why they are not being taken into the "laws and orders"?

Well, in my opinion, Internet is everybody, it is a free world for people to express out their opinions and views. It is up to another person who read it to believe or not, to buy the news or not. They have their own decision to believe or not.

After reading, i am just - Confused... Internet is not a free world anymore... Good or bad? Sigh..

But just a reminder here to all folks, be very careful of what you say in Facebook now, for you do not know what you say will land you poorer by a few hundreds of thousand later in the future.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Yet another merger talks from RHB and OSK - Another drama?

In a surprise move, RHB Capital Bhd (RHBCap) says it intends to start a merger negotiations with OSK Investment Bank Bhd (OSK IB) and its holding company OSK Holdings Bhd.

In an announcement to Bursa Malaysia, RHBCap said it had submitted an application to Bank Negara Malaysia for approval to commence negotiations with OSK IB, OSK Holdings and its major shareholders on a merger proposal.

Analysts said from the brief statement, it was not clear how the two parties would structure the deal. Some questioned whether this is an exit for veteran stockbroker Ong Leong Huat or a merger of the two to create a larger investment banking group.

Just several months back, RHBCap was the takeover target of Malayan Banking Bhd and CIMB Group Holdings Bhd. A successful bid by either could potentially create the largest banking group in Southeast Asia by assets and market capitalisation. But both bidders eventually backed down on pricing.

There are several reasons that make OSK IB a compelling merger partner for RHBCap. Apart from being one of the largest standalone investment banks in the country, OSK IB has an extensive network of investment brokerage firms in the region, with operations in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand.

While RHBCap has an investment banking licence, it doesn’t have OSK IB’s regional presence.

in the event of a merger, there should be little or no duplication in their operations, said some analysts.

“The prize for RHBCap could be OSK’s investment licences that allow them to conduct business in most of the major markets in the region. This could turn RHBCap into a banking group with an extensive regional presence,” said a banking analyst.

OSK Holdings has an established presence in four Asean countries and Hong Kong.

“OSK will piece the brokerage puzzle for RHBCap, giving it a regional reach... also, perhaps a merger between the two will create a stronger investment bank,” said a local banking analyst.

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Bone's opinion - Yet another merger talks from the financial institutional arises this year again. We've got BIMB being a arm in the mega Islamic banking plan, then the Maybank vs CIMB for RHB, then the much rumored AFG and Termasek - Now we've got RHB and OSK merger talks.

Frankly speaking, I feel very fishy with all this kind of news arising despite the rough sentiment of the current market now, especially OSK. OSK is very popular for its underhanded tactics in the market as we can see, the DRB-Hicom warrant expiry. This is a pure dirt play from financial institution in manipulating the market, at their own will if I were to say.

Now for the RHB and OSK merger talks, I have strong feelings that this news is purely for shares to get released into the market by some groups that is related to OSK.

With the released of this news, price got pushed up to open at RM 1.63, swinging as high as RM 1.75 before seeing the stock linger at RM 1.5x area and closed at RM 1.56, with more than 26million stock traded in just 1 day.

Prior before that, OSK volume had doubled up in early for August to September, which might be the period for insider play in accumulating shares. And in a time like this, doesn't this type of plans sound nice for those people who are just intending to rip off the public in the market with news that sounded more of another drama rather than a real merger talk? This is Malaysian market. It will never be cleaned, and it will always be the same.

I am ready to see yet another failed talk in this RHB and OSK merger after a month or 2. Nothing to be surprised, but dramas, at times are good to watch.