Tuesday, 20 September 2011

AirAsia simplified - Fleapy.com

What could be better to do now than planning a good holiday runaway for the coming November - December holiday season.

Market had been in a volatile mode recently, so let's take a breather by planning some quality holidays with your friends and family members.

I had came through this website, Fleapy.com, which really made me think of this tag - AirAsia simplified.
What could be better than having a simple and easy site that could help you to search for cheap air tickets - fast, easy, no hassle and fast loading time. All I can say is that at the moment, you can only get them at Fleapy.com.

This website had been engineered by 2 local web designer, really a good piece of art work. Really user friendly in fact.
Let's take a look at how the things works.

First, selecting the venue of departure and also arriving spot.

Then, selection of the date

And what goes out, need to come back. So selection of the return date here, unless you don't plan to come back.

Right after clicking the "select" in the Return ticket, you will get a confirmation on the details

Confirmed? If yes, you will be redirected to AirAsia booking site, with all the details entered as per your orders.

Simple and easy to use, right?

So, don't be so tense during this season. Let's go for a good getaway for a good bonding. And bravo to Fleapy.com - AirAsia simplified.

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