Sunday, 31 July 2011

Magna Prima Berhad

I have come to some conclusion after observing the movement of the counter, and the internal news and source, and compile together with a quite good research altogether.

As been observed, recently there had been a constant moving of shares in this counter that the level of 0.905 to 0.92. It had been moving in this way for a couples of day.

According to my source, the company is definitely doing good this time around, unlike the previous round with deficit and loss.

However, in order to catch some bigger projects overseas, they will need to enhance their face value through the prices of the shares.

According to my observation, this counter will be 85% ready or up for another deep fry from front, back, left and right side.

The main question is why I conclude this ? (Which most of you would like to know)

1.) Company had been giving out inside news that the share price will surge soon. (Less likely to release a news that will hurt the employee in a bad manner. What is the point in doing this? After all, they are your fighter.. You need them to push your business further)

2.) Company had been performing this year, and an article from Business Time had cited that Magna Prima will see a robust growth this year.

Lets take another look at The Edge Property posted on last year May 2010.

Now, let's take a look further into the activity of the share price movement.

Shareholder is holding a lot of shares in a couple of account. Recently, the share movement capped at 0.90 to 0.92 is for the purpose of distributing shares to other CDS account. I am expecting more than 100 CDS account here. In order to avoid from queries from the Bursa, they need to do it in a less obvious manner, which translate to the 50-100 lots transfer.. But there are consistent over the last couple of days, this might translate to some serious business cooking over here.

Since the management would want a price of TP 2.00.. That would translate a cool down price of around RM 1.50 after all, anticipating 50 cents is for a buffer to cushion down for a side way.

I am positive on this counter out look. It is just a matter of time to come. The boss had just came back from overseas, and that should be the time.

On a side note, I had some chatting with some of my friends, including an experienced source. After relating to him about the matter, including telling him that the company had inserted the 5100 shares from warrant, he directly inform me that it is a high chance of something cooking in here, because each time warrants got converted no matter at what stage, it is for some important purpose.

So after thinking, I relate to E&O warrant conversion in a massive manner.. Quite true. (Just an example, since E&O strike my head)

As a conclusion, this would be a good trading buy + hold until the share spike.
Remember, this is just a sharing. Not a guideline for buying selling shares. Everything, again, at your own risk.

Stock Watch for 1st August 2011

Tomorrow will be the 1st day of August 2011, also the day before US will go head on with their debt ceiling issues.

Market had been in a very cautious mode, while every single eyes are on the US, and their next decision on their unstoppable debt growth.

Here is a few stocks that I would recommend to monitor at as a start for August.

1.) MRCB 1651  - After 3 months of side way trending, this counter had finally break its trend by giving several bullish candle signal in the past few days. On Friday, MRCB had seen 16.5million of shares moving in and out, and end at a good note, RM2.55.
MRCB had secured a few projects, and those projects will be contributing positively towards the revenue of the company as a whole. Tomorrow might be able to see some action here.
Should it be a bullish run tomorrow, TP 3.63.

2.) DVM 0036 - Volume had been a low previously. However, on the month of July, this counter had been recording an active volume going in and out, and hitting a high of approx 40million on 19 July 2011, which brought the share to 17 cents. On Friday, this counter had taken a surge again, and end at 0.155.
From my experience, if the counter is for frying purposes, volume will die down very quickly after a couple of days. It is definitely worth to be monitored for interesting movement.

3.)  Takaso 7071 - At 41.18 million shares issued, shares are easy to be pushed. Back at 15th July 2011, this counter had been in a steady upward trend, despite broader weak and cautious market until 29 July 2011 (Friday). Probably fuel by the right issues from the company, and Friday had saw this counter trying to break 0.45, however rested and closed at 0.435. Can the right issue continue to bring miracle run for the company, or there are more than just a right issues?

4.) MBSB 1171 - Reports are coming out this Wednesday, 3 August 2011. A lot of us are anticipating a good report that is going to be furnished out by judging on its previously quarter nice report. The company had been coming out with new range of financial products to further expand their market.
Ride with the wave, should be a good buy and hold. Don;t forget its warrant if you are very convinced about it.. Cheers
TP RM1.60

5.) Media 4502 - After trading side way for around 3 months, Media had taken a brave step in tipping 2.95. However, Friday closed at 2.94. A sign of a bullish break out.

Cheers.. Happy monitoring

Affin Holdings Bhd 5185

After some good show from all the other smaller banks (AFG, BIMB), Affin had yet to give some dramatic showdown in the KLSE.
Despite a lot of on-going rumors of bank merger going on, Affin had been lingering around the area of 3.20 and 3.60.
Lately, Affin is forming a triangular shape. There are a few attempt sighted in trying to break the triangular, but those attempt is not convincing enough.
However, these attempts are not futile, because I believe these are the signs and signals that had been left as a trace for analyst to study.

Affin, with approx 1,500 million shares issued, and market capitalization of approx RM5 billion is not a counter too hard to be pushed, considering a PER of x10.4 based on FYE 2010
AFG currently trading at PER x14.04
BIMB trading at PER x 20.65

Affin, could be a good time to buy and hold for the month of August.
1st TP - RM 3.60
2nd TP - RM3.75

For those with high risk appetite, Affin-CD will be a good choice, considering its maturity at 28th October 2011.